Wabash and Erie Canal of Allen County, Indiana

February 22, 1832 ground was broken for the canal, which would link Lake Erie at Toledo with the Ohio River at Evansville. Jordan Vigus, Canal Commissioner, Charles W. Ewing, Samuel Hanna, Elias Murray participated in the ceremony. It was completed to Huntington County by July 3, 1835 and by July 4, 1843 was completed near Lafayette, Indiana. It was located where the south end Headwaters Park is now located. and was replaced a couple of decades later by the growth of the railroads. The canal froze in winter and was used for skating and sledding. See a sleigh ride story along the towpath from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis by Eliza Taylor Hanna in short bit of history by Tom Castaldi, local historian, posted December 17, 2012 on Wabash & Erie Canal Park on Facebook. The last boat was seen on the canal in 1882 from the October 9, 2019post by The Landing Fort Wayne on Facebook.

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Diamond in the Rough...Very Rough is a video of a two-story log cabin tavern/home built in the 1830s siting along old US 24 near Woodburn, at the edge of the Wabash and Erie Canal as it has for more than 150 years. It was the only stopping off point for canal travelers between the Ohio state line and Fort Wayne. Passengers would climb off the canal boat and walk fifty yards to this house for refreshment. By Eric Olsen published January 14, 2014 on WPTA21 ABC TV station21Country video.

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    Library of Congress image 3 of 63
    Library of Congress image 3 of 63
    The story of rediscovering the Gronauer Lock, a wooden lock that operated on the Wabash and Erie Canal.
    The Gronauer Lock was rediscovered in June of 1990 by construction workers working on the widening of US 24 just East of I-469. On page 1 of 4 page article: Canal carried Fort Wayne fortward July 27, 2017, page 2 Canal locks August 3, 2017 , page 3 Hardship marked canal travel August 10, 2017 and page 4 Lock holds keys to the past August 16, 2017 by Bob Caylor originally published February 19, 1991 in The News-Sentinel newspaper posted by Hofer and Davis, Inc. Land Surveyors on Facebook.
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  26. The Wabash & Erie Canal Towpath Trail follows along the path of the former canal connecting various area trails. It is 5.5 miles from Rockhill Park to the Lutheran Hospital campus, weaving through beautiful neighborhoods, scenic marshlands and near areas of commerce. The trail is a bike and pedestrian connection between the Aboite Trails and the Rivergreenway, providing more than 60 miles of connected trails within the trail network. Copied from the Fort Wayne Parks Trails page which also has a map.
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