St. Joseph Township Cemeteries

Saint Joseph Township was organized in 1828

The city of Fort Wayne covers most of this mostly suburban township.

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Canterbury Green Golf Course 9th Hole Johnny Appleseed Memorial

Johnny Appleseed Memorial Stone 9th Hole

There is a large memorial stone on the 9th hole of the golf course off Stonehedge Blvd. claiming Johnny Appleseed died and was buried there. Johnny Appleseed is most likely buried in Archer Cemetery across the parking lot from the Memorial Coliseum. This is discussed on our Johnny Appleseed page.

Crosier Cemetery

Formerly located on the west side of Wallen Road, east of the Old Auburn Road, where the Crosier House stood. Graves were moved when St. Joseph Hospital sold the land for housing developments. They are now in Section E, at the south-east corner of the Catholic Cemetery on Lake Avenue in Adams Township.

DAR Crosier Cemetery photo
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Catholic priests and brothers. Earliest date 1942. The Indiana DNR SHARD shows the former location of this cemetery on a PDF file. IN DNR Latitude 41.1606 Longitude 85.1158.

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Fort Wayne State Hospital & Training Center
aka Indiana School for Feeble Minded Youth Cemetery

West side of St. Joe Road, between Broyles Drive and St. Joe Road at the north entrance of IPFW - Indiana Universty-Purdue University Fort Wayne campus.

DAR FW State Hospital Training Center Cemetery photo
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One large memorial stone dated from July 1901 to May 1967.

If interested, read more about the Fort Wayne Developmental Center.

Jerry Henry, son of social worker Jerome Henry, who lived in an old farm house on the school property in the 1950s-60s recalls growing up near the school and the cemetery that existed at that time. Research shows more than 200 graves existed, possibly more. The History Center was hoping to team with PFW archaeology students in the summer of 2020 before the COVID-19 Pandemic started to identify the boundaries of the cemetery. The AWS Foundation and the History Center as part of a project to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the American with Disabilities Act are researching and documenting the history of the school and center to show how far society has progressed when it comes to people with disabilities. They are hoping to collect stories to used in a documentary by WFWA-TV PBS Fort Wayne. In addition, the History Center will have a temporary exhibit the fall of 2020 that focuses on the center, how the region has understood the people at the school and artifacts from the school. Read more in Days of a forgotten school Stories sought about memories of state center by Terri Richardson publilshed March 08, 2020 in The Journal Gazette newspaper .

Go to: ACPL Mortality Lists Index with history, 447 names and causes of death, DAR cemetery photos, Find-A-Grave, or Google map.

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Klinger Riverbend Cemetery

7207 Saint Joe Road near the Saint Joseph River near the 13th hole of the Riverbend Golf Course

DAR Klinger Riverbend Cemetery photo
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Earliest burial about 1834. No longer in use. According to old Plat Records in the Allen County Court House, there was a treaty between the United States and the Indians called The Treaty of the Wabash in 1826, giving certain lands to the Indians. The present-day golf course is on the before-mentioned land. Only 3 tombstones remain buried in the ground, one in German language.

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aka Bullerman
aka Saint Stephen's Cemetery

No longer exists. Originally located between Reed and Maplecrest Roads, off Trier and Stellhorn Roads. Cemetery was on the Bullerman farm. Removed to Saint Peter Lutheran (Goeglein) Cemetery. Contact Allen INGenWebif you know more about the former location of the cemetery or when it was moved. DAR transcripts show only 2 burials were known, Kukuck was in German language. See Google map of possible former location.

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Parker Cemetery

5800 St. Joseph Road on the southeast corner of the Saint Joe and Saint Joe Center Roads, contact information and maps are in a kiosk on the east side of cemetery.

DAR Parker Cemetery sign
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In 1846, Peter and Elizabeth Parker donated two acres for a township cemetery. Earliest date March 13, 1850. Still in use. 80 tombstones were relocated with a new sign and fencing added in 2004 to allow widening of the roads and intersection. Several newspaper articles from 1999 to at least 2004. Latitude 41.1331 Longitude 85.0986.

There are 800 burials with 200 available plots according to Nancy Bell the secretary/treasurer for the Parker Cemetery Association in this newspaper article Trying to keep a family's legacy Work endures for aging caretakers at Parker Cemetery by Kimberly Dupps Truesdell published January 29, 2017 in The Journal Gazette newspaper.

See a photo of long ago intersection of St. Joe Rd. and St. Joe Center Rd. with an old building (church?) and possible tombstones in background posted May 22, 2017 on Twitter by Fort Wayne Fact and ACGSI retweet. A 1956 photo from the church corner was in THIS DAY IN HISTORY: May 1 in photos published May 1, 2018 in The News-Sentinel newspaper.

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Pierre Settlement
aka Saint Michael's Roman Catholic Cemetery

South side of 7810 Saint Joe Center Road, east of Hazelet Road, directly behind Calvary Baptist Church

DAR Pierre Settlement Cemetery photo
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Earliest date 1871. Not in use. DAR site states "Named after Michael Pierre, an early French settler from Bettnig, France who was interred in this cemetery in 1871. At one time there was also a log cabin that served as a church for the Pierre Settlement on the site, which was known as St. Michael’s."

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