Places in Allen County, Indiana

Fort Wayne Industrial Might Gone But Not Forgotten published January 18, 2016 on Access Fort Wayne Randy Harter spoke at the Monroeville Branch of the Allen County Public Library about major industrial groups who used to inhabit Fort Wayne. Filmed and edited by Dan Allen for Access Fort Wayne.

Researching the History of Your House published by on October 25, 2018 on YouTube
Presented by the Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library.
Discover the various resources available to learn about the history of your house and the people who lived there. This session will help you with ideas for researching houses both in the city and rural areas.

  1. Our Towns of Allen County, Indiana page lists nearly 100 ghost towns and small towns.
  2. Allen County and Its Diversity of Manufacturing list of Allen County Inventions and Manufacturers published August 27, 2012 in History Center Notes & Queries blog.
  3. Allen County in National Register of Historic Places
  4. Allen County, Indiana bridges on - Historic Bridges: Allen County, Indiana on includes link to Google map locations.
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  6. Allen County, Indiana: Family History & Genealogy, Census, Birth, Marriage, Death Vital Records & More on
  7. Allen County, Indiana on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  8. DNR Indiana Historic Buildings, Bridges, and Cemeteries Map information page, Public User Guide explains how to use the application page, and the DNR Indiana Buildings, Bridges, and Cemeteries Map Application is an interactive clickable Indiana map zoomed into Allen County with links to the SHAARD information pages. Division of Historic Preservation & Archaeology main page.
  9. SAH Archipedia is an authoritative online encyclopedia of the built world published by the Society of Architectural Historians and the University of Virginia Press, is a free, open-access site, and contains histories, photographs, and maps for more than 17,000 structures and places.
  10. Outside the Box video about the The History Center by Eric Olson, 21Country Featured Reporter published October 2, 2017 by WPTA21 ABC TV station. Eric has many interesting videos about the area, some are in this 21Country Search or on his Facebook page..
  11. Along the Heritage Trail by Tom Castaldi, local historian,has several dozen articles on
  12. Building histories of Allen County on the Philadelphia Architects and Buildings Project
  13. Business Histories on The Genealogy Center.
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  21. 7 places in Fort Wayne designed by architects who made history by Kara Hackett published August 15, 2018 on Input Fort Wayne.
  22. Fire and Police City County Federal Credit Union 2016-2017 Calendar has many significant events posted by dates.
  23. See Fort Wayne History on City of Fort Wayne Community Development site.
  24. Heritage Trail on ARCH ( Architecture and Community Heritage) web site - almost 50 Historical Markers with photos and information! Also need to look at Projects tab and more.
  25. Historic Buildings and Structures of the West Central Neighborhood Association Fort Wayne, Indiana shows several historic homes in the West Central Neighborhood on their website. 
  26. Historic Landmarks of Fort Wayne, Indiana a few photos by Mike Habeck on
  27. History Journal by The Journal Gazette newspaper started posting almost weekly stories in November 2018. It was previously known as Throwback Thursday with stories from their archive of newspapers going back to the 1800s and a collection of photo negatives beginning in the early 1940s. A History Journal indexed by decade was published January 26, 2020 by Corey McMaken.
  28. History of has hard to see links to several pages of interesting history with historic and more recent photos from the early 2000s archived web site on
  29. 7 Inventions Developed in Fort Wayne, Indiana posted May 18th, 2016 by preferreditgroup
  30. Living in Fort Wayne's Downtown Improvement District list of buildings
  31. National Historic Landmarks have two properties in Allen County - the Courthouse and Chief Richardville House.
  32. National Register of Historic Places listings in Allen County, Indiana over 40 listings on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  34. 200 @ 200 2016 Bicentennial items at The History Center has many pages of online exhibits
  35. Over 700 Patents for Allen County, Indiana are found on Google Patents
  36. Pinterest has a page of old vintage photos called Explore Indiana, Columbia, and more!
  37. Power of our place Five iconic sitesare essential to city experience by Connie Haas Zuber and Laura Weston published July 28, 2019 in The Journal Gazette newspaper looks at the Lincoln Bank Tower, Allen County Courthouse, Embassy Theatre & Indiana Hotel (Emboyd), Wells Street Bridge and John Henry Bass Mansion.
  38. Extant Railroad/Railway Structures compiled by the  Railroad Station Historical Society
  39. The Rise of Industry: Fort Wayne's Revolution an archived site from before 2003 by Rick Willison of Franklin County, Tennessee
  40. Many postcards posted September 21, 2017 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Closed group on Facebook.
  41. Join scavenger hunt to learn and win gives history of 5 local markers by Bridgett Hernandez published August 31, 2018 on
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  43. Fort Wayne companies call historic buildings home about the Electron building and Baker Street Station by Dan Vance published January 21, 2019 in by KPC Media News Service.
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