Aboite Township Cemeteries

Aboite Township was organized in May 1836

The city of Fort Wayne straddles the eastern township line in the increasingly suburban Aboite Township.

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Branstrator Family Cemetery

Rural cemetery on south side of Lower Huntington Road
0.2 mile east of Branstrator Road

DAR Branstrator cemetery photo
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Earliest date is March 17, 1837. Not in use.

Indiana DNR (Department of Natural Resources) lists it in Lafayette Township. Latitude 41.0028 Longitude 85.2481 is slightly different from Google map Latitude 41.049211 and Longitude -85.232878.

Photos show only a few pieces of tombstones.

Go to: DAR photos, Find-A-Grave, Google map

Bullard Family Cemetery
aka Oak Grove Cemetery

City cemetery near 3801 Sleepy Hollow Lane
East side of West Jefferson Boulevard near Aboite Center Road

Mary Penrose NSDAR tombstone photo
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Earliest date is November 10, 1841. Not in use. Also known as Oak Grove Cemetery.

IN DNR Latitude 41.0486 Longitude 85.2325.

Photos: , DAR photos, Google map, Find-A-Grave and Grave Book.

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Hamilton Family Cemetery

Earliest date was 1867. No longer exists. Was located on Aboite Center Road. The rural family cemetery was transferred March 12, 1895 to Lindenwood Cemetery from the family farm according to the Klaehn Mortuary records. Indiana DNR location lists in Section 17, Township 30N, and Range 11E.

Turner Family Cemetery

Earliest date was 1834.

Only one stone is visible, one shared by Richard and Caleb Clark shown laying on the ground in the photo by Glenn Rogers on the right. This first cemetery of Aboite is on land donated in 1834 by Enoch Turner and the space alloted for internment was nearly all occupied according to the second to last paragraph on page 145 of the History of Allen County, Indiana published in 1880, Chicago; Kingman Brothers shown below. The first white settlers, names like Andrew, Clark, Gouty, Kelley, and Turner, originated from the state of Maryland. This area of Aboite, once the land of the Miami Indians, was therefore deemed the Maryland Settlement which is discussed on page 284 in Valley of the upper Maumee River, with historical account of Allen County and the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana published in 1889.  In 1842, these settlers erected a log building to serve the double purpose of Aboite's first church and schoolhouse. This structure, called the Friendship Church and School was built on land next to the cemetery.

The burial ground is now located in the Bittersweet Moors housing development. The Indiana DNR SHAARD Cemetery Registry lists the cemetery location as 11780 Indigo Drive in Section 28, Township 30N, Range 11E, with GPS Latitude: 41.0230, Longitude: 85.2965 which describes the 160-acre parcel that Enoch Turner purchased from the General Land Office of the United States on 2 September 1834.

If you know what happened to the tombstones please let us know.

For more information go to: DAR 1932 Transcriptions, Turner Family Cemetery Aboite Township Allen County Indiana Facebook page, Find A Grave, and Google map.

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Union Chapel Cemetery

No longer exists.

Formerly located on the Aboite Road, west of Scott Road. Was not located in 1981 for the tombstone readings. Indiana DNR location lists as Section 10, Township 30N, Range 11E.

If you know anything about the location and what happened to the tombstones of this cemetery please let us know.

Vermilyea Cemetery

Earliest date was 1833. No longer exists.

According to page 434 of The Vermilyea Family compiled by Sandra Vermilyea Todd, Jesse Vermilyea 1809-1846 and wife Maria McTaggert 1812-1849 buried on their land were transferred to Lindenwood Cemetery, formerly located on Redding Drive and Aboite Road, near U.S. 24 South. Was near a lock on the Wabash and Erie Canal. The Vermilyea House is an Indiana Historic District shown on our Google map.

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