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Watching Historical Context: Using Historical Videos posted Apr 9, 2022 by Allen County Public Library on YouTube
While researching our family trees, often we wish we could see what life was life for our ancestors. For some, we have that opportunity with early films found on the Library of Congress website and more. Learn how you might use these videos and find some for where your ancestors lived. Presented by Allison DePrey Singleton. Handout:

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Which way to Fort Wayne? Bullwinkle 1959 - Jet Fuel (Part 4 of 9) (non-stop / no cliff-hangers edit) on ytcroppper
cropped from the 1:42 mark of Bullwinkle 1959 - Jet Fuel (Part 4 of 9) (non-stop / no cliff-hangers edit) SkullyTheHypnoSkull Published on YouTubeMay 26, 2016

Fort Wayne area videos

  1. ARCH ( Architecture and Community Heritage) has been a leading force for preservation in Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana since 1975 with monthly programs and more on their website: They post recordings of them as ARCH, Inc. on YouTube
  2. 1938 Vintage Fort Wayne, Indiana Footage video shorts found by Advanced Media Integration - Downtown - trolley cars running down Main Street, the Baltes Hotel, the Keenan Hotel, and Hotel Anthony; Trains, Buses, and Planes - Pennsylvania Depot, now Baker Street, old Greyhound bus station, Smith Field Airport; Fort Wayne Theaters - Emboyd now the Embassy, Paramount Theater; Fort Wayne Parks and Beach - Memorial Park, Fort Wayne Japanese Gardens, Reservoir Park and Municipal Beach; Historic Building of Fort Wayne - International Harvester Plant, General Electric Building, Chamber of Commerce, City Light Office, City Hall & Police Headquarters (now the History Center), the Telephone Company, and the Filtration Plant; Schools of Fort Wayne - Concordia College and North Side High School; City of Churches - Concordia Lutheran Church, Trinity English Lutheran Church, and Saint Jude’s Catholic Church;
  3. 1950s Drive Through Fort Wayne Indiana - Street Scenes and A 1960s Day at Franke Park Fort Wayne - Vintage Footage by G Cast on YouTube.
  4. Access Fort Wayne has a YouTube page for the Allen County Public Librarycovering various topics and has almost 400 Access Fort Wayne videos on
  5. Fort Wayne, Indiana - 1938 17 minute YouTube by John Renz published March 20, 2015 is a continuous video that appears to be the same as Advanced Media Integration video shorts. Fort Wayne, Indiana 1938 by wayne newbyis the same 17-minute video with not video breakouts.

  6. Old Fort Wayne Scenes - 1938 is a similar 20-minute video from the Lincoln Financial Group on the History page of City of Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation showing Lakeside Park and other parks at the 7:16 mark of the video.
  7. 1950s Drive Through Fort Wayne Indiana - Street Scenes posted July 8, 2020 by G Cast on YouTube
  8. City TV Features City of Fort Wayne list of videos since September 2012
  9. Fort Wayne History 5 minute YouTubeby Matt G published April 23, 2014
  10. Historic Old Fort / Fort Wayne, IN 5 minute aerial YouTubeby Carl Simons Jr. published June 2, 2015
  11. Ft. Wayne Interurban short 1.5 minute YouTubeby Bedford Milw published February 2, 2015
  12. Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons interview of sports memorabilia collector Don Graham on the The Weekly Special published March 27, 2014
  13. The Fort Report with Kevin Leininger - 30 minute interview December 23, 2012 with Allen County Public Library's Curt Witcher discussing the library's Lincoln genealogical collections and opportunities posed by the digital revolution.
  14. INFortWayne Video Archive INfortwayne video archive of area events and activities
  15. Ken's Classic Video Vault on has over 4,000 videos some with Fort Wayne themes. He was a former local news anchor/reporter.
  16. Life's Better Here videos by 21AliveNews.comshowing local communites in northeast Indiana - Fort Wayne 2012 - Fort Wayne 2011 - Fort Wayne 2010 - New Haven 2012 - New Haven 2011 - New Haven 2010 - Grabill 2012 - Grabill 2011 - Grabill 2010 - and Holidays Are Better Here - Fort Wayne 2011.
  17. 21 Country Stories from 21AliveNews.comabout local places and people in northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio on the Allen County Public Library Digital Collections at the Allen County Public Libraryannounced August 21, 2020 Eric Olson retires; ACPL launches 21Country archive on theWPTA website. The Community Album started with 5 videos, the page states he produced nearly 3,000 featured stories on interesting people, places and history. Some are archived as 21Country videos formerly Your Country on the Wayback Machine.
  18. Lincoln Financial Collection at the Allen County Public Library October 9, 2009 on ACPL YouTube John Beatty of ACPL and Eric Olsen of
  19. “My City”, the song that helped build pride in Fort Wayne, became so popular that local rapper Nyzzy Nyce decided to take it national and help build a sense of pride in every city across America. See rapper video on "My City" National Version Released Wednesday by Rachel Martin November 21, 2012 of See also Nyzzy Nyce on and
  20. PrimeTime39 Friday night interview show on the local PBS39 WFWA Fort Waynearchives their videos on their website and vimeo .
  21. Fort Wayne Street Series: March 1974 is a nearly hour-long video on the Access YouTubechannel published on November 23, 2015.
  22. Street Scene Series is individual videos from the hour long Access video above on the Allen County Public Library YouTubechannel. This is a series of Fort Wayne landmarks documented on open reel video tape in the 1970s. The series was made possible by the Fort Wayne Public Library, now the Allen County Public Library. YouTubeplaylist at the Allen County Public Libraryupdated November 11, 2016 stated The Street Scenes and Fort Wayne Landmarks series' as an attempt to preserve the flavor of some of the older, mainly residential areas of Fort Wayne. Series 2 consists of wide-angle views taken from a car moving slowly through the designated areas.
  23. Wolf & Dessauer: Fort Wayne History 3 minute YouTube3rd book promotion by Jim Barron by WANE NewsChannel 15 published November 13, 2011
  24. YourStories Made Here - northeast Indiana videos
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Genealogy Videos

  1. Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana has a Marge and Adam interview on 35th Anniversary of ACGSI 17 Minutes by Linda Jackson in June 2011 on IndianaNewsCenter. In 2021, the society started recording their free monthly genealogy Programs using Zoom online with national speakers posted on their Members Only page.
  2. The African American Genealogical Society of Fort Wayne is on Facebook and has an AAGSFW Fort Wayne YouTubechannel with a growing collection of videos and also posted on their Facebook Video page.
  3. The Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indianahas a growing collection of The Genealogy Center videos on YouTube
  4. American Ancestors - New England Historic Genealogical Society - Webinars
  5. Ancestry.comAcademy - 100s of video courses
  6. YouTube videos such as Back to the Basics: Genealogy 101 since July 15, 2008
  7. Desktop Education Series - YouTube channel of mostly 15-20 minute videos and Livestream
  8. YouTube channel videos since March 31, 2010
  9. BlogTalkRadio - Saturday afternoons, archived prior broadcasts, presented by the Federation of Genealogical Societies - each week they tackle the issues that confront genealogy societies. My Society - BlogTalkRadio - Archives
  10. BYU Family History Library YouTubes on many subjects from backups to software
  11. Educational Videos on Internet Archivemight have a few genealogy gems hidden in the over 4,000 free online videos.
  12. FamilySearch videos such as 3 minute FamilySearch Getting Started Videos and 5 Minute Genealogy: Find A Record In Five Minutes and Genealogy for Beginners 5 minute videos.
  13. FamilySearch Learning Center 5 minute videos
  14. FamilySearch Online Family History Research Lessons - links to other online courses
  15. FamilySearch Research Courses - organized by country
  16. FamilyTreeMaker/ Webinars
  17. FHISO: Family History Standards for Your Genealogy Society December 15, 2012 an hour long video - also has archived videos
  18. The Genealogy Center Videos - quick guides
  19. Genealogy Center YouTube channel had 55 videos last updated December 9, 2020 including recent Zoom webinars and more
  20. Genealogy Gems Podcasts - with Lisa Louise Cooke Your Family History Show Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems on YouTube
  21. GeneaWebinars – A Directory of Upcoming Genealogy Webinars by Geneabloggers also archives previous webinars
  22. Geni Podcast on iTunes - Learn About Genealogy by Geni, Inc.
  23. Legacy Family Tree Webinars a new video is Free every week usually Wednesday, often additional video on Tuesday or Friday, then after one week requires a subscripton, over 500 videos. They have a Webinar Library: Free collection
  24. National Screening Room has hundreds of free historical films, commercials, newsreels & other clips at The National Archives.
  25. Relative Roots - most have a fee - some are archived webinars
  26. RootsMagic Webinars
  27. RootsTechhosted by FamilySearch in late winter, is the largest global family history event in the world! See previous year's videos. See video of Curt Witcher, Manager of The Genealogy Center, at RootsTech 2011 in high definition (click arrow box for full screen)
  28. So Many Genealogy-Related YouTube Channels, So Little Time! on Upfront With NGS - The Blog for the National Genealogical Society.
  29. U.S. National Archiveshas a YouTube channel has annual Genealogy Fair videos live streaming, then archived back to 2005 and almost 900 videos on their YouTube Channel not specific to genealogy - but does have annual program Know Your Records See NARA and You by Judy G. Russel published October 27, 2017 on her The Legal Genealogist blog blog.

Movies, Television Shows and Videos

  1. February 5, 2024 post on True Fort Wayne Indiana History on Facebook has over 125 comments on Fort Wayne character mentions in movies and television shows.
  2. The Jeopardy telvision show,, has mentioned Fort Wayne many times shown in Jeopardy Fort Wayne Google search results, and Jeopardy Fort Wayne Twitter search. Click dates below to see screenshots or video clips on Timeline pages:
    1. The J! Archive fan created archive of Jeopardy games has screenshots of the questions and who won with the correct answers back to the 1983 Alex Trebek pilot programs.
    2. October 30, 2013 - A log stockade made by a certain mad revolutionary war general in 1794 gave this city his name. See Anthony Wayne or Forts of Fort Wayne.
    3. 2017, October 30 - Fort Wayne makes double Jeopardy!
    4. 2018, January 15 - Steve Garbacz appeared on Jeopardy.
    5. 2018, December 9 - Fort Wayne Jeopardy Contestant Nicole Cocklin
    6. 2019, April 23 - A Fort Wayne man competed on one of the world’s most popular game shows.
    7. 2022, April 14 - This state's official poem ends, "where the dreamy Wabash River wanders on... through paradise"
    8. November 10, 2022 - Fort Wayne former 'Jeopardy!' contestants remember Alex Trebek
    9. May 30, 2022 - Fort Wayne is home to the grave of this legendary orchard planter - Johnny Appleseed.
    10. September 14, 2022 - The first fuel pump in the U.S.was installed in Fort Wayne in 1885; it supplied this oil used mainly for lamps. See Sylvanus Bowser.
    11. February 6, 2024 Huntington native Fort Wayne resident Jesse Matheny returns Friday February 9, 2024
  3. Late 1930's called 'Mama Steps Out' that shows up on TCM every so often. The family in the movie is from Ft. Wayne and they go to Europe to become more cultured and comedy ensues
  4. Appointment With Danger, 1951, starring Alan Ladd set in Gary and Fort Wayne, even though that first shot was in LA (note the mountains), the second shot was apparently in the real Fort! See many photos and discussion on Movie Review: Appointment with Danger (1951) posted September 8, 2011 on the caseykoester blog. See TCM Turner Classic Movie review. Discussed March 31, 2019 on PositiveFortWayne.
  5. Night of Evil....1962, starring Lisa Gaye and William Campbell. It was filmed in Fort Wayne in the summer and fall of 1960 by director Richard Galbreath of Galbreath Productions. It premiered January 27, 1962 at the local Embassy Theater. Night of Evil (1962) on IMDb and NIGHT OF EVIL(1962) on TCMdb and Night of Evil (1962) A moron’s act of violence initiates a years-long cycle of tragedy! by realthog published June 10, 2017. See photos and a short article Jan. 27, 1962: 'Night of Evil' premieres by Corey McMaken published October 10, 2019 in the History Journal features and stories of historical interest from the archives of The Journal Gazette
  6. Patrick Drudge Back in the early 1960s Dick Galbreath who was known for doing Eckrich commercials made a feature-length film in Fort Wayne the premiered at the Embassy Theatre
  7. The Fugitive (1963) Season 3 Episode 22 Running Scared aired February 22, 1966. After learning of the death of his father, Kimble contacts Donna and her husband Len Taft and wants to meet with them. Donna and Len drive to Fort Wayne, Indiana and check into a hotel under assumed names. But their rendezvous is threatned by Mike Ballinger, the former prosecuting attorney at Kimble's trial, who recognizes them and calls on Gerard to set up a trap. Copied from to local rumors it was filmed in California. Discussed May 14, 2024 on True Fort Wayne Indiana History on Facebook.
  8. Has very little volume! Fort Wayne Planet of the Apes posted Jun 9, 2021 by duanekimball on YouTube
    Where Taylor learned to read and write

    Planet of the Apes (1968) Taylor talks with Dr. Zaius movie. Jefferson School was a very early Fort Wayne school discussed when Taylor (Charleton Heston) writes a note to Zira and Cornelius that he learned to write at Jefferson public school Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  9. 1974 Animal House with John Belushi mentioned Fawn Leibowitz from Fort Wayne killed in a kiln accident.
  10. Evening Magazine (series that ran from 1976-1989 that has parts of it filmed in Ft. Wayne)
  11. Savage Beach...1989
  12. In the Company of Men director Neil LaBute (Jason Dixie)...1997.
    1. In the Company of Men and Neil LaBute both on Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.
    2. GAME BOYS Ray Pride talks with In the Company of Men's Neil LaBute. A shorter version originally appeared in Filmmaker. on
    3. A January 13, 2024 email from Ken Owen said that the movie by Neil LaBute stars Aaron Eckhart. The commentary track on the DVD has many stories of the filming - including shooting the office scenes in a downtown high rise that was closed for renovations. It was shot on the cheap but it is a very compelling (and a bit disturbing) movie. [ May 6, 1985 'Being Single in Fort Wayne' Our Place, Ken Owen served as WANE TV's station's primary male anchor at 6 & 11 p.m. from 1984 to 1987 posted January 3, 2019 on Fort Wayne Memories on Facebook. Veteran spokesman Ken Owen ’82 departs DePauw a December 17, 2019 Depauw Stories at and Ken Owen Video Vault on YouTube. ]
  13. 1994 "The Endless Bread"
  14. The Freak....1999 (parts were filmed in Ft. Wayne, Spencerville, Cedar Canyons, Garrett, Auburn and Waterloo)
  15. Healed by Grace....2012
  16. Midget Zombie Takeover....2013
  17. The Stray....2016
  18. Thy Neighbor (actually filmed in Auburn, IN) 2017 (currently in post production)
  19. Two Steps from Hope....2017 (filmed in Decatur, IN)
  20. NCIS Season 15, Episode 7 Burden of Proof aired November 7, 2017 showed an aerial view of the Allen County Courthouse. Discussed November 7, 2018 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Archived group only visible to existing members on Facebook. CBS All Access subscriers can watch it at NCIS Burden of Proof S15 E7.
  21. The Spell of 13 (Indie horror flick) filmed at the old Northcrest movie theaters
  22. David Carradine and Mariel Hemingway shot at North Side High School called American Reel filmed in Lincoln Tower, O'Sullivans, Knotty Pine motel on Goshen among others ; Discussed July 24, 2017 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Archived group only visible to existing members on Facebook.
  23. Books set in Fort Wayne: 
  24. Movies set in Fort Wayne: Most Popular Titles With Location Matching "Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA"
  25. Local television stations often have stories on local people, events and history about Fort Wayne. Here are a few:
    1., In The Spotlight weekly series started in June 2022 with broadcaster Terra Brantley partnership of ABC21 and 89.1 WBOI, Daniel Beals YouTube videographer for their stories has various shares on our site, 21Country popularized by Eric Olson, 21Country Featured Reporter, WPTA 21 Country Stories archived at the Allen County Public Library Digital Collections at the Allen County Public Libraryand as Eric Olson and 21Country collection without functioning video on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.
    2. CBS WANE-TV NewsChannel 15
    3. Fox 55 Fort Wayne
    4. PBS39 WFWA Fort Wayne
    5. WKJG NBC
  26. See April 10, 2017 when Fort Wayne turns up on Wheel of Fortune for 18 seconds April 11, 2017 on CBS WANE-TV NewsChannel 15. See our Wheel of Fortune section.
  27. A Janaury 14, 2023 post asked about Fort Wayne mentioned in songs on True Fort Wayne Indiana History on Facebook.
  28. A February 5, 2023 post with over 100 comments about Fort Wayne mentions on True Fort Wayne Indiana History on Facebook.

Television Characters from Fort Wayne

  1. January 28, 1988 page 3 Evening with Frank Burns
    M.A.S.H.- Larry Linville, aka Frank Burns; January 28, 1988 Welcome Home Frank Burns Advertisement from page 3 of The Communicator: Indiana - Purdue, January 21, 1988 . The image above with a bit more was posted April 28, 2024 on True Fort Wayne Indiana History on Facebook. Was not found in the online 340 copies of The Communicator -- The Student Newspaper of IPFW at mDON: mastodon Digital Object Network. Was found in the 1,200 The Communicator's online at
  2. TV series Glee was set in Fort Wayne, but not filmed here.
  3. Shelley Long the actress was in 142 episodes on the Cheers 1983-1993 TV series.


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