Maps of Allen County, Indiana

42 minute Allen County Info provides information on the iMap GIS Portal for Allen County residents briefly discussed on our Land Records page.

Populated Places

  1. Aboite Township: Dunfee
  2. Adams Township: Adams Station, New Haven
  3. Cedar Creek Township: Cedarville, Grabill, Hamilton, Hursh, Leo, Urbana
  4. Eel River Township: Potter Station
  5. Jackson Township: Baldwin, Edgerton, Townley
  6. Jefferson Township: Besancon, Maples, Tillman, Zulu
  7. Lafayette Township: Aboite, Aboite Station, Nine Mile, Zanesville
  8. Lake Township: Arcola, Hadley
  9. Madison Township: Boston Corner, Centreville, Hoagland, Massilon
  10. Marion Township: Hessen Cassel, Middletown, Poe, Williamsport
  11. Maumee Township: Bluecast, Edwardsville, Woodburn
  12. Milan Township: Fairport, Gar Creek, Milan Center
  13. Monroe Township: Dixon (OH), East Liberty, Monroeville
  14. Perry Township: Carrolls, Huntertown, Hunterville, Royville
  15. Pleasant Township: Sheldon, Yoder
  16. St. Joseph Township: none
  17. Scipio Township: none
  18. Springfield Township: Cuba, Halls Corners, Harlan, Maysville
  19. Washington Township: Academie, Wallen
  20. Wayne Township: Fort Wayne, Kekionga, Lewisburg, South Wayne, Waynedale
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Historic Mapping of Fort Wayne Indiana posted October 28, 2017 by IndianaGISCouncil on YouTube.
Historic Photographs of Fort Wayne courtesy of the Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society ( Modern (digital) mapping images of Fort Wayne courtesy of and the Indiana Geological and Water Survey (IGWS)

Allen County, Indiana Maps Online

  1. iMap GIS Portal for Allen County residents, see video above, has maps for iMap Data Viewer, Engineering Viewer, Property Search, Election Board Viewer, Treasuer's Public Access, and City Parks, Recreation, and Trails Finder. If you go to Allen County iMap Data Viewer > Aerial > Historical Imagery Viewer > you can go back to aerial photos from 1938 through 2018 and Zoom through 14 different years of photos showing changes over time.
  2. Allen County Maps available at the Indiana State Library.
  3. 1778 high definition zoomable map titled A new map of the western parts of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina; comprehending the River Ohio, and all the rivers, which fall into it; part of the River Mississippi, the whole of the Illinois River, Lake Erie; part of the Lakes Huron, Michigan &c. and all the country bordering on these lakes and rivers, at The Library of Congress
  4. Aerial photos ranging from the 1930's to the 1970's for various Indiana counties are online at AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS AND HISTORIC MAPS at the Indiana Archives and Records Administration.
  5. IHAPI Overview states The Indiana Geological and Water Survey (IGWS) has created the "Indiana Historical Aerial Photo Index" (IHAPI) interactive map to facilitate the identification and retrieval of historical aerial photographs. It is at IGS Indiana Geological & Water Survey at Indiana University.
  6. Allen County Plat Books (Countywide and Published for Public Distribution) and their Locations in the Genealogy Center is a list of maps from 1855 to the present available at the The Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  7. History Center Digital Collection on the mDON mastodon Digital Object Network has many useful collections including Fort Wayne (Ind.) -- Maps, Streets -- Indiana -- Fort Wayne -- Maps, and Railroads--Indiana--Fort Wayne--Maps.
  8. Kekionga, 1697-1824 at
  9. Indiana Fort Wayne : ms. map of Fort Wayne said to have been made on July 18, 1795, for General Anthony Wayne at the The Library of Congress. The Notes states: the first American post, built in 1794 and named for Anthony Wayne after his victory at Fallen Timbers, was located across the St. Marys from the old Miami village of Kekionga and the remains of old Fort Miami, at the present intersection of Clay and Berry streets"--Ency. of Historic Forts, p. 281-282. This was drawn about nine months after Anthony Wayne built his fort at the NW corner of today's Clay and Berry Streets according to Randy Harter, Fort Wayne historian and author, comment to the same photo posted September 18, 2017 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Private group on Facebook.
  10. 1812 Era Map of Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana at the The Genealogy Center. The same interactive map is online at David Rumsey Map Collection, Indiana University Image Collections Online Indiana Historic Maps, and Curtis Wright Maps. Was discussed August 11, 2017 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Private group on Facebook, September 30, 2021 on Great Memories and History of Fort Wayne Private Facebook Group, and March 24, 2022 on True Fort Wayne Indiana History on Facebook.
  11. Allen County Development Map, 1823-1835 at ACGSI
  12. Fort Wayne, panorama, 1857 at The Genealogy Center
  13. Map of Allen County, Indiana, 1860 at The Genealogy Center
  14. Bird's eye view of the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana 1868 at the The Library of Congress
  15. 1876 Map of Allen County Andrea A.T. Baskin, Forster and Company, Dave Rumsey Map Collection - now has 37,000 maps of the world
  16. 1876 map of Fort Wayne with Cedarville, Sheldon (currently known as Yoder), Arcola and New Haven from the David Rumsey Collection, can zoom in for more details, move the navigator, and go to original source of this Creative Commons License map.
  17. 1876 Map of Auburn, De Kalb Co., Ind. (with) Harlan Maysville, Monroeville, Edwardsburg, Huntertown, Hamilton. Andreas, A. T. (Alfred Theodore), 1839-1900; Baskin, Forster and Company, 1876, Dave Rumsey Map Collection 
  18. Panoramic view of the city of Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana : 1880, looking south east by Ruger, A; Stoner, J. J; Beck & Pauli Publication date 1960 at Internet Archive and a cleaner more legible version at
  19. Allen County, 1880 at
  20. 1895 US Atlas map
  21. R.L. Polk & Co's map of the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1897 by R.L. Polk &Co Publication date 1897
  22. 1898 Standard Atlas of Allen County at Internet Archive or 1898 Township maps at Historic Map Works
  23. Plat Book of Allen County, Indiana by Lindemuth, C. Ross Publication date 1900 at Internet Archive
  24. 1905 Geological map of Allen County showing sand and gravel deposits. Historic Indiana Maps at IUPUI
  25. 1907 Griswold's birdseye view of the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana indexed for ready reference. B. J. Griswold, (Bert Joseph), 1873-1927 at The Library of Congress, click the map to zoom in for more detail.
  26. 1907 Plat book of Allen County, Indiana, 45 pages, Allen County Map Co., published Fort Wayne, Ind. : Allen County Map Co., 1907. Images on the Library of Congress web site.
  27. 1907 Plat Book of Allen County, Indiana American Memory version
  28. Allen County, Indiana from 1907 to 2011 Library of Congress over 30 Historical maps
  29. Map of the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana by Fort Wayne (Ind.). City Engineer's Office; Published 1910
  30. 1914 map of towns on
  31. 1919 J.M.E. Riedel's new street number guide map of Fort Wayne really large map so zoom in and out to see details at Digital Commonwealth Massachusetts Collection Online.
  32. 1920 Plat Book of Allen County, Indiana Plat Books of Indiana Counties Vol. 1 at IUPUI, Allen County begins on page 20
  33. Map of Allen County, Indiana : roads by Darling, Orin M; Tonkel, William; Lindemuth, C. Ross; Publication date 1923; Collection allen_county; americana
  34. Map of the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana by Allen County (Ind.). Surveyor's Office; Published 1923; Collection allen_county; americana
  35. 1924 Atlas of Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, 24 images, 79 pages, 19 plats, Randall, Frank M., published South Bend, Ind. : G.L. Hughes, 1924. Images on the Library of Congress web site.
  36. 1924 Atlas of Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana American Memory version
  37. 1930s map of Lincoln Tower downtown with more maps from Sanborn, of Pennsy RR and more in comments of February 7, 2017 discussion on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Private group on Facebook.
  38. Fort Wayne Central Business District, 1929 at the Genealogy Center
  39. [Map of the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana] by Allen County (Ind.). Surveyor's Office; Published 1931
  40. 1935 Allen County Indiana on Indiana Memory Digital Collections from Indiana State Library Map Collection
  41. Street map of the city of Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana by Fort Wayne (Ind.). Office of the City Engineer; Green, Edward; Published 1959
  42. 1965 Township maps at Historic Map Works
  43. 2000 era cartoon map of area businesses photos were posted August 9, 2017 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Private group on Facebook
  44. Street Map of New Haven, Indiana, 1990s at The Genealogy Center
  45. iMap Allen County, Indiana GIS Portal - modern digital map site a the Allen County government - see video above
  46. Allen County, Indiana Cemetery locations of 190 cemeteries on Google map
  47. Allen County, Indiana Township Layout at
  48. Allen County, Indiana township map - at Indiana University
  49. Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution Eighteenth annual report 1896-1897 Indiana Indians CXXVI Map 19 page 595. See our Indians Native American page.
  50. Bird's eye view of the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana 1868. Drawn by A. Ruger. at American Memory
  51. Fort Wayne Community Development has a Maps page.
  52. Fort Wayne, Indiana, Street Map with Overlays with 2 overlays shows existing and proposed historic markers on undated map at History Center Digital Collection on the mDON mastodon Digital Object Network
  53. Fort Wayne has periodic flooding of the 3 rivers. An online tool shows current river levels. Flooding forecasts to take on new look Online map depicts water’s reach, depthby Dan Stockman published October 26, 2012 in The Journal Gazette newspaper. National Weather Service has an Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service.
  54. Milan Township historically significant structures on Wikipedia.
  55. Indiana The Early Years Maps Broadsides at
  56. National Register of Historic Places in Allen County, Indiana - 3 tabs State, Districts, Vacant
  57. The Newberry Library of Chicago Atlas of Historical County Boundaries went offline in July 2015 and in April 2017 They're Back by Judy G. Russell published April 11, 2017 on her The Legal Genealogist blogblog. See Indiana Historical Borders and Indiana Detail page.
  58. Indiana Sanborn Historic Maps 1883-1966 Database Basics and a list Index by County on the Union List of Sanborn Maps at Indiana University says the maps were created by the Sanborn Fire Insurance company for business purposes as detailed building-by-building depictions of most urban areas useful for all kinds of research. See their Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps History page. They have maps for Arcola, Fort Wayne, Huntertown, Monroeville, New Haven and Woodburn. As stated on their page: For states other than Indiana, try Michigan State University's Links to Sanborn Sites, UC Berkeley's Union List of Sanborn & Other Fire Insurance Maps, and the Library of Congresswhich has four historic maps of Fort Wayne.
  59. Sanborn Maps by Mark Meyer published March 26, 2013 on the History Center Notes & Queries blog- towards the end says In conjunction with Historical Information Gatherers, Inc., all the original [pre-1924] Sandborn maps for Indiana communities were scanned into an ISDP database and are available at the ISDP website. The Indiana Spatial Data Portal (ISDP) provides access to more than 25 terabytes of Indiana geospatial data including USGS Topographic Maps.
  60. Sanborn Maps Collection Items at The Library of Congress. See Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps Now Online blog published May 25, 2017 with 25,000 maps from the late 1880s through early 1960s increasing to 500,000 maps by 2020 for all 50 states! Introduction to the Collection, Locations, and Indiana locations.
  61. Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps and Introduction to the Sanborn Map Collection at The Library of Congress.
  62. The Accidental Revelations of Sanborn Maps by Tanvi Misra published October 13, 2014 at
  63. The Second Correction Line passes through northern Allen County, Indiana which accounts for the offset of the northern townships and the tiny Scipio Township. It can be seen by zooming in on this 1866 General Land Office map in the Dave Ramsey Collection of antique maps.
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Additional Map Information

  1. 1846 Post Offices on Internet Archive United States Official Postal Guide
  2. Atlases of Indiana by county - over 450 maps and atlases at Historic Map Works
  3. April 5, 2017 Facebook post shows a black ink used by draftsmen when preparing maps on a cloth "paper" or "vellum". Hofer and Davis, Inc. Land Surveyors show a bottle of ink by THE ROBERTS NUMBERING MACHINE COMPANY out of Brooklyn, New York that you can inspect and even have your photo taken at Their Wall.
  4. BLM Bureau of Land Management - How to Search Family History in BLM Records - Online Patent Searches - Automated Records - National Park Service Genealogy and Homestead Records - Dear Myrtle blog April 21, 2011 BLM website & NARA provide access to General Land Office paperwork
  5. Digital Public Library of America Announces Partnership with David Rumsey Map Collection on Digital Public Library of America blog April 30, 2013. The 38,000 digital map and image collection focuses on rare 18th and 19th century maps of North and South America.
  6. Discussion of 1876 map February 20, 2017 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Private group on Facebook.
  7. Drive Time map to other cities on Our Story Made Here
  8. Early Indiana Trails and Surveys an Archive.orgpublished 1919 by George R. Wilson- Indiana Historical Society Publications Vol. 6 No. 3.
  9. Gazetteer at USGS Geographic Names Information Services GNIS
  10. Indiana county boundary changes over time at the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries Project at The Newberry Library includes interactive maps, shapefiles, chronologies, and metadata for each State.
  11. Indiana County Maps and Altlases - clicking years shows county boundary changes
  12. Indiana Historical County Boundaries - Newberry Library
  13. Indiana Historical Counties 1778 - 2000 on Newberry Library Atlas of Historical County Boundaries
  14. Northeast Indiana Township maps - Census 2000 IU Kelley School of Business
  15. - Indiana Map and Data Downloads for counties
  16. Indiana Map at QuickFacts from the U.S. Census
  17. Interactive Map of Indiana County Formation History at shows county changes over time.
  18. Map of Indiana County Formations 1758-1932 on an interactive series of maps showing county changes over time.
  19. Historical Topographic Maps - Preserving the Past - USGS has over 193,000 topographical maps that will eventually be online. As of July 2013 Indiana was NOT listed in their Progress since April 2012 pdf.
  20. Indiana State Library Map Collection part of Indiana State Library Digital Collection in their Map Collection.
  21. The Easy Way to Add Maps to Your Family History Projects published April 24, 2011 on Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter - using the National
  22. FamilySearch.orgLand Patent Search
  23. NARA National Archives - Land Records Introduction and Links to Resources on Land Entry Case Files and Related Records
  24. Convert an Address to Latitude and Longitude discusses converting addresses to Latitude and Longitude for easy GPS use, published December 29, 2009 on Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter.
  25. Maps - Araphax Publishing shows original land purchasers on land patents from Federal Government using BLM maps and others
  26. Using Maps in Genealogy - USGS - U.S. Geological Survey 4 page pdf
  27. Maps - uses Google Street View and Maps in separate windows to view main highways and city streets
  28. Michigan Road commissioned in 1826 connected Madison on the Ohio River with Michigan City on Lake Michigan. Map of early roads and canals was posted May 8, 2016 on Facebook by Indiana Bicentennial Commission.
  29. Post Offices by County United States Postal Service with some establishment dates
  30. Suburban and Rural Additions, 1960 at the Genealogy Center
  31. TigerWeb US Census Bureau Geography Division has a demo video
  32. USGS Quad Topographic Features in Allen County at TopoZone
  33. The Wabash trade route in the development of the old Northwest (1958) - Benton, Elbert Jay, 1871-1946
  34. Where is that place? explains the USGS mapping service by Judy G. Russell published December 3, 2018 in The Legal Genealogist blogblog pointing out the value of the volunteer The National Map Corps.
    1. More on those place names… by Judy G. Russell published December 4, 2018 in The Legal Genealogist blog. Some more GNIS details.
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