Historical Markers of Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana

So, you want an Indiana State Historical Marker? from Indiana Historical Bureau on Vimeo

Monuments Plaques Markers in City Parks Fort Wayne, Indiana ebook Revised and Compiled Through June 1963 by Bernard J. Reul, photos by Harry Grabner Allen County - Fort Wayne Historical Society 1964 on Internet Archive

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The History Center Walking Tour

Did you know that there is a walking trail tracing Fort Wayne’s history free and open to the public all year long? It follows blue, red and white street signs over four separate routes and is complete with a self-guided tour map available from ARCH or the History Center.  Featuring historical markers that describe the significant sites in the region, this unique walking tour is a 1994 Bicentennial Celebration lasting legacy gift to the citizens of northeastern Indiana.  All in all there are four trails: The Central Downtown, West Central, South Central and the Kekionga or Lakeside neighborhood taking in the rich heritage of our region. The markers that describe the various stops are oriented for pedestrian viewing, so walking the Trail may be a better plan than trying to sightsee from a car window.

Read the rest of this tour information copied from under the heading Side Bar near the bottom of the blog article, go to The Hall Community Arts Center by Tom Castaldi published May 2, 2013 in the History Center Notes & Queries blog Along the Heritage Trail--Links for more study by Nancy McCammon-Hansen lists all the points on the four trails with links to blogs with more information published June 10, 2014 in History Center Notes & Queries blog.

See also A short historical tour of central Fort Wayne by Nancy McCammon-Hansen published June 28, 2013 in the History Center Notes & Queries blog or pick up a free map of the Fort Wayne Bicentennial Heritage Trail at the History Center. History markers going digital QR codes give walking trail added smartphone dimension by Ron Shawgo published September 2, 2013 in The Journal Gazette newspaper.

  1. 1914 book - Historical Markers in Indiana - Bulletin 14 - 12-1921 by Indiana Historical Commission posted September 18, 2017 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Closed group on Facebook.
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  3. All Indiana State Historical Markers as of 2/9/2015 from Indiana Historical Bureau.
  4. ARCH ( Architecture and Community Heritage)Central Downtown Trail has 19 stops at historical location markers with the information on a web page for each stop.
  5. A short historical tour of central Fort Waynewith photos and links to additional blogs by Nancy McCammon-Hansen published June 28, 2013 on History Center Notes & Queries blog.
  6. The Anthony Wayne statue, moved in 1973 to Freimann Square, originally contained three bronze plaques, executed by George Ganiere. Timothy E. Doyle, who was a local artist and stone carver, rescued the bronzes in 1985 when the granite base was scrapped. Julie R. Waterfield purchased the bronze plaques and donated them to the ACPL [Allen County Public Library]. See photos and read more about The Anthony Wayne Statue posted April 29, 2013 by Nancy McCammon-Hansen on the History Center Notes & Queries blog. Gen. Wayne's not the only statue getting the city's attention Parks Department plans to spiff up, repair monuments to Fort Wayne's past August 10, 2013 by Kevin Leininger of The News-Sentinel newspaper. ‘Mad’ Anthony staying put Trust offers $100,000 to enhance visibility at Freimann August 14, 2013 by Dan Stockman of the The Journal Gazette newspaper.
  7. City's history is in for a monumental -- and well-deserved -- facelift by Kevin Leininger published November 14, 2015 in The News-Sentinel newspaper.
  8. Elm tree marker ca. 1960 on west side of boulevard between Edgewater Avenue and Columbia photo and discussion May 24, 2017 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Closed group on Facebook.
  9. Gallery of local marker photos and Tour Area's Civil War-Related Sitesmap with photos by the The News-Sentinel newspaper.
  10. Indiana Roadside Markers YouTube channel launched April 15, 2021 by Michael L. Harris of Syracuse, Indiana. He started the project about three years earlier and has the photography complete on the first year's batch of 26 videos. He is researching the stories and finding pictures and articles to fill out the information on the more than 600 official roadside markers throughout the state. Some of the Allen County topics include Fort Miamis, Camp Allen, the site of Hardin's Defeat by Chief Little Turtle, the home of television inventor Philo Farnsworth, the Wabash and Erie Canal groundbreaking site and Gronauer Lock No. 2. The videos relevant to Allen County will be found on Allen INGenWeb as he publishes them. His project was discussed in Syracuse man making mark State markers documented in YouTube show by Blake Sebring published 2021 in The Journal Gazette newspaper.
  11. Marking History in Fort Wayne information and links to other web sites with local markers and information published September 9, 2014 by The History Center on Visit Fort Wayne
  12. Thieme Drive Overlook posted July 18, 2013 by Tom Castaldi on the History Center Notes & Queries blog.
  13. Who Put That There? There’s a great little book entitled “Who Put That There” that can serve as a guide for exploring Fort Wayne’s history. The book was written by students at St. Jude Catholic School in 1998 with an Historic Preservation Grant from the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, the Indiana Humanities Council, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Posted January 3, 2011 by Nancy McCammon-Hansen on the History Center Notes & Queries blog.
  14. Front Door Fort Wayne has maps showing proposed gateways and existing markers and historic structures
  15. Along the Heritage Trail Mark the spot Where history happened by Tom Castaldi published September 2011 in Fort Wayne Monthly mentions a few of the local markers and also in Fort Wayne’s Heritage Trail Anniversary by Tom Castaldi published October 23, 2014 in the History Center Notes & Queries blog.
  16. American Doughboys: frozen in battle March 26, 2013 Hidden Gems A weekly blog about Indiana's cool historic places. One in Fort Wayne's Memorial Park.
  17. Historic Landmarks of Fort Wayne on Preserve Indiana
  18. How to See Fort Wayne on Foot: Walking Tours links to 4 downtown ARCH Heritage Trails, Fort Wayne Food Tours, and more by Katherine D. published July 31, 2017 by Visit Fort Wayne.
  19. How to Use Free Software to Enhance Your History Projects shows how to use technology to create your own custom maps by Harry Tunnell published November 4, 2014 in History Center Notes & Queries blog.
  20. Indiana Historical Bureau and on Facebook
  21. Allen County - Indiana Historical Markers by County - Indiana Historical Bureau 02.1963.1 Camp Allen, 1861-64
    02.1966.1 Site of Hardin's Defeat
    02.1992.1 Home of Philo T. Farnsworth
    02.1992.2 Wabash and Erie Canal Groundbreaking
    02.2000.1 Fort Miamis
    02.2003.1 Gronauer Lock No. 2
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  25. Marker site needs proof of accuracy along Carroll Road where it crosses the Eel River northwest of Fort Wayne, there stood a historical marker, calling attention to something called Hardin’s Defeat. June 11, 2013 by Frank Gray of The Journal Gazette newspaper.
  26. Memory Statue at Memorial Park in Ft. Wayne a Facebook photo 1930 vs 2013
  27. National Parks Service list of National Historic Landmarks in Indiana lists only the Allen County Courthouse July 31, 2003 thanks to INHometownLocator
  28. Packard Area Planning Alliance (PAPA) on Facebook posted several photos of their brand new historical marker Packard Park & The Packard Company installed May 24, 2019 in Packard Park.
  29. Signs of the "history" times at least six kinds of local historic signs and markers from groups like the Indiana Historical Society, local Allen County Fort Wayne Historical Society or the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Parks department, National Register of Historic Places and more April 16, 2013 by Nancy McCammon-Hansen on the History Center Notes & Queries blog.
  30. State Historical Markers in Allen County by Tom Castaldi published Febraury 23, 2016 on History Center Notes & Queries blog.
  31. State Marker Restoration process photos on James Whitcomb Riley Boyhood Home Facebook page.
  32. A statue of John Nuckols, the city’s first black city councilman, in a park that bears his name near the intersection of Jefferson Boulevard, Maumee Avenue and Harmar Street; and the Helen P. Brown Natatorium at South Side High School. From Tracing state’s black history Professor’s mission to research, document Indiana landmarks March 3, 2013 by Rosa Salter Rodriguez of The Journal Gazette newspaper.
  33. Waymarks has over 100 markers within 100 km of Allen County, Indiana
  34. Wikipedia List of National Historic Landmarks in Indiana
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