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Gabet, Sharon

Born Sharon Rose Gabet on January 13, 1952 in Fort Wayne, Indiana is an American actress known for roles on daytime soap operas. See Sharon Gabet on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See her biography on Former ‘Edge Of Night’ Soap Actress Sharon Gabet Unites With Fans On Social Media by Charles W. Kim September 2, 2015. Sharon Rose Gabet on Facebook. Her mother Hilda M. Becker Gabet obituary December 28, 2010 on

Gable, Mary

85 year old lived here about 60 years. Her Pioneer Resident is Dead obituary was published in the June 15, 1913 Fort Wayne News newspaper and posted May 11, 2016 on the original Great Memories and History of Fort Wayne, Indiana page on Facebook. Her ancestors are among the Gables in the Pioneer Certificate Ancestors List microfilm.


Co-founder and current co-CEO of the Project Mercy organization in Fort Wayne, received the national award Mother of Achievement during the American Mothers organization's national convention April 24-26, 2016 in Washington, D.C. Born in Ethiopia, she grew up to become her country's first woman senator. Her family fled the country during the communists' takeover in 1975, and came to Fort Wayne a short time later as refugees. With her husband, Demeke Tekle-Wold, they founded the Fort Wayne-based Project Mercy in 1977, an organization that provides food, community development and other aid to African nations. Copied from Reception honors local Mother of Achievement award winner by Kevin Kilbane published May 4, 2016 in The News-Sentinel newspaper.

Gallagher, Mitch

Grammy Award winner in 1991 claimed music’s biggest award for his daring, experimental style. 2017, Gallagher is Sweetwater’s editorial director. Executive Producer Phil Naish won in 1991, 1992, and 1993 for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album for his production of albums for best-selling artist Stephen Curtis Chapman. From Summit City Grammy winners share victorious tales by Kaitor Kposowa published February 11, 2017 on WANE-TV NewsChannel 15.

Gardner, Francis Wilson “Frank”

Born September 23, 1911 in Billings, Yellowstone County, Montana, he died October 26, 1983 (aged 72) and was buried in Greenlawn Cemetery. Frank was a graduate of South Side High School in June of 1929. Frank married Ilah Wright in Linton, Indiana, on June 24, 1935; they had two children. After Ilah's death in 1971, he married Marjorie Felton January 19, 1972. In the spring of 1935, Frank founded Gardner's Drive-In in Ft. Wayne. It was a small walk-up root beer stand with eleven seats at the corner of Jefferson and Webster. Six months later Frank's parents Willis and Josephine Winstead Gardner joined the business and they built a larger drive-in restaurant at the same location. The hamburgers and frosted malts were legendary! In 1941, Frank opened the Colonial Restaurant at the corner of New Haven Ave. and Beuter Rd. The Colonial was a sit-down restaurant with a casual short order side and a more formal dining room, featuring complete "meat and potatoes" meals. He operated the Colonial until 1946 when he returned to Gardner's. Gardner's was sold in 1955, and Frank began planning Char King Restaurants: one in Waynedale, one on S. Anthony and another on State St. In 1965, he also started the Char-King Farm Fare Cafeteria on California Road across from the Coliseum. The restaurants were sold in 1971. Frank was active as a restaurant consultant until his death in 1983. Copied from his extensive Find A Grave page that includes several restaurant photos.

Gates, Hilliard

Born December 14, 1915 in Muskegon, Michigan, died November 21, 1996 in Fort Wayne. He was a well known sports announcer who launched the first local television station, WKJG Fort Wayne's NBC TV station. Born as Hilliard Gates Gudelsky in Michigan, the sportscaster dropped his last name when he started broadcasting in 1936. Moving here in 1940 to take a job at WOWO, Hilliard switched to WKJG in 1947, later becoming the station’s vice president and general manager. Copied from the Legendary Locals of Fort Wayne, by Randolph L. Harter, Craig S. Leonard discussion August 23, 2015 on You know you've lived in Fort Wayne too long when... closed Facebook group. Janaury 25, 2017 photo and discussion on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Closed group on Facebook. Gates spoke the first words ever broadcast by a Fort Wayne station when he signed WKJG-TV on the air. At 7:45 p.m. on Nov. 21, 1953, he said, Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. You are watching history being made. These are the first words and pictures to emanate from WKJG-TV, Fort Wayne’s first television station. Copied from Hilliard Gates lived a life devoted to sports, his craft and his admirable work ethic by Kerry Hubartt published March 7, 2018 and Legendary Fort Wayne WKJG broadcaster Hilliard Gates to be inducted posthumously into Indiana Journalism Hall of Fame by Reggie Hayes published March 7, 2018 in The News-Sentinel newspaper. See Hilliard Gates on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Gawehn, August

August Gawehn, a tailor, age 37, along with his wife Zilla, 26 yrs, daughter Elizabeth, 10 months old, and son George, 2 yrs, arrived on the Polaria on December 7, 1889 in New York from Lauenburg. After arriving in New York, they made their way to Fort Wayne, Indiana. ... Zilla and August had two children born in Fort Wayne: Luella R Gawehn, born July 26, 1892; and Erich John Gawehn, born March 15, 1897. Modified copy from a Gawehn Search for the Gawehn Family on Sheryl's Family Tree such as Sunday's Obituary - Elizabeth M. 'Betty' Gawehn 1889-1974 posted June 23, 2013, Sunday's Obituary - Erich J. Gawehn posted June 30, 2013, Sunday's Obituary - George Richter Gawehn posted July 7, 2013. and Elizabeth M. Gawehn, 1889-1974 posted July 14, 2013. An image of a print done by son George Gawehn an artist was posted and discussed August 19, 2018 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Closed group on Facebook.

General Electric

Employed over 10,000 people at one time in Fort Wayne. A variety of organizations existed and some are housed and indexed in the General Electric Collection at The Genealogy Center.

George, Eliza

Read about Eliza George, Sion Bass and Henry W. Lawton in the Three of City's Bravest Won't Be Forgotten published April 14, 2011 in The News-Sentinel newspaper.

George, Mrs. Eliza E. Mother - Civil War Nurse

Mother George: Fort Wayne's Angel of Mercy - 1964. "This essay on the career of Mother George, Civil War nurse, was originally published in four installments in Sunday issues of the Fort Wayne The Journal Gazette newspaper on November 24, December 1, 8, and 15.

Fort Wayne Indiana's noted Civil War nurse, died May 9, 1865 of typhoid fever in an army camp in Wilmington, N.C., a month after General Lee's surrender at Appomattox. At 54 years of age, following the death of her son-in-law in the Battle of Shiloh, she applied for duty in the Sanitary Commission, a civilian-run relief and medical organization. George's value as a nurse was quickly realized in the rapidly overflowing hospitals in Memphis, her first duty station. Her tireless work caring for thousands of Union soldiers earned the commendation of beleaguered field doctors and Indiana’s Governor Oliver P. Morton. Copied from May 9, 2018 post by Indiana Historical Bureau on Facebook referencing Memorial Day Spotlight: Eliza “Mother” George by Tom Castaldi, local historian, published May 26, 2016 on the Indiana Historical Society blog. 

  1. Mother George, as she was affectionately denominated by the soldiers who knew her, was definitely but mysteriously connected with Fort Wayne and possibly with the Sion Bass family."
  2. Report of the Adjutant General of the state of Indiana ... by Indiana. Adjutant General's Office, William H. H. Terrell on page 384 states "MONUMENT TO MRS ELIZA E GEORGE A beautiful monument was erected at Fort Wayne in 1866 by the citizens of that city to the memory of Mrs Eliza E George whose patriotic services in behalf of our sick and wounded soldiers will be long and gratefully remembered The Fort Wayne Gazette gives the following description of the monument: "
  3. She has a marker and Find-A-Grave has photos and information.
  4. A historic home sign on Great Memories and History of Fort Wayne. Eliza George, Fort Wayne's Civil War Heroine by Peggy Seigel published May 20, 2010 in History Center Notes & Queries blog, the 19th-century woman became known as Mother George for caring for Union soldiers in hospitals during the Civil War after her son-in-law, Sino Bass, died during the war. She died at her post of typhoid fever, contracted from returning Confederate prisoners in Wilmington, N.C., in 1865.
  5. There is a local plaque honoring her - mentioned in News-Sentinel series April 11, 2011 and remembered in News-Sentinel newspaper article Three of City's Bravest Won't Be Forgotten.
  6. Memorial Day Spotlight: Eliza “Mother” George by Tom Castaldi, local historian, published May 26, 2016 in Indiana History Blog.
  7. See May 9, 2020 post with photo by Indiana Historical Bureau on Facebook.

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Gerberding, Arnold

1900 – 1977, formed a dealer-owned buying cooperative called Hardware Wholesalers, Inc. (HWI), officially changing its name to Do it Best Corp. in 1998. Legendary Locals of Fort Wayne, by Randolph L. Harter, Craig S. Leonard discussion August 2, 2015 on You know you've lived in Fort Wayne too long when... closed Facebook group.

Getz, Bill

“My name is Bill Getz and I’m going to tell you a story about my experiences as a pilot. I was born in Fort Wayne Indiana in 1924. I was raised there but I went to High School at Morgan Park Military Academy in Chicago." from

Gevers, Duane

Was a Marine serving in Vietnam and one of the final 11 soldiers to leave Saigon in April of 1975. In 2014 he was a resident of the Englewood Rehabilitation Center when he went to a showing of Last Days In Vietnam a documentary showing his younger self in news reel footage with Walter Cronkite of CBS News narrating the fall of Saigon. See photos on D. R. Gevers on, quotes on page 6 and page 364 in the Google ebook Goodnight Saigon by Charles Henderson

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories - Fort Wayne Indiana published August 27, 2009 on The Shadow Watchers. Anyone know more about the real Devils Hollow woman? “I’m sorry, lady, but you need a therapist, not a priest.” published May 11, 2009 on On August 26, 1896 Fort Wayne News newspaper wrote about an Anthony Wayne ghost story posted in 12 photos in The Ghost of Wayne photo album on July 26, 2017 on the original Great Memories and History of Fort Wayne, Indiana page on Facebook. 6 ghost folklore stories posted October 3, 2017 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Closed group on Facebook.

Giaquinta, Ben

Passed away July 11, 2010 well known realtor, politican, family patriarch remembered in several The Journal Gazette newspaper articles such as A Gentleman and Public Servant where it mentioned GiaQuinta sometimes used his fists defending his best friend, Rocco Marchegiano, better known as Rocky Marciano, heavyweight champion of the world in 1952, was also Legislator, Veteran and Family Patriarch and legislative Peers call ex-state lawmaker fair, passionate.

Girl Scouts - Brownies

March 1918 was the start of girl scouting in the Bloomingdale neighborhood and March 5th, 1925 the first Brownie Troop was formed in Fort Wayne. The Brownies first met in the Southside Baptist Church according to page 4 of the Silver Anniversary Dinner held in Fort Wayne, February 19, 1951 and posted by Indiana Memory Hosted Digital Collections digitally published from Girls Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana, Fort Wayne, Indiana; Mishawaka - Penn - Harris Public Library, Mishawaka, Indiana.

Giaquinta, Mark

Lawyer, longtime Democratic Party activist, former four-term city councilman served on the city plan commission, public transportation board, St. Joseph Hospital Board, Family and Children’s Services Board and the Indiana Government Efficiency Commission. In 2014, FWCS Board President and one of the two The Journal Gazette Citizens of the Year published December 28, 2014 in The Journal Gazette newspaper. Includes list of recipients back to beginning in 1988.

Glaze, Scott

Scott’s father, Ardelle Glaze, a former research scientist, established the wire drawing company Fort Wayne Metals in 1946. Specializing in making wire for medical applications, Scott became company president in 1985. Copied from Legendary Locals of Fort Wayne, by Randolph L. Harter, Craig S. Leonard discussion August 29, 2015 on You know you've lived in Fort Wayne too long when... closed Facebook group.

Glenn, Arthur

Machinist Mate First Class Arthur Glenn of Fort Wayne joined the US Navy in 1917, enlisted for the duration of World War I, then chose to stay in the Navy, where he served 24 years in both the Atlantic and Asiatic fleets. His life was cut short on the morning of December 7, 1941, when the USS Oklahoma was sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He was 43 at the time and his remains were buried along with other unknowns in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency said DNA submitted by John and James Glenn helped identify Arthur's remains in November of 2017. Arthur Glenn, the 100th USS Oklahoma sailor identified through the government project using DNA testing, is shown in a family photo in the newspaper article Pearl Harbor casualty identified City sailor to be buried with honors by Matthew LeBlanc published August 17, 2018 in The Journal Gazette newspaper. Arthur Glenn was laid to rest with full Military Honors and reinterred with some of his shipmates August 21, 2018 in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. Copied from Fort Wayne victim of Pearl Harbor attack to be reinterred with full military honors by Jacob Burbrink, Social Media and Digital Content Manager posted: August 14, 2018 and Family of recently ID'd Pearl Harbor sailor to attend funeral in Hawaii with video by Corinne Rose, Reporter published August 15, 2018 on WPTA21 ABC TV station and posted on their Facebook page. The Facebook page MM1cArthurGlenn was set up by the family before the ceremony.

Glick, George

Little League administrator retiring after 45 years Glick wants to go while things are going well by Blake Sebring published June 30, 2015 in The News-Sentinel newspaper. Glick celebrates retirement with Sagamore award by Blake Sebring published September 29, 2015 in The News-Sentinel newspaper.


George Goeglein estate photo with information from www.goeglein.composted September 2, 2016 on the original Great Memories and History of Fort Wayne, Indiana page on Facebook. Discussion April 28, 2017 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Closed group on Facebook. See Goeglein's Catering and Homestead Hall 7311 Maysville Road.

Goldner, Karen

From 1986 to 2003, Goldner worked for the city to attract quality jobs, encourage development and build the economy. She then went on to do similar work for local private-sector consulting companies, including FourthWave and Ruffolo Benson. Then Goldner, 49, decided to enter the political arena. In 2007, she defeated the 37-year incumbent Don Schmidt in a heavily Republican City Council district. While serving on the council, she became known for her dedication to constituent services. She also played a crucial role in developing the garbage and recycling contracts that called for a profit-sharing agreement for the city, led to a significant increase in the city’s recycling rate and reduced the city trash fee. But she lost her re-election bid in 2011. Read the rest of the story Where are they now? Success follows former area newsmakers to their new locales Editorial page staff of The Journal Gazette January 6, 2013.

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Goldstein, Leonard

Born in Cleveland, Ohio September 27, 1920, to Rose and Mitchell Goldstein. Leonard met his wife Rikki while both were attending Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. They married and moved to Fort Wayne in 1945, they said during an October 2016 interview The News-Sentinel. They lived in Fort Wayne for 71 years before moving in late 2016 to Carmel to be closer to family. In the mid-1970s, Leonard served one term on the Fort Wayne Community Schools board of school trustees, where he led the effort to push FWCS to desegregate its schools. Leonard also was active in the leadership of the Jewish Federation of Fort Wayne. He also was involved for more than 30 years with the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana (ACLU). He wrote frequent newspaper guest columns and letters to the editor. Rikki helped start what is now the Women’s Bureau in 1976 and worked there for 20 years doing counseling and supervising programs. She also helped found the Fort Wayne Ballet and served on its board of directors. Rikki and Leonard Goldstein each were presented Sagamore of the Wabash awards in 1994. They also were longtime members of the Fortnightly Club in Fort Wayne. Copied from Longtime Fort Wayne business and community leader Leonard Goldstein has died by Kevin Kilbane published April 23, 2018 in The News-Sentinel newspaper and his D.O. McComb and Sons obituary.

Gooden, Tiffany

Gooden wore the #1 jersey as recipient of the 1994 Indiana Miss Basketball award. She led the Indiana All-stars in a pair of games against cross-border rival Kentucky. She scored 31 points as Indiana won the first game in Kentucky, and 24 points in the following victory in Indianapolis. Her two game total of 55 points still stands as the best two-game efforts in the history of the series. Gooden became a law partner in the firm of Hall & Gooden LLP in Fort Wayne, Indiana. See Good Enough No. 41 on TOP 50 Northeast Indiana's Top 50 Athletes of the 20th Century by The News-Sentinel newspaper. See Tiffany Gooden on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Goss, Donald C.

David Turnley Facebook photo
David Turnley Facebook photo

Former Elmhurst H.S. teacher Donald C Goss passed away on March 12, 2019. Don Goss was the first to teach computer art and animation in the state of Indiana. One of his students, Adam Green, has continued working as an animator for Disney in Burbank, California where he has animated segments of six Disney films including Frozen. He was awarded Teacher of the Year in Fort Wayne and was also runner-up for the State level of the award. He was presented with a Life-time Achievement Award from the University of St. Francis. Some of his students like Peter and David Turnley have gone on to be world-renowned photographers with David winning the Pulitzer Prize in Photo Journalism. Another student, Kurt Lawson has worked with Lady Gaga doing the promotion for her black perfume called Fame. Kurt also works as an independent animator doing the Spiderman movie jump from atop a skyscraper and landing on the ground with both feet and his hand on the ground. Goss always told his students to find the best of themselves and improve on that rather than be a clone of Mr. Goss. Copied from A LIFE COMMITTED TO TEACHING by Allen Shaw published  October 23, 2015 in theWaynedale March 12, 2019 David Turnley Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer from Fort Wayne posted Remembering Donald Goss- My Art Teacher and Life Long Dear Friend with the photo linked above on his Facebook page. This post was shared March 12, 2019 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Closed group on Facebook. See his obituary DONALD “DON” C. GOSS, 87 published March 14, 2019 and general search for all the articles mentioning Don Goss on theWaynedale

Gould, Jay

Born February 16, 1901, on a farm in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, was one of five children. He started at WOWO in 1938, and eventually created the "Dinner on the Farm" radio program heard six days a week before the noon hour and initiated the station’s first "Penny Pitch" on WOWO radio 1190 AM. See his biography Jay Gould · 1973 by Richard A. Isenhour on

Gouloff, Stephen and Opal

Son of Nicholas Gouloff, from Macedonia, who opened a restaurant in 1930 then moved as Gouloff's Paramount Grill which served Greek food at 3402 Fairfield in 1946, Opal sold to Casa D'Angelo a local Italian restaurant in 1981. See photo of newspaper article describing the history and sale posted July 13, 2017 on Hofer and Davis, Inc. Land Surveyors on Facebook and photos posted August 9, 2017 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Closed group on Facebook.

Graffe, Henry C.

In the early 19th century clocks were primarily sold by local jewelers. One local jeweler and clock-seller was Henry Graffe, located at the corner of Columbia and Calhoun Streets until his death in January 1896. Clocks could be found all over Allen County, from the county courthouse down to the local rural farmhouses. Local businesses also relied heavily on timepieces; City Light & Power used a large oak-cased clock at its switchboard from 1908 until 1975. In the 20th century, developments in the field of electronics have led to clocks with no clockwork parts at all. Copied from a longer June 10, 2019 post with photos by The History Center

Graham, Billy

Quote in 1944: There were plenty of opportunities to leave for greener pastures. There was a big church [Gospel Temple] in Fort Wayne, Indiana. that wanted me to become their pastor. From January 13, 2013 post and discussion on the original Great Memories and History of Fort Wayne, Indiana page on Facebook. December 6, 2013 Daniel Baker Facebook post. There is a book A Short History of the Fort Wayne Gospel Temple by Forest Weddle, 1972, that might have more information.

Graham, Neal

Born March 13, 1946, in Fort Wayne, Neal graduated from Ball State in Music Ed., going on to teach within several area music programs over the years, including North Side, Northrop and Snider High Schools. He died December 23, 2012, owner of the Percussion Center. Sold equipment to major rock bands like Rush recalled in Rock n’ roll stories from Fort Wayne’s past Big names. Big events. Brushes with fame…by Michael Summers published February 6, 2011 on Fort Wayne Reader and Neal Graham RIP on DrumEatDrum May 2, 2013. See his December 30, 2012 obituary on

Graham, Rev. Vernon

Died January 20, 2017. See Impact of late Associated Churches leader the Rev. Vernon Graham still being felt in Fort Wayne by Kevin Kilbane published January 25, 2017 in The News-Sentinel newspaper. See January 2017 D.O. McComb and Sons obituary.

Gramling, Chad

Baseball in Fort Wayne - book by Chad Gramling, an officer in NEIBA - Northeast Indiana Baseball Association

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Gregory, Art

Gregory Like lots of dads from a generation or two back, Art Gregory always considered himself a coach of young men. ... he became a "girls" coach and started the Lady Legit AAU basketball team in 1992 as a way to give some girls more chances to play. Though Gregory had coached some YMCA basketball, it was mostly to keep the boys on his PAL football team around and active during the offseason. In one of Lady Legit's first games, the team played the defending state champions and future Purdue star Katie Douglas and lost something like 79-19. Read the rest of his story Veteran AAU girls coach still reaping rewards will retire at the end of the season by Blake Sebring of The News-Sentinel newspaper December 26, 2012

Gresham, Bill

Died July 17, 2011, he hand crafted the largest miniature circus in Indiana. Some of his wagons appeared in the Three Rivers Festival. See photos and discussion April 5, 2017 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Closed group on Facebook.

Griggs, Bill

Was president of the local chapter of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR). He pinpointed Camp Allen Park as the spot of the May 4, 1871 baseball game when the Kekiongas of Fort Wayne took on the Forest Citys of Cleveland in the first ever professional league baseball game. See 20 Questions With Bill Griggs by Jeff Wiehe published May 9, 2017 in Fort Wayne Magazine. A monument was erected in 2017. Monument to mark site of 1871 pro baseball game Ceremony will be held Thursday evening at Camp Allen Park published May 2, 2017 and Baseball monument dedication honors friend's last goal Camp Allen Park spot marks first professional league game published May 20, 2017 both by Blake Sebring in The News-Sentinel newspaper.

Griswold, Bert

Best known as the author of early 1900s history books about Fort Wayne and its citizens. Bert Grisworld was born Oct. 13, 1873, in Osage, Iowa, Griswold grew up to become a skilled artist and illustrator. He came to Fort Wayne in 1902 to work as a cartoonist for the Fort Wayne Daily News, and stayed there nine years, then held the same job for about three years at the Fort Wayne Sentinel. The two papers later merged to form today's The News-Sentinel. In 1914, Griswold left the Sentinel and started his own Progressive Advertising agency. He died in 1927 of double pneumonia at age 53. His wife, Louise Norton Griswold, whom he had married in 1901 in Iowa, died about two years later on Feb. 8, 1929. Both are buried in Lindenwood Cemetery in Fort Wayne. Copied from Bert Griswold described as a talented man with a warm heart by Kevin Kilbane published February 9, 2017 and also see Griswold book marks 100 years of sharing Fort Wayne's history by Kevin Kilbane published February 10, 2017 in in The News-Sentinel newspaper

  1. Bert J. Griswold Collection of Fort Wayne History contains digitized copies of his drawings from his books which were often copied from photographs and portraits at the Allen County Community Album at the Allen County Public Library.
  2. The pictorial history of Fort Wayne, Indiana : a review of two centuries of occupation of the region about the head of the Maumee River Volume 1 764 pages, copy with index 760 pages
  3. The Pictorial History of Fort Wayne, Indiana: A Review of Two Centuries of Occupation of the Region About the Head of the Maumee River Volume 2 792 pages published in 1917.
  4. Some Fort Wayne Phizes published 1904
  5. Griswold's birdseye view of the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana indexed for ready reference published in 1907
  6. The Griswold-Phelps Handbook and Guide to Fort Wayne, Indiana, for 1913-1914 published 1913
  7. Crayon and character : truth made clear through eye and ear or ten-minute talks with colored chalks published in 1913
  8. Cover of the Builders of Greater Fort Wayne book
  9. Builders of Greater Fort Wayne, A Collection of Portraits of the Men of Today Who Are Carrying on the Work of the Fathers in the Making of "The Wonder City of Midwestern America" published in 1926 by Bert J Griswold. The book has been indexed, photocopied and posted on the The Genealogy Center web site.
  10. ebooks on Internet Archive

Gross, Owen

86, father of six children, year old hog farmer, 50 year 4-H volunteer, 25 years on the Allen County Fair board remembered in Volunteering his time Churubusco farmer dedicates decades to 4-H, county fair by Kimberly Dupps Truesdell published May 25, 2017 in The Journal Gazette newspaper and shared May 25, 2017 by Allen County Fairgrounds / Allen County Fair on Facebook.

Guldlin, Addie Bleekman

(1863-1935), foresighted suffragist and reformer was also a champion for inner-city children and instrumental in creating the city's first playground as a safe place for kids to play. Guldlin Park named in her honor, celebrated its centennial the spring of 2011. November 1, 2011 Guldlin was recognized with the first-ever Extra Mile Award presented by HearCare Audiology of Fort Wayne from New program to honor people who go the extra mile for others or the community October 21, 2011 by Barb Sieminski of The News-Sentinel. Long-forgotten Fort Wayne park has a rich history and, just maybe, a bright future Tiny Guldlin Park boasted the city's first playground, and it's been downhill ever since by Kevin Leininger of The News-Sentinel newspaper April 6, 2013.

Gubitz, Jeffrey

Both Fort Wayne’s faith and education communities benefited from contributions Gubitz, 61, made to the city in his 22 years here, including his work as executive director of the Fort Wayne Jewish Federation. Longtime residents might remember him from his first job here – as an employee of the former Dickers Plumbing and Hardware Store on Clinton Street or through the family’s volunteer work through the boosters program at Weisser Park Elementary School, the fine and performing arts magnet school his three children attended. From Where are they now? Success follows former area newsmakers to their new locales by the Editorial page staff of The Journal Gazette newspaper published January 6, 2013.

Gutwein, Gwen

Local artist painted 2 barns from each of Indiana's 92 counties. Featured 12 barns in her 2010 'Barns of Indiana' calendar and Gwen Gutwein: Barns of Indiana at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. See Gwen Gutwein on

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