Church List of Allen County, Indiana

Fort Wayne is often called a City of Churches. August 15, 2014 on Twitter, Fort Wayne Facts @FortWayneFacts stated Today, there are approximately 360 churches within city limits. See the 20 page document Allen County, Indiana, Congregational Records, Histories, and Directories, in the Genealogy Center Collection Allen County Public Library.

Some churches never kept records, some records have been lost or destroyed. The Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana has an ongoing volunteer project to copy records for churches that would like to have a copy for the church and a public copy for the researcher shelves at the The Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The church name is a link to the church information on our township page. The Township name is a link to the township page. Some churches had cemeteries, most did not. Church under records indicates records may still be at the church. Church* indicates early records may be at the DePauw University Genealogy Collection, Greencastle, Indiana the official repository for the Methodist Church with newer records at the church. FWHS is the Fort Wayne Historical Society. ACPL indicates church histories may include copies of some records such as births, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, or deaths maybe listed in the Congregational Recordsat The Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana. ACPL* in the records column indicates ACPL may only have a history of the church. History is the page number in the 2006 book Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana 1700-2005. Any updates to information on this page is greatly appreciated.

See our Google map of Church locations in Allen County, Indiana.

  Church Name Township Cemetery Start Status Denomonation Records History
  Aboite Christian Church Lafayette   1917 1997 Christian none  
  Achduth Vesholom Congregation Wayne   1848 active Jewish ACPL 162
  Amish - 3 brothers 1861 split into Defenseless, Evangelical, and Leo Cedar Creek   1853 1861 Mennonite none  
  Apostolic Christian Church of Leo Cedar Creek   1862 active Apostolic Christian Church of America church  
  Arcola United Methodist Church Lake   1871 active Methodist church 155
  Ari Chapel Church of God Eel River   1875 active Church of God church  
  Baptist Church Lake   1835 unknown Baptist none  
  Bayless Schoolhouse Aboite   unknown unknown Methodist none  
  Beech Grove Disciples Church Lafayette   1865 unknown unknown unknown  
  Bethany Presbyterian Church - 1997 merged with Westfield Presbyterian Church to form United Faith Presbyterian Wayne   1893 1997 Presbyterian merged  
  Bethel Baptist Church Marion Yes 1838 1870 Baptist none  
  Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1961 merged to form Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Springfield Township Maumee   1860 1961 Lutheran merged  
  Bethel United Methodist Church formerly Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church Washington Yes 1837 active Methodist church 158
  Bethlehem Church of the United Brethren - 1968 merged with the Shiloh Methodist Episcopal Church Monroe   1845 1968 United Brethren merged  
  B'nai Jacob Synagogue Wayne   1912 active Jewish ACPL* 132-133, 220
  Bowers Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church - 1893 renamed Taylor Chapel Saint Joseph Yes 1865 1893 Methodist church  
  Calvary Third Presbyterian Church - 1995 Third Presbyterian merged with Calvary Presbyterian Wayne   1995 2011 Presbyterian ACPL  
  Calvary United Brethren Church - See Calvary United Methodist Church Wayne            
  Calvary United Methodist Church - 1875 United Brethren - 1946 Calvary Evangelical United Brethren - 1968 current name Wayne   1875 active Methodist church  
  Cathedral Of The Immaculate Conception - organized in 1836 as St. Mary's Catholic Church, 1840 changed to St. Augustine's, 1859 Cathedral Wayne   1836 active Catholic ACPL 161
  Cedarville Methodist Episcopal Church Cedar Creek   1864 1922 Methodist none  
  Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church Maumee Yes 1898 active Lutheran ACPL  
  Christ Temple Apostolic Church Wayne   1917 active Apostolic church  
  Christ's Evangelical Lutheran Church Wayne   1892 1936 Lutheran ACPL  
  Church of God Sherman Street Wayne   1897 active Church of God - Anderson, IN none  
  Colony Heights Church of Christ Wayne   1903 active Christian ACPL*  
  Concordia Lutheran Church Wayne Old & New 1899 active Lutheran ACPL 134-135
  Crescent Avenue United Methodist Church - 1909 Crescent Avenue Evangelical - 1968 Crescent Avenue Evangelical United Brethren Wayne   1909 active Methodist church  
  East Liberty United Methodist Church Monroe   1968 active Methodist church 163
  Emanuel Lutheran Church Adams Yes 1858 active Lutheran ACPL  
  Emmanuel Lutheran Church Wayne   1867 active Lutheran ACPL 136-137
  Emmanuel Lutheran Church (Soest) Marion Yes 1845 active Lutheran ACPL 165
  Emmaus Lutheran Church Wayne   1900 active Lutheran ACPL 164
  Fairview Church of God Pleasant   1881 active Church of God church  
  Faith United Methodist Church - 1867 Bethel Evangelical - 1914 First Evangelical - 1968 current Wayne   1867 active Methodist church  
  First Baptist Church - first services held in 1822 fort Wayne   1837 active Baptist ACPL 138-139
  First Christian Church - West Jefferson Street Church of Christ - 1952 current name Wayne   1871 active Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) church 166
  FIRST CHURCH - see First Presbyterian Church Wayne   1831 active Presbyterian ACPL  
  First Church of Christ, Scientist Wayne   1898 active Christian Science none 167
  First Church of God - 1977 moved to Trier Ridge Community Church of God Wayne   1907 1977 Church of God unknown  
  First Church of the Nazarene Wayne   1916 active Nazarene church  
  First Eel River Baptist Church and Cemetery Eel River Yes 1844 active Baptist church  
  First Mennonite Church Wayne   1903 active Mennonite ACPL* 168
  First Methodist Episcopal Church - 1939 merged with Methodist Protestant Church to form Harlan Methodist Springfield   1843 1939 Methodist merged  
  First Methodist Episcopal Church - 1968 merged into First Wayne Street United Methodist with Wayne Street Methodist Episcopal Wayne   1840 1968 Methodist merged 122-125
  First Missionary Church Wayne   1905 active Missionary ACPL*  
  First Presbyterian Church - First Church built in Fort Wayne 1831 Wayne   1831 active Presbyterian ACPL 126-128
  First Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Fort Wayne Wayne   1897 active Seventh-Day-Adventist church  
  First Universalist Church Wayne   1875 1880 Universalist ACPL*  
  First Wayne Street United Methodist Church - 1968 merged from First Methodist Episcopal and Wayne Street Methodist Episcopal Wayne   1968 active Methodist ACPL* 122-125
  First Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church Wayne   1918 1980's AMEZ unknown  
  Flat Rock Evangelical Lutheran Church - 1924 with St. Mark's Lutheran Church Monroe Yes 1854 1924 Lutheran ACPL  
  Forest Park Methodist Church Washington   1923 active Methodist unknown  
  Free Will Baptist Church Lake   1852 1865 Baptist none  
  Friendship Church and School Aboite   1842 1880 unknown none  
  Gar Creek Mennonite Milan   1854 1910 Mennonite GAMEO  
  German Baptist Church 1880 see Eel River German Baptist Cedar Creek   1876 1880 Brethren none  
  German Baptist Church Eel River   1875 unknown Brethren none  
  German Evangelical Church - also known as Albright Church Lafayette Yes 1850 unknown Evangelical none  
  German Reform Church Springfield   1880 before 1927   unknown  
  Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Church Washington       ACPL Records Index 1958-2004    
  Grabill Evangelical Mennonite Church Cedar Creek   1873 active Mennonite 1950's 221
  Grabill Missionary Church Cedar Creek   1901 active Missionary church  
  Grace Evangelical United Brethren Church - in 1968 merged with Monroeville United Methodist Church Monroe   1894 1968 United Brethren merged  
  Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Wayne   1891 active Lutheran ACPL 172
  Grace Reformed- 1934 renamed Grace Evangelical and Reformed Church - 1957 renamed Grace United Church of Christ - 1983 merged with St. John's United Church of Christ Wayne   1883 1983 United Church of Christ merged  
  Grace St. John's United Church of Christ Wayne   1983 active United Church of Christ church  
  Harlan Church of Christ Springfield   1902 active Church of Christ church  
  Harlan United Brethren Church - 1968 merged with Harlan Methodist to form Harlan United Methodist Church Springfield Yes   1968 United Brethren church*  
  Harlan United Methodist Church - 1968 merger of Harlan Methodist Church and the United Brethren Church Springfield   1968 active Methodist church* 140-141
  Hoagland Methodist Church Madison   1890 1995 Methodist fire  
  Holy Trinity Lutheran Church - from 1961 merger of Bethel Chapel, St. Mark's Lutheran and Salem Lutheran Springfield   1961 active Lutheran ACPL  
  home of Richard Andrew Aboite   1834 unknown Methodist none  
  Hope United Methodist Church - 1995 merger of Poe United Methodist and Hoagland United Methodist of Madison Township Marion   1995 active Methodist church  
  Huntertown United Methodist Church Perry   1836 active Methodist ACPL  
  Immanuel Baptist Church Wayne   1889 1994 Baptist FWHS  
  Lake Chapel United Methodist Church Lake Yes 1850 active Methodist church 175
  Leo Mennonite Church Cedar Creek   1861 1986 Mennonite lost  
  Leo United Methodist Church Cedar Creek   1831 active Methodist ACPL*  
  Lincolnshire Church of the Brethren - First Church of the Brethren changed name 1958 Wayne   1901 active Church of Brethren church  
  Lighthouse Free Methodist Church Washington   1873 active Free Methodist church 221
  Maples United Methodist Church Jefferson   1871 active Methodist church* 177
  Marquardt Lutheran Church Madison Yes 1882 active Lutheran church  
  Martini Lutheran Church Adams Yes 1853 active Lutheran ACPL 178
  Methodist Episcopal Church Massilon Madison   unknown unknown Methodist none  
  Methodist Episcopal Church (Brenton Chapel) Pleasant Yes 1835 1880 Methodist unknown  
  Methodist Episcopal Church Springfield   1880 before 1927 Methodist unknown  
  Methodist Protestant Church - 1939 merged with First Methodist Episcopal Church to form Harlan Methodist Springfield   1851 1939 Methodist merged  
  Methodist Protestant Church Springfield   1880 before 1927 Methodist unknown  
  Middletown Methodist Episcopal Church - 1876 merged with Hoagland Methodist Church, Madison Township Marion   1835 1876 Methodist merged  
  Milan Center Methodist Protestant Church Milan   1905 1954 Methodist church*  
  Milan Evangelical Lutheran Church (Barnett Chapel) - 1921 merged with St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Harlan Springfield Township Milan Yes 1864 1921 Lutheran merged  
  Monroeville United Methodist Church Monroe Yes 1847 active Methodist church 150-151
  Monson Chapel United Methodist Church Lafayette   1852 1948? Methodist lost  
  Mount Olivet Methodist Church Perry   1850s 1922 Methodist none  
  Mount Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church - 1994 merged with Lord of Life Lutheran Church, 1995 named Risen Savior Lutheran Church Pleasant   1864 1994 Lutheran merged  
  Most Precious Blood Catholic Church Wayne   1897 active Catholic ACPL  
  New Haven Methodist Episcopal Church 1939 Grace after merger of Episcopal and Protestant Methodist Churches Adams   1861 1942 Methodist ACPL*  
  New Haven Methodist Protestant Church 1939 Calvary Methodist after merger Adams   1838 1942 Methodist ACPL*  
  New Haven United Methodist Church 1942 after merger of Calvary and Grace Adams   1942 active Methodist ACPL*  
  New Life Church of God Wayne   1913 active Church of God church  
  Nine Mile United Methodist Church - 1986 name changed after merger of United Brethren Church of Christ with Methodist Pleasant   1986 active Methodist church 180
  North County Line Church of God - 1896 Brush College Church of God Cedar Creek   1896 active Church of God none  
  North Scipio United Methodist Church formerly Scipio Methodist Episcopal Scipio Yes 1840 active Methodist church 182
  Pilgrim Baptist Church Wayne   1919 active Baptist church  
  Pleasant Valley Baptist Church and Cemetery Madison Yes <1880 unknown Baptist none  
  Plymouth Congregation United Church of Christ - 1870 name was Plymouth Congregational Church Wayne   1870 active United Church of Christ ACPL 186
  Poe (Williamsport) Methodist Episcopal Church -1995 merged to form Hope United Methodist Church Marion   1842 1995 Methodist merged  
  Prairie Grove Chapel Wayne Yes 1850's 1913+ United Brethren none  
  Red, White and Blue School Aboite   1890's 1920's Methodist none  
  Redeemer Lutheran Church Wayne   1892 active Lutheran ACPL 187
  Risen Savior Lutheran Church - 1994 merged with Lord of Life Lutheran Church and 1995 name was changed Pleasant   1994 active Lutheran church  
  Robinson Chapel United Methodist Church Perry Yes 1850 active Methodist church  
  St. Aloysius Catholic Church Pleasant Yes 1858 active Catholic ACPL  
  St. Andrew's Catholic Church Adams   1909 active Catholic ACPL  
  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Aboite   1988 active Catholic church  
  St. Hyacinth's Catholic Church Wayne   1910 1955 Polish Catholic ACPL  
  St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Adams Yes 1861 active Catholic ACPL  
  St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Wayne   1926 active Catholic ACPL  
  St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church 1871 merged with St Paul to become Emmanuel Lutheran Church of Soest Adams Yes 1857 1871 Lutheran merged  
  St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church Wayne Yes 1853 active Lutheran ACPL 144-145, 192
  St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church - Flatrock Madison Yes 1849 active Lutheran ACPL 194
  St. John's Lutheran Church of Lake Township Lake   1877 active Lutheran ACPL  
  St. John's Lutheran Church disbanded 1880 records with Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church Wayne Township Marion Yes 1858 1880 Lutheran church  
  St. John's Reform Church Cedar Creek   1906 1917 Reformed none  
  St. John's Reformed - 1934 St. John's Evangelical and Reformed Church 1957 - St. John's United Church of Christ - 1983 merged with Grace United Church of Christ Wayne   1844 1983 United Church in Christ merged  
  St. Joseph's Catholic Church Wayne   1913 active Italian Catholic ACPL  
  St. Joseph - Hessen Cassel Catholic Church Marion Yes 1841 active Catholic ACPL 195
  St. Joseph United Methodist Church - 1863 St. Joseph Episcopal Methodist Church Saint Joseph   1863 active Methodist church 196
  St. Leo Catholic Church originally St. Bonifacius - see St. Vincent Catholic Cedar Creek   1850 1880 Catholic ACPL*  
  Saint Louis Besancon Catholic Church Jefferson Yes 1851 active Catholic ACPL 197
  St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church Monroe   1864 active Lutheran ACPL 198
  St. Mark's Lutheran Church Pleasant Yes 1855 active Lutheran ACPL  
  St. Mark's Lutheran Church Harlan - 1961 merged with Bethel Chapel and Salem Lutheran to form Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Springfield   1886 1961 Lutheran ACPL  
  St. Mary Mother of God Catholic Church Wayne   1848 active German Catholic ACPL 129131
  St. Michael's of Pier Catholic Church Saint Joseph   1869 1880 Catholic ACPL  
  St. Patrick's Parish Catholic Church Wayne   1890 active Catholic ACPL 200
  St. Patrick's Catholic Church of Arcola Lake Yes 1845 active Catholic ACPL* 222
  St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church - 1861 moved and in 1871 changed name to Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Marion Yes 1845 after 1864 Lutheran   165
  St. Paul's Catholic Church Wayne   1864 2004 German Catholic ACPL  
  St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church - originally First German Evangelical Lutheran Church Wayne   1837 active Lutheran ACPL 201
  St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church Gar Creek Milan Yes 1880 active Lutheran ACPL  
  St. Paul Methodist Church Adams   1887 2000 Methodist ACPL*  
  St. Peter's Catholic Church Wayne   1872 active Catholic ACPL 202
  St. Peter's Lutheran Church Saint Joseph Yes 1855 active Lutheran ACPL 203
  St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church Monroe Yes 1868 active Catholic ACPL  
  St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church Washington Yes 1846 active Catholic ACPL 146-147
  Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church - merged with Bethel Chapel and St. Mark's Lutheran forming Holy Trinity Lutheran Springfield Yes 1852 1963 Lutheran ACPL  
  Salem Reform Church - also known as Dutch Ridge Perry Yes 1876 1940s   ACPL  
  Salem United Church of Christ - 1934 Salem Evangelical and Reformed Church - 1957 current name Wayne   1868 active United Church of Christ ACPL  
  Shiloh Methodist Episcopal Church - 1968 merged and became East Liberty United Methodist Church Monroe   1845 1965 Methodist merged  
  Simpson United Methodist Church - 1866 Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church - then Simpson Methodist Episcopal Wayne   1866 active Methodist church  
  South Scipio United Brethren in Christ Church - 1881 was named First United Brethren Church in Christ Scipio   1881 active United Brethren Church in Christ church  
  South Wayne Baptist Church Wayne   1890 active Baptist church 205
  South Wayne United Methodist Church - 1919 South Wayne Evangelical United Brethren - 1968 current name Wayne   1919 2004 Methodist church*  
  Suburban Bethlehem Lutheran Church Washington Yes 1882 active Lutheran ACPL  
  Taylor Chapel United Methodist Church - 1893 renamed from Bowers Chapel Saint Joseph   1893 active Methodist church 207
  Third Presbyterian Church - 1995 merged with Calvary Presbyterian to form Calvary Third Presbyterian Wayne   1867 1995 Presbyterian merged  
  Trier Ridge Community Church Adams   1907 active formerly First Church of God church 210
  Trinity English Evangelical Lutheran Church Wayne   1846 active Lutheran ACPL 148-149
  Trinity Episcopal Church - 1839 Christ Church - 1844 Trinity Church Wayne   1839 active Episcopal ACPL 208
  Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Adams Yes 1846 active Lutheran ACPL 209
  Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Wayne   1893 active Lutheran ACPL 211
  Trinity United Methodist Church - 1875 Ninth Ward Methodist Episcopal - 1876 Third Street Methodist Episcopal - 1884 Trinity Methodist Episcopal Wayne   1875 active Methodist ACPL* 212
  Turner Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church Wayne   1849 active African Methodist Episcopal fire 1979  
  United Brethren Cedar Creek   1845 1876+ United Brethren lost  
  United Brethren Church - 1874 building sold to Wesleyan Methodist Eel River   1853 1874 United Brethren none  
  United Brethren Church of Christ (Liberty Chapel) - 1986 name changed to Nine Mile United Methodist Church after merger of United Brethren and the Methodist Church Pleasant   1853 1986 United Brethren merged  
  United Faith Presbyterian Church - 1997 merger of Bethany and Westfield Presbyterian Wayne   1997 active Presbyterian church  
  Union Baptist Church - started as Mount Olive Baptist - 1925 split into Greater Mount Olive Baptist - 1946 merge into Union Baptist Church Wayne   1905 active American Baptist ACPL*  
  Union Chapel Methodist Church - 1919 moved to Waynedale Methodist Episcopal Church now Waynedale United Methodist Church Pleasant   1874 1919 Methodist merged  
  Union Chapel United Brethren Church Perry Yes 1858 active United Brethren church  
  Union Church Aboite   1849 <1880 Open none  
  Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Wayne Wayne   1876 - 1939 active Unitarian Universalist church  
  The Universalist Church of Huntertown Perry   1850 1917   none  
  Viberg Chapel Lutheran Church and Cemetery also known Erick Chapel Cedar Creek Yes 1880 unknown Lutheran none  
  Village Green Free Methodist Church 1873 Fort Wayne Free Methodist then 1911 Bower then 1963 Village Green Adams   1873 active Methodist ACPL*  
  Walnut Ridge Zion Lutheran Church Springfield Yes 1845? unknown Lutheran unknown  
  Wayne Street Methodist Episcopal Church - 1968 merged into First Wayne Street United Methodist Wayne   1849 1968 Methodist merged 122-125
  Waynedale United Methodist Church Wayne   1903 active Methodist church 214
  Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church Eel River   1837 active Methodist ACPL* 215
  Wesleyan Methodist Church Eel River   1874 unknown Methodist none  
  West Creighton Avenue Church of Christ Wayne   1896 2007 Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) ACPL 223
  Westfield Presbyterian Church - 1997 merged with Bethany Presbyterian to form United Faith Presbyterian Church Wayne   1907 1997 Presbyterian merged  
  Westminster Presbyterian Church - 1844 was Second Presbyterian, 1894 name changed, - 2000 merged with North Highlands to form Grace Presbyterian Church Wayne   1844 2000 Presbyterian merged  
  Westwood Fellowship Mennonite Church Maumee Yes 1893 active Mennonite church  
  Woodburn Missionary Church Maumee   1906 active Missionary church  
  Woodburn United Methodist Church Maumee   1871 active Methodist church*  
  Zion Lutheran Church Wayne   1883 active Lutheran ACPL 218
  Zion Lutheran Church Bull Rapids Maumee Yes 1888 active Lutheran ACPL 219

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