Washington Township Churches

Organized in March 1832

Bethel United Methodist Church and Cemetery

Formerly Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church

8405 Lima Road

Website: www.bethelchurchfw.com

See History page [http://www.bethelchurchfw.com/history-of-bethel.html] of the church website. In 1834 a handful of pioneers from the East Coast traveled to the dense wilderness that would become Allen County, Indiana to build new lives in an area inhabited mostly by Native Americans who helped the white newcomers through tough times. Indians took them in and they had supper with them if you will, says congregationist Jim McCrea, and the Indians prepared food for them and they ate in the tee-pee and slept in the tee-pee. Jim McCrea’s great-great grandfather was among those early pioneers, he led the effort to build a small log cabin in the new community that would be Bethel United Methodists first sanctuary. Copied from Humble Beginnings with video by Eric Olson, 21Country Featured Reporter November 9, 2018 no longer online on 21AliveNews.com. Organized in 1837 on the corner of Till and Bethel Roads. The first building was a one-room log church. In 1872 a frame church was built in the village of Wallen. In 1919 a brick church was erected in Wallen and the name was changed to Wallen Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1969 the present church was built. Contact the church for records. September 15, 2013, they celebrated 170 years of continuous Worship. Bethel UMC Celebrates 170 Years Of Worship by Jake Perrone and Rachel Martin September 15, 2013 no longer online on 21AliveNews.com.

Forest Park United Methodist Church

2100 Kentucky Avenue.

Originally the Lakeside Methodist Episcopal Church organized in 1923. See newspaper articles of 25th and 50th anniversary with photos in November 26, 2016 discussion on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Archived group only visible to existing members on Facebook.

Lighthouse Free Methodist Church

Corner of Wallen and Huguenard Roads

Organized in 1873 as the Fort Wayne Free Methodist Church on the corner of Lewis and Harmer Streets.  In 1878 relocated to Creighton Avenue. In 1911 a new building erected on Holton Street and renamed Bowser Free Methodist Church. In 1963 building constructed at 4410 Wayne Trace and name changed to Village Green Free Methodist Church. Name was changed again to Lighthouse Free Methodist Church. Now on northwest side, corner of Wallen and Huguenard Roads, construction of a new facility to be completed in 2009.

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church and Cemetery

8669 Auburn Road

Website: http://saintv.org/

St. Vincent's Church 1956 on page 261 of The Diocese of Fort Wayne by Alerding, Herman Joseph, 1845-1924; Noll, John Francis, Abp., 1875-1956, Publication date 1907, on Archive.org

Organized in 1846 by French immigrants. The first log church was built in 1846. A second log church was erected sometime between 1846 and 1852. In 1904 a brick church was built on the corner of Auburn and Wallen Roads. In 1968 the present church was erected across the street. Records begin in 1856 for baptism, 1889 for confirmation, 1861 for marriage and 1892 for death and have been microfilmed and are available at the Allen County Public Library. Records since 1887 are also available on microfilm for St. Vincent Orphan Asylum, which was located at 2000 N. Wells Street, Fort Wayne, IN. See Saint Vincent de Paul Our History page and their Historical Society photo on Great Memories and History of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

July 19, 2023 post by Today's Catholic on Facebook:

When visitors enter the Oratory of St. Mary Magdalene in Fort Wayne, among the many beautiful and striking sights before them, they will see engraved beneath the Cross of Christ, “Behold, I make all things new.” These words from the Book of Revelation encapsulate the entire story of salvation while also describing the spiritual work which takes place in the Oratory, as the Lord continually “makes new” those who offer their time and their hearts to Him in His Eucharistic presence.

In a unique way, the outside of the Oratory has now been made new as well.

Read more... Trees that Died are Made New Again Outside the Oratory of St. Mary Magdalene

Suburban Bethlehem Lutheran Church and Cemetery

6318 W. California Road

Organized in 1882 as the Columbia Road Church and School Association. The present church was built in 1903. Birth, baptism, confirmation, marriage and death records since 1898 have been photocopied and are available at the Allen County Public Library. Early records are in German.

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