Monroe Township Cemeteries

Monroe Township organized March 1841

Monroeville is the main town in rural Monroe Township.

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Flat Rock Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery

West side near 15185 Morgan Road, between Hoagland and Rider Roads. Church was formerly in the Massillon Evangelical Lutheran Synod

DAR Flat Rock Evngelical Lutheran Cemetery photo
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Earliest date June 3, 1833. Well maintained. No longer used. The church book can be found at St. Mark Lutheran Church, Monroeville, IN. IN DNR Latitude 40.9475 Longitude 84.8242.

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Stone Fragments on the Farm of Henry KNEFELKAMP

Mary Penrose DAR page states This cemetery no longer exists. The stones were located on the farm of Henry Knefelkamp. The transcriptions are from the 1932 DAR readings. The stones could not be located by the Allen County Genealogical Society in 1980.

Anne, wife of G. T. Edwards died 18 March 1858, aged 26 years, 1 month, 3 days. Maria, wife of G. T. Edwards died 18 August, 1847, . No information on the locations of these stones or what happened to them. If you know please Contact Allen INGenWeb.

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Monroeville Memorial Cemetery
aka I.O.O.F. Cemetery Monroeville
aka Odd Fellow Cemetery

South edge of Monroeville near 13250 State Road 101 and intersection with Flat Rock Road

DAR Monroeville Memorial Cemetery sign
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Incorporated September 29, 1887. Earliest date 1860. Well maintained. Still in use, with new sections being developed. IN DNR Latitude 40.9647 Longitude 84.8642.

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May 29, 2023 post by Genealogy Center on Facebook:

From the Ternet Collection in our Community Album...Memorial Day services at the Monroeville Memorial Cemetery.

View this photograph and more in our Community Album:

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Old Methodist Cemetery

Near 410 State Road 101 at North Street in Monroeville

DAR Old Methodist Cemetery sign

Earliest date February 2, 1860. No longer used. Well maintained. No records. IN DNR Latitude 40.9775 Longitude 84.8678.

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aka Hoffman Cemetery

Northeast corner of the Hoagland and Lortie Roads

The first death was that of Mrs. Peter Schlemmer, who died in 1843. She was buried on the farm of her husband, on Section 21. Several other deceased residents of the township were interred on the same farm in later years, but the land was never actually set apart for cemetery purposes.

Page 160 in the book History of Allen County, Indiana, Publication date 1880, Publisher Kingman Brothers on

DAR Schlemmer Cemetery photo
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Earliest date 1843. No longer used. No burial records. IN DNR Latitude 40.9511 Longitude 84.8425 puts the cemetery slightly east into the cultivated field.

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WHITTERN Family Cemetery

The DAR page says In the orchard, beside the brick house on the farm. Now McArdle Road and Washington Streets in Monroeville. and The Whittern and Salway (Solway) family members have all been removed to the Monroeville Memorial Cemetery. Although their page list does not match any names with tombstones at the Monroeville Memorial Cemetery. If you know what happened to the tombstones in this cemetery please Contact Allen INGenWeb.

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Page updated: July 28, 2023