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Family Histories - Genealogies

  1. PELEG and REBECCA (GROVER) SMALL Family of Bowdoin Maine & New Haven, Indiana
  2. COATS - Francis Marion Coats Family
  3. HOPPLE - George & Margaret Hopple Family
  4. McClish - Descendants of Robert McClish on pdf - "This is the McClish family history as I have it right now. I would love for family members to contact me, so that I can correct or update their information." sent by Sue McClish Melton in July 2012. You can also contact Sue McClish Melton by email to see and access her private blog:
  5. POOL - Samuel Pool Family

Family Web Sites

  1. Barrone, Adam J. webmaster of
  2. Bender Family Genealogy - Facebook Group Johannes "John" Bender born in Hessen-Darmstadt Germany on 08 AUG 1808 - moved to Allen County in 1840 with his wife Catherina Elisabeth Ruehl. They had 12 children. He was the son of Johann Friedrich Bender Sr. born 21 Feb 1767 and Maria Elisabeth Schmidt 1767 – 1814. John also had a brother named Johann Friedrich Bender 1805 – 1871 who also settled in Allen county. If this is your line and would like to join our Bender family Facebook genealogy group. Feel free to post photo's, family history or any other information you would like to share.
  3. Bonjour Family Genealogy
  4. Bowdoin Family of Maine and New Haven, Indiana
  5. Follis Families of the United States - Scotch-Irish to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana
  6. Freeman/Spieth Family Home Page
  7. Geller-Schlaudroff Family - Mabry Benson's Home Page
  8. Goeglein Families
  9. Gradeless | Grayless Family Notes
  10. Kelker Families - Switzerland to Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana
  11. Kratzer - David Kratzer Family Pennsylvania - Ohio Allen & Whitley Counties Indiana
  12. Rousseau Family Notes Virginia North Carolina Allen & Whitley Counties Indiana
  13. Schaefer Family - Larry and Carolyn Ann (Hemmelgarn)
  14. Schneider - Snyder Families - Germany to Ohio and Indiana
  15. Sherbondy Family Association
  16. Travis' of Travisville, IN - Steven E. Travis

Other Information

  1. Guidelines for Publishing Web Pages on the Internet - Recommended by the National Genealogical Society
  2. If You See Something, Save Something – 6 Ways to Save Pages In the Wayback Machine - by Alexis Rossi published January 25, 2017 on Internet Archive Blog. Unfortunately the average web page only lasts about 90 days before it moves or deleted. There are extensions endorsed for Chrome and unofficial Firefox that will automatically search for dead links to archived pages on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine rather than display a 404 missing web page.
  3. GeoCities - A lot of early genealogy web sites were on GeoCities a free web site with at least 38 million user-built pages. GeoCities was founded in 1994, bought by Yahoo! in 1999 and taken down October 26, 2009. Fortunately most GeoCities pages were archived on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive searchable at GeoCities Special Collection 2009 Saving a Historical Record of GeoCities. See GeoCities Archive Team, Yahoo! GeoCities on Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. What Ever Happened to GeoCities? by Amir Shoam February 22, 2022 on is a GeoCities Archive site and has an OoCities Facebook page.
  4. Standards for Sharing Information with Others - Recommended by the National Genealogical Society
  5. Put Your Family Tree on the Web by the Genealogical Computer Society of GA
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