It's Not Trash ... It's History

Our "It's Not Trash...It's History" newspaper adertisement from many years ago!Think of when you come across those old items at the back of the closet that have too many memories to throw out, but are taking space you could use. Materials such as yearbooks from schools, colleges, alumni associations, churches, orphanages, and fraternal organizations; newsletters, school papers, quarterly or annual reports from any kind of organization; commemorative items from churches, cities, counties, states, businesses, etc.; business records, diaries (day books) with entries which include people's names; family histories that you plan to publish when time allows - let us have them now; photos with at least some of the people identified; old newspapers articles - even those not in English - mentioning family members, directories from churches, small town phone exchanges, and other organizations. Maybe you'd like to keep the originals, but are willing to share - let the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center make a copy - see their page Donation Options - Share Your Research. Email Marge Graham and she will pass materials on to the library to be cataloged and preserved.

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Wanted Your Family Story

Your Allen County family is interesting to you, or you would not be into genealogy. Others with ties to Allen County might be interested in your family too. You may share common ancestors, or their family could have been your family's neighbors. Maybe the families had friends in common. They may even add to the completeness of your family history. Share your family stories, bible records, and pictures with us for quarterly publication in Allen County Lines. Email Marge Graham or send your story to:

Lines Editor, ACGSI
PO Box 12003
Fort Wayne, IN 46862

Electronic Data

At the February 2013 Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana monthly education program The Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana Manager Curt Witcher said that if you have electronic genealogy data like CDs, DVDs, thumb drives or external hard drives with text or Word documents, genealogy databases, pdf files, digital photos, web sites, blogs or whatever digitally stored you need a plan for what happens to your years of research data when the inevitable day comes. They will store it at the library. To learn more contact Curt Witcher or Melissa Tennant using the Contact page for more information.

Your Family’s History

For many decades, a long-standing service of the Allen County Public Library for individuals who have not had a desire to officially publish their genealogical work have sent an unbound “master copy” to the Historical Genealogy Department. In exchange for the privilege of allowing us to make one photocopy for our collection, we provide the compiler of the work with one complementary, bound photocopy for his or her collection in addition to returning the original master.

It is a great way to make sure your work is preserved and available for future generations of researchers. In addition, having a copy at our library ensures your work is secure from any disaster that might, heaven forbid, befall your personal library. What to do with the extra copy? How about a “draft” book to pass around at the next family reunion for others to comment upon and update? Or a little surprise gift for the relative or family friend who really helped you out?

If you are interested in taking advantage of this service, just mail your unbound “master copy” to Steve Myers, Assistant Manager, Historical Genealogy Department, P. O. Box 2270, Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2270. Include a note that simply reads, “Photocopy Exchange Program.” You’ll be glad you did — and we will certainly be glad you did! You can also email Marge Graham to let us know your plans.

The Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana will also accept electronic data such as family trees, photos, word documents, text files, and more on CD, DVD, flash drives. Contact Curt Witcheror Melissa Tennantat The Genealogy Center for more information.

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Family History Online

You can add your data, documents, photos and more to the WeRelate Genealogy Wiki web site co-sponsored by Allen County Public Library. It is the world's largest genealogy wiki with pages for over 2,500,000 people and growing. Users contribute family information much like Wikipedia the online free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

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