People of Allen County, Indiana

H Surnames

Hagan, Molly

Born August 3, 1961, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the daughter of Mary Elizabeth (née Henslee) and John Robert Hagan. She moved to Fort Wayne when she was 4 after her father, a commercial illustrator, accepted a job as art director for Eckrich. She attended Wayne then South Side High Schools, and attended Northwestern University. Was on television shows like “Murder, She Wrote,” “The Golden Girls,” “Diagnosis Murder,” “Columbo” and “Grey’s Anatomy” working with stars like Angela Lansbury, Dick Van Dyke, Peter Falk, William Shatner and Betty White. Read more  In good company ‘Sully’ actress honed her talent here by Michele DeVinney published November 25th, 2016 in Fort Wayne Magazine. She co-starred in films Code of Silence (1985), Some Kind of Wonderful (1987), The Dentist (1996) and Election (1999), and also known for her roles in television on Herman's Head (1991–1994) and Unfabulous (2004–2007). From Molly Hagan on Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. The article Catching Up with Trek's First Vorta, Molly Hagan published April 7, 2017 on was discussed with several people who went to school with her April 8, 2017 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Archived group on Facebook.

Haley, Bill

Bill Haley on Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, and His Comets, was an American rock and roll band that was founded in 1952 and continued until Haley's death in 1981. Many sources claim Haley played in 1946 with the Down Homers a country western band based in Fort Wayne. This is disputed on The Bill Haley Vogue Myth that claims Kenny Roberst the lead singer surprised everyone in 1999 when he stated Bill Haley was Not on the Vogue session according to The Association of Vogue Picture Record Collectors. This was mentioned in the PBS WFWA program "Buck Lake Ranch: Nashville of the North" opened in 1947.

Hall, Dede

Passed away on June 25, 2012, her June 28, 2012 obituary at Hall was married to Sam Hall, son of Don Hall, who founded the chain of local restaurants bearing his own name. They include Don Hall's Gas House Restaurant and Don Hall's drive-in restaurant. Former Fort Wayne councilwoman Dede Hall dies at 62 by Christian Scheckler published June 26, 2012 and slightly different version published June 27, 2012 on The News-Sentinel newspaper.

Hall, Donald

1915-1972, successful family meat market on South Calhoun Street led to 1946 restaurant in Quimby Village, added drive-in with carhops, then expanded into a dozen restaurants during the 1960s-70s. Discussed July 29, 2015 on You know you've lived in Fort Wayne too long when... Private Facebook group. 1946 Don Hall’s Drive-In opened at 1502 Bluffton Road, the downtown Gas House Restaurant opened in 1955, now 11 Fort Wayne-area restaurants and one in Indianapolis from Hall's legacy endures Family, restaurants have prospered for 70 years by Steve Warden published June 12, 2016 in The Journal Gazette newspaper. Don Hall is Fort Wayne’s Biggest Name in Dining posted on January 24, 2012 by Amy L. on Visit Fort Wayne blog.

Hall, Sam

Son of Don Hall, died April 8, 2017, co-owned the Hall's restaurant chain with his brothers Don "Bud" Hall II and Jeff Hall. Sam Hall of Hall's Restaurants remembered for humbleness, listening skills published April 9, 2017 in The News-Sentinel newspaperand discussed April 9, 2017 on Facebook. Photo of Halls brothers posted April 11, 2017 by The Wood Shack Architectural Antiques on Facebook. Bidding farewell to a member of 'old Fort Wayne' published April 15, 2017 on The Journal Gazette newspaper.

Hall, Thomas

A farmer was murdered in his Huntertown home by an intruder published in August 3, 1896 Fort Wayne News newspaper posted August 2, 2017 onthe original Great Memories and History of Fort Wayne, Indiana page on Facebook.

Hamilton Family

Print Room Talks: The Hamilton Family by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art Premiered Nov 17, 2021 on YouTube
Almost two thirds of the FWMoA permanent collection are prints and other works on paper. The processes and techniques of printmaking are vast and can be highly technical, making this medium both fascinating and mystifying for many. During Print Room talks we will examine examples of printmaking techniques up-close and learn about artists from the permanent collection, who chose to work with these different printmaking processes.
Print Room Talks are led by Curator of Prints and Drawings Sachi Yanari-Rizzo.
The processes and techniques of printmaking are vast and can be highly technical, making this medium both fascinating and mystifying for many. During Print Room Talks, we examine examples of printmaking techniques up-close and learn about artists from the permanent collection and their processes.
We explore the artistic side of Fort Wayne’s illustrious Hamilton family, including the prints and drawings by Norah (sister to Alice and Edith Hamilton), cousins Jessie and Agnes, and the museum’s great benefactor, James Hamilton.

Hamilton, Alice

Exploring The Dangerous Trades The Autobiography by Alice Hamilton Publication date 1943 on

One of the Hamilton Sisters. Alice Hamilton - February 27, 1869 – September 22, 1970, second child of Montgomery Hamilton (1843–1909) and Gertrude (née Pond) Hamilton (1840–1917), was born on February 27, 1869, in Manhattan, New York City, New York. She spent a sheltered childhood among an extended family in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where her grandfather, Allen Hamilton, an Irish immigrant, had settled in 1823. He married Emerine Holman, the daughter of Indiana Supreme Court Justice Jesse Lynch Holman, in 1828 and became a successful Fort Wayne businessman and a land speculator. Much of the city of Fort Wayne was built on land that he once owned. Alice grew up on the Hamilton family's large estate that encompassed a three-block area of downtown Fort Wayne. The Hamilton family also spent many summers at Mackinac Island, Michigan. For the most part, the second and third generations of the extended Hamilton family, which included Alice's family, as well as her uncles, aunts, and cousins, lived on inherited wealth. Copied from Alice Hamilton on Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

  1. She spent a privileged childhood in Fort Wayne in the 1870's and eventually enrolled at the University of Michigan in 1892 after studying anatomy at Fort Wayne College of Medicine the prior year. Hamilton went on to become a leader in the fields on industrial toxicology and occupational health. An activist for women's rights and peace, Hamilton became an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School in 1919 and later served as president of the National Consumers League from 1944-1949. She died in 1970 at the age of 101. Copied from FORT WAYNE FIVE: Important medical figures published with photo April 9, 2018 in The News-Sentinel newspaper.
  2. Alice Hamilton, M.D, Crusader Against Death on the Job by Catherine E. Forrest Weber includes photos on pages 28-39 of Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History, Fall 1995, Volume 7, Number 4 by the Indiana Historical Society. Alice Hamilton appears in 6 results at Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History by the Indiana Historical Society.
  3. Alice Hamilton has 16 items at
  4. Alice Hamilton: a long, productive life remembered in an American Chemical Society National Historic Chemical Landmarks.
  5. Dr. Alice Hamilton: Harvard’s First Woman Professor published March 24, 2014 by JD Thomas on Accessible Archives blog.
  6. Alice Hamilton Activist, Chemist, Activist, Doctor, Scientist, Educator, Scientist (1869–1970) on
  7. Celebrating the life of Alice Hamilton, founding mother of occupational medicine by Dr. Howard Markel on, Edith

Hamilton, Edith

One of the Hamilton Sisters. Edith Hamilton was born August 12, 1867, Dresden, Saxony [now in Germany]—died May 31, 1963, Washington, D.C., U.S. The eldest child of American parents Gertrude Pond (1840–1917) and Montgomery Hamilton (1843–1909). Shortly after her birth, the Hamilton family returned to the United States and made their home in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where Edith's grandfather, Allen Hamilton, had settled in the early 1820s. Edith spent her youth among her extended family in Fort Wayne.

Edith's grandfather, Allen Hamilton, was an Irish immigrant who came to Indiana in 1823 by way of Canada and settled in Fort Wayne. In 1828 he married Emerine Holman, the daughter of Indiana Supreme Court Justice Jesse Lynch Holman. Allen Hamilton became a successful Fort Wayne businessman and a land speculator. Much of the city of Fort Wayne was built on land he once owned. The Hamilton family's large estate on a three-block area of downtown Fort Wayne included three homes. The family also built a home at Mackinac Island, Michigan, where they spent many of their summers. For the most part, the second and third generations of the extended Hamilton family, which included Edith's family, as well as her uncles, aunts, and cousins, lived on inherited wealth. Copied from Childhood and eduction at Edith Hamilton on Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

  1. A Citizen of Athens Fort Wayne's Edith Hamilton by Catherine E. Forrest Weber with photos on pages 38-47 of Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History, Winter 2002, Volume 14, Number 1 by the Indiana Historical Society. Edith appears in 5 searches of Traces.
  2. She earned fame as "the greatest woman Classicist" with her books, including "The Greek Way," which Robert Kennedy turned to for comfort after the death of his brother John Kennedy. "I came to the Greeks early," Hamilton told an interviewer when she was 91, "and I found answers in them. Greece's great men let all their acts turn on the immortality of the soul. We don't really act as if we believed in the soul's immortality and that's why we are where we are today." Copied from an August 12, 2022 Happy Birthday Tweet by Ray Boomhower on Twitter and August 12, 2022 post on his Facebook page.
  3. Edith Hamilton: A Mythical Hoosier by the Staff of the Indiana Magazine of History posted May 7, 2012 at indiana
  4. Edith Hamilton has 41 items at
  5. Edith Hamilton biography at
  6. Edith Hamilton books listed at

Hamilton, Garry A.

Photo Garry Hamilton
FWPD photo

The first black chief in the Fort Wayne Police Department’s 152-year history. See Chief works to build trust in city's police Says Ferguson changed perceptions by Jeff Wiehe published January 3, 2016 in The Journal Gazette newspaper. Photo was posted February 27, 2019 by the Fort Wayne Police Departmenton Facebook with this statement: We finish our salute to black officers during Black History Month with Chief Garry Hamilton. He was the first black officer to be promoted to the rank of Chief of Police.Chief Hamilton began his career with the Fort Wayne Police Department when he was commissioned on August 26, 1994. During his career he served as a patrolman and a detective. He spent most of his time as a detective in the cold case unit. He was promoted to Sergeant in March 2006 and served in the Internal Affairs Division until his promotion to Captain. As Captain he served in the Southeast Division and as liaison to the Allen County Prosecutor's Office. He was promoted to Deputy Chief in December 2010. As Deputy Chief he served in both the Northeast and Southeast Divisions. He was promoted to Chief in January 2014 and served as Chief until 2016. During his tenure as Chief he rejuvenated the Community Relations Division to promote transparency with the community and reach out to all citizens of Fort Wayne. He stepped down as Chief in August 2016 and was re-appointed to Deputy Chief of the Northeast Division/Community Relations Division. As of March 2017 Deputy Chief Hamilton has served in the Investigative Division but still remains active in community affairs. June 3, 2019, Deputy Chief Garry Hamilton retired from the Fort Wayne Police Department after having served over 24 years in various capacities that included the Chief of Police. Posted June 4, 2019 and photos of his retirement party were posted June 6, 2019 by the Fort Wayne Police Department on Facebook.

Hamilton Sisters

In 2000 the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana, erected statues of two Hamilton sisters, Edith and Alice, along with their cousin, Agnes, in the city's Headwaters Park. Hamilton Sisters memorial in Headwaters Park at Edith (seated), scholar of Greek and Roman mythology, wrote the classic text, The Greek Way. Alice, Edith's sister (standing) is Dr. Alice Hamilton who made history by being the first woman on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, influential industrial physician, advanced the reform of unsafe working conditions in our nation's factories. Agnes (with young child), their cousin, accomplished painter and child advocate, worked in settlement houses and founded Fort Wayne's YWCA. The Hamilton women have made lasting contributions to the well being of citizens on both local and national levels. Fort Wayne is proud of them.

  1. Agnes Hamilton of Fort Wayne: The Education of a Christian Settlement Worker by Mina J. Carson in 1984 Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 80, Issue 1, pp 1-34.
  2. Hamilton Society of Sisters October 19, 2007 News-Sentinel article Hamilton sisters immortalized in bronze and society of young women.
  3. The Extraordinary Hamilton Family by Tom Castaldi published May 16, 2013 on the History Center Notes & Queries blog.
  4. Megan's Mystery Monday - Jessie Hamilton Print by Emily Royer published September 28, 2015 on History Center Notes & Queries blog.
  5. 1883 photo of The Three A's Agnes Hamilton, Allen Williams and Alice Hamilton posted March 1, 2017 onthe original Great Memories and History of Fort Wayne, Indiana page on Facebook.
  6. One of three small photographs at the History Center Digital Collection on the mDON mastodon Digital Object Networkwas shown in Historical Highlight: Mrs. Hamilton's Carriage House by Suzanne Slick published July 25, 2018 in Articulate by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.
  7. The other Hamilton sister Three authors mine local sources to detail Alice's contributions to public health the new book The Education of Alice Hamilton: From Fort Wayne to Harvard reviewed by Jo Young Switzer retired president of Manchester University published January 5, 2020 in The Journal Gazette newspaper.
  8. Sculptures tell more of Hamilton ladies' story by Martha Barnhart published January 15, 2020 in The Journal Gazette newspaper

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Hanna, Samuel

Born in Kentucky in 1797, he grew up around Dayton, Ohio and came to Fort Wayne in 1819. On June 13, 1866, Hanna’s funeral was held in Fort Wayne in the Hanna Homestead. The funeral was one of the largest ever seen in the region and was estimated by the Fort Wayne Daily Gazette to be attended by 4,000 people. Following the funeral, 1,200 people proceeded from the home to the family burial plot at Lindenwood Cemetery. The report in the newspaper the following day ended with these words: “May his memory ever be cherished fresh and fragrant, as the leaves of June, beneath which we lay him down to rest.” Copied from a June 13, 2022 post with photos by The History Center   on Facebook. Samuel Hanna was one of the first associate judges, the other associate judge was Benjamin Cushman. They were both elected and served at the same time. Hanna served only briefly, from 1824 to 1827, while Cushman served from 1824 to 1833. Neither was a lawyer. Copied from History is in session Courthouse,occupants getbook treatment published May 12, 2019 in The Journal Gazette newspaper. He brought the Wabash and Erie Canal, railroads and more to Fort Wayne. Residence of Judge Samuel Hanna Lewis Street 1876 published in Illustrated historical atlas of the State of Indiana on Dave Rumsey Map Collection. Read his story Samuel Hanna: The Founder of Fort Wayne posted July 25, 2013 by Tom Castaldi on History Center Notes & Queries blog. The Life and Character of Hon. Samuel Hannaby G. W. Wood published January 1, 1869, 51 pages, Google ebook.

Hanna Homestead
Allen County Public Library Digital Collections photo

Photos of Hanna Homestead now Hanna Homestead Park located at the intersection of Gay Street and Lewis Street were posted August 9, 2017 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Archived group on Facebookand The Hanna homestead by Kevin Leininger published September 19, 1982 in Cityscapes archives of The News-Sentinel newspaper. website states it is located at the intersection of Gay Street and Lewis Street. In 1962 the old Hanna Homestead house was torn down. The home, on what was originally a 10-acre tract, was built in 1839 by Samuel Hanna. Before the Homestead was torn down it was used as the home for crippled children. Efforts were unsuccessful to preserve the home as a historic landmark. The property was donated to the Fort Wayne Community Schools by Eliza Hanna Hayden, in memory of her father, Samuel Hanna. The Fort Wayne Community Schools gave Hanna Homestead to the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department by Quit Claim deed on January 10, 1966. The property was then developed into a park. See article about the Hanna Family portrait Off the Cuff: Fort Wayne's Past in a Portrait by K Thompson published August 13, 2018 on Articulate From the Fort Wayne Museum of Art blog. The life and character of Hon. Samuel Hanna Google 51 page ebook. HANNA FAMILY COLLECTION, CA. 1880-1920S, Collection # P 0789 BV 5461-5462 at the Indiana Historical Society. This January 2, 2016 History Center: 200@200 video by The History Center shows a portable tablet owned by Samuel Hanna.

Hansen, James

Auburn University, is fielding interview requests from around the world, following last weekend’s death of an American hero. As author of the only authorized biography of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, Hansen has been asked to share anecdotes with audiences in Australia, China, Chile and Turkey. The Fort Wayne native also was interviewed Tuesday evening at his sister’s local home by a crew from the Discovery Channel, which is putting together an hourlong special on Armstrong that could air as early as tonight. From Historian, city native earned Armstrong’s trust to pen bio August 30, 2012 Sherry Slater | The Journal Gazette. See James Hansen page on Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Movie based on the book Ryan Gosling to Portray Neil Armstrong in Universal Biopic 'First Man' by Robert Z. Pearlman published December 30, 2016 on Simon & Schuster page.

Happy the Hobo

Happy's Place - local television clown on channel 55 WFFT had 4 different "hobos" - Happy the Hobo on Facebook. Former channel 55 WFFT television show, from 1981 to 1997 was a live program, so no recordings of Happy's Place were saved by WFFT, however there are some episodes on You Tube. See Mike Fry.

Happiest People

photo Look magazine cover Fort Wayne America's Happiest Town in 1949
News-Sentinel file photo
Look magazine declared Fort Wayne
"America's Happiest Town" in 1949

Fort Wayne has been labeled the Happiest People several times over the years. In 1910, a short book with lots of photos Fort Wayne with might and main : Indiana's busiest, happiest city (1910) compiled and published by Ralph E. Avery now on Griswold-Phelps labeled Fort Wayne Indiana's Happiest City in their 1914 Handbook and Guide to Fort Wayne. And August 30, 1949 Look magazine called Fort Wayne America's Happiest Town.

Hardin, Colonel John

Site of Hardin's Defeat
Site of Hardin's Defeat photo

A colonel with the Kentucky militia Marker gone, bridge going up at site of battle Militia colonel’s dubious role in local history has been forgotten by Kevin Leininger published August 17, 2013 in The News-Sentinel newspaper. The marker used to say: Colonel John Hardin, of the Kentucky Militia, with 180 men and Captain John Armstrong, U.S. Army, with 30 men, were routed here on October 19, 1790, by Indians under Miami Chief Little Turtle during General Harmar's Campaign. Also known as the Battle of Eel River. American Survivors that retreated back to General Harmar's camp would have found him at an Indian village called Chillicothe. This location would have been south of the Catholic Cemetery on Lake Avenue on both sides of the Maumee River west of Coliseum Blvd., possibly where the retention ponds are now located. Copied from an October 18, 2022 post by The Bones of Kekionga post on Facebook which includes a map of the current Lakeside Neighborhood. The Site of Hardin's Defeat Reviewed in 2010. Location: This marker was damaged and removed. It will not be replaced due to text inaccuracies by the Indiana Historical Bureauon Erected by Indiana Sesquicentennial Commission, 1966 . Site of Hardin’s Defeat marker on THE HISTORICAL MARKER DATABASE See General Harmar and The Battle of Kekionga.

Hardy, James W. III

Gravestone James Hardy

December 24, 1985- June 7, 2017, 31-years old. Two sport athlete at Elmhurst High School and Indiana University. Indiana Mr. Basketball runnerup. Three season NFL football player with the Buffalo Bills. Body found June 7, 2017 in the Maumee River. Remember the good – James Hardy leaves lasting impact Former Elmhurst, IU standout more than just an athlete by Pete DiPrimio published June 8, 2017 in The News-Sentinel newspaper. ‘Sports Illustrated’ article examines life and death of James Hardy posted November 14, 2018 on Fort Wayne's NBC Focused on the Fort originally WKJG. How Did We Let James Hardy Slip Through the Cracks? When the holder of every Indiana receiving record—the 41st pick in the 2008 NFL draft—turned up dead in a Fort Wayne river, friends and family faced some tough questions. By Brian Burnsed published November 14, 2018 on James Hardy (American football) Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. James Hardy, III on Find A Grave

Hardy, Vicki

Photo for Cooking Magic bags in April 1972 Woman's Day magazine photo and discussion posted April 24, 2017 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Archived group on Facebook. James Hardy’s last words to mom: ‘If I don’t go, I’m going to die tonight’ by Angelica Robinson published June 12, 2017 on CBS WANE-TV NewsChannel 15. Hardy's family, friends give last goodbyes Life, 'beautiful smile' celebrated at services by Austin Candor published June 18, 2017 in The Journal Gazette newspaper. Hardy's death a suicide, coroner rules published July 19, 2017 in The Journal Gazette newspaper.

Hargan, Steve Lowell

Born September 8, 1942 in Fort Wayne, son of Lowell and Florence Hargan, excelled in basketball and football at South Side High School, professional baseball player signed with Cleveland Indiana in 1961. See Wikipedia. Discussed May 21, 2017 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Archived group on Facebook.

Hargrave, Eugene Franklin Bubbles

Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia shows Eugene Franklin "Bubbles" Hargrave (July 15, 1892 – February 23, 1969) was an American catcher in Major League Baseball who played for the Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, and New York Yankees. He won the National League batting title in 1926 while playing for Cincinnati. Bubbles' younger brother, Pinky Hargrave, was also a major league catcher.

Harmar, General Josiah

Page 98 of The pictorial history of Fort Wayne, Indiana : a review of two centuries of occupation of the region about the head of the Maumee River by Griswold, B. J. (Bert Joseph), 1873-1927Taylor, Samuel R., Mrs Publication date 1917 on

  1. 1916 Fort Wayne Sentinel image
    clipping image
      See Harmar's Defeat section. 
  2. 1916, April 25 - Monuments in Memory of Heroes of Former Years- Belated Honor to Johnny Appleseed - Monument to His Memory to Be Unveiled in Swinney Park, May 5. To Erect Monument at Harmar's Ford - Homer Gordon Davissson is Given Commission by the D.A.R.'s. Clipped from The Fort Wayne Sentinel25 Apr 1916, Tuesday, page 1. Clipped by StanFollisFW on 19 Feb 2022.
  3. Remembered with Harmar Street in the East Central neighborhood after his Harmar's Defeat. NEED TO TRANSCRIBE THE NEWSPAPER ARTICLE.
  4. Discussed in Learn About the Dead Guys Our Streets Are Named After, Part 1: Harmar Street by Jennifer Balliet Milholland on History Center Notes & Queries blog.
  5. General Josiah Harmar's Campaign Reconsidered: How the Americans Lost the Battle of Kekionga by Michael S. Warner, Indiana Magazine of History, Vol. 83, No. 1 (March 1987), pp. 43-64 (22 pages), Published By: Indiana University Press at
  6. General Josiah Harmar's Campaign Reconsidered: How the Americans Lost the Battle of Kekionga, Published: Mar 1, 1987, in Volume 83, Issue 1, March 1987 , by Michael S. Warner at Indiana Magazine of History journal in the archives at Indiana University Scholarworks.
  7. Little Turtle's famed battle humbled U.S. forces by Michael Hawfield in Cityscapes from the archives of The News-Sentinel newspaper.
  8. See Harmar Campaign and Josiah Harmar on Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.
  9. Famous pioneer Daniel Boone's younger brother Edward Boone had a son Joseph Boone. Joseph Boone marched into battle October 22, 1790 at the Maumee Indian Village, present day Fort Wayne. He was shot and left for dead. Read his story at Harmar's Defeat in Saving Private Boone Joseph Boone at "Harmar's Defeat" by Jeffery L. Johnsonon on the Wayback Machine.
  10. Josiah Harmar papers (1681-1937) Collection processed and finding aid created by Shannon Wait, April 2011 Manuscripts Division, William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan.

General Harmar's campaign by Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen County, 1954, on

Harmeyer, Ron

68, of Leo, Indiana. passed away on Friday, Sept. 28, 2012. Born September 18, 1944 in Fort Wayne, Indiana he was the son of the late Harvey and Bernice Rodermund Harmeyer. December 21, 1968 in Mansfield, Ohio he was married to the former Kathleen M. Ball. He was Chief Photographer at WANE TV in Fort Wayne where he worked for 48 years. Surviving are his wife, Kathy Harmeyer of Leo; two children, Joel Matthew (Andrea) Harmeyer of Fort Wayne; and Jenna (Adam) Shepard of Kansas City, Mo. Remembering Ron Harmeyer by Mark Mellinger published October 1, 2012 CBS WANE-TV NewsChannel 15 blog. See his September 30, 2012 obituary at See his Memorial at Find A Grave.

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Harrison, William Henry

William Henry Harrison, protector of Fort Wayne by Potterf, Rex M. on

On May 13, 1800, President John Adams appointed William Henry Harrison as governor of the Indiana Territory, which at that time included parts or wholes of the future states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota. Harrison served in this role for twelve years, during which he sought local recommendations for appointees, encouraged the development of representative government in the new territory, and sought to extinguish American Indian claims and remove them from the territory. Harrison, a Virginia-born patrician, tried unsuccessfully to introduce slavery into the territory, despite the Northwest Ordinance’s prohibition against it. In 1811, he led a military force against Tenkswatawa near Prophet’s Town. Tactically, the battle is often viewed as a draw, but the outcome had significant geopolitical ramifications which affected the strength of the pan-Indian alliance, influenced the forthcoming War of 1812, and many years later led to Harrison’s ascension to the presidency with the memorable campaign slogan, Tippecanoe and Tyler Too. Copied from the May 13, 2018 post by Indiana Historical Bureau on Facebook.

"Hero of Tippecanoe" : or, The story of the life of William Henry Harrison by Giffing, James P, Publication date 1840, on

  1. He was elected President of the United States in 1840. During the campaign, James P. Giffing published Hero of Tippecanoe; or the Story Life of William Henry Harrison the Archive.orgfrom the Lincoln Collection.
  3. He died April 4, 1841 after serving only 31 days, historically claimed due to pneumonia. Funeral service was held April 7, 1841 in the East Room of the White House. He was the first Congressional delegate from the U.S. Northwest Territory, governor of the Indiana Territory, and a decorated brigadier general in the War of 1812.
  4. Science Rewrites the Death of America’s Shortest-Serving President William Henry Harrison may have died of typhoid fever by Colin Schultz published April 1, 2014
  5. What Really Killed William Henry Harrison? by Jane McHugh and Philip A. MacKowiak published March 31, 2014 in The New York Times. Was one of only five Presidents to have a beard, and all were Republicans. Indiana claims two Hoosier presidents – William Henry Harrison and his grandson, Benjamin Harrison.
  6. Indiana and the White House by William Kelly published by the White House Historical Association.
  7. William Henry Harrison biography at posted April 4, 2018 on Indiana Historical Bureau on Facebook.

President Benjamin Harrison and our country's flag on page 76 of Pamphlets Volume 8 by the Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen County, Publication date 1954, on

Harter, Randolph L.

Collector of local vintage postcards and history reference materials for over 35 years. In 2013, Randy Harter, Fort Wayne historian and authorwrote Postcard History Series: Fort Wayne which includes over 225 postcard images and their accompanying history discussed in this article Postcard History Series: Fort Wayne by Amber published November 8, 2013 on Fort Wayne Insider official blog of Visit Fort Wayne. Since 2016 he wrote 55 articles for Fort Wayne Readerbefore it ceased publishing the end of 2018 according to his December 26, 2018 post on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Archived group on Facebook. He coauthored a book Fort Wayne Through Time released in the fall of 2018 by Randolph L. Harter and Daniel A. Baker published by Arcadia Publishing available at Visit Fort Wayne. It is discussed in Then and now, side by side Pair goes to great heights for updates of historic photos with photos by Rod King published January 6, 2019 in The Journal Gazette newspaper, Then and now, side by side by Rod King for The Journal Gazette published January 7, 2019 on, and Fort Wayne companies call historic buildings home by Dan Vance published January 16, 2019 on He also has a newspaper clippings collection on

Hartman, Ruth "Rocky" Kramer

An original member of the Fort Wayne Daisy baseball tean in All-American Girls Professional Baseball League in the 1940s and a champion sheep breeder, died November 9, 2015 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She was 89. She was a member of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y. Local story Former Fort Wayne Daisy dies at 89 by Associated Press published November 11, 2015 in The Journal Gazette newspaper. Longer story with photo Remembering Ruth Hartman: 'In a League of Her Own' publshed November 11, 2015 and updated story Ruth Hartman dies after weekend accident publshed November 12, 2015 both by Dan Kelly in the Reading Eagle newspaper

Hatch, Austin

Born October 18, 1994, survived two plane crashes, son of the late Dr. Stephen killed June 24, 2011 in Charlevoix, Michigan just two weeks after Austin, a 6-6 wing man at Fort Wayne (Ind.) Canterbury High School, had verbally committed to play basketball at Michigan, and late Julie (Siwik) Hatch who with children Lindsay Katherine and Ian Michael were killed in a 2003 plane crash. Austin Hatch keeps faith after plane crashes by David Leon Moore published November 21, 2013 in USA Today Sports. Austin Hatch Michigan Basketball page. Two-time plane crash survivor Austin Hatch scores first point for Michigan by Justin L. Abrotsky published December 23, 2014 on USA Today. See Austin Hatch surrounded by support Michigan basketball recruit who survived two fatal plane crashes makes progress by Elizabeth Merrill published October 10, 2011 on, Stephen James and Kimberly Dawn Hatch obituary Kimberly Dawn Hatch, January 23, 1967 - June 24, 2011, D.O. McComb and Sons obituary. See ESPN video SC Featured - Miraculous: The Austin Hatch Story published February 7, 2015. Hatch, Austin - in June 2011, just 10 days after verbally committing to play for the Michigan Wolverines basketball team, his father and stepmother were killed in a crash in Charlevoix, Michigan, that left him in a coma for roughly eight weeks with a traumatic brain injury. A former Canterbury High School basketball player, he survived two plane crashes. He moved from Fort Wayne to Los Angeles, California to live with an uncle and be near his grandparents. His mother, Julie, and siblings, Lindsay and Ian, were killed in a 2003 air plane crash in which he and his father survived. Austin survived a second plane crash that killed his father, Stephen, and stepmother, Kim, and nearly took his life in June 2011. Austin Hatch reveals strong character in news conference He talks about his long road back from plane-crash tragedy by Reggie Hayes published November 21, 2013 on The News-Sentinel newspaper. November 21, 2013 3:00 a.m. Hoops bring hope after tragedies by Greg Beacham of the Associated Press published November 21, 2013 in The Journal Gazette newspaper. Several videos on Austin Hatch breaks his silence by Greg Beacham, AP Sports Writer on CBS WANE-TV NewsChannel 15. Austin's first basket attempt in three years for his California high school team is a three pointer. When his team celebrates they recieve a technical foul. See Austin Hatch caps HS comeback January 9, 2014 on ABC News. Austin Hatch discusses father, faith, and future two part video by waneglennmarini published May 24, 2016 by CBS WANE-TV NewsChannel 15. His four years at Michigan were remembered in a video March 24, 2018 by CBS Sports on Facebook.

Hatfield - McCoy Feud

Connection in nearby Columbia City, Whitley County, Indiana. Hazel Thompson of Columbia City has a photo showing Devil Anse Hatfield with Thompson’s father, Isom Daniels and grandmother Allie Hatfield Norden in the newspaper article Offspring won’t shy from infamous feud by Frank Gray of the Journal Gazett June 17, 2012.

Haudenschild, Mark A. II

Washington Township volunteer firefighter killed November 2012 in a fire truck crash. His line-of-duty death was the first in the Washington Township Fire Department's 67-year history. The last Fort Wayne-area firefighter killed in the line of duty was Harry Stapleton with the Wayne Township Fire Department in 1975. On Sunday night, Haudenschild was driving a tanker truck south on Hillegas Road on his way to a brush fire in the 4300 block of Butler Road. He tried to make a right turn to go west on Butler, but the truck rolled several times, hitting utility poles. The truck came to rest on its side, just off Hillegas, about 100 yards south of the intersection. Haudenschild, a 26-year-old husband and father of two young children, was ejected and pinned under the wreckage. He died at the scene. The crash remains under investigation. A Fort Wayne native, Haudenschild had been with the volunteer department for five years and held the rank of assistant chief engineer. From Services Saturday for volunteer firefighter November 14, 2012 by Archie Ingersoll The Journal Gazette newspaper. Mark A. Haudenschild II. Procession and Funeral Procession and Procession from The Chapel church to Riverview Cemetery — Mark A. Haudenschild II. Procession (44 photos) on D.O. McComb and Sons Funeral Home Facebook photo albums. See his D.O. McComb and Sons Funeral Home obituary and obituary. November 18, 2012 3:00 a.m. The third and final bell 1,000 people pay their respects to fallen volunteer firefighter by Jaclyn Youhana of The Journal Gazette newspaper.

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Haynie, Gilmore Smith

Passed away August 21, 2014 see D.O. McComb and Sons obituary, local attorney was active in numerous civic efforts, attended South Side High School, wife, Susan Higgins Haynie, a daughter, Devon, and a son, Gilmore III. Saying Goodbye on a blog by his son Devon Haynie August 22, 2014. Civic leader Gil Haynie dies by Frank Gray published March 16, 2016 in The Journal Gazette newspaper. Plaque honors man devoted to downtown by Frank Gray published July 9, 2015 in The Journal Gazette newspaper.

Headley, Heather

Singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress. She won a Tony Award, a Grammy Award, and a Drama Desk Award. Born October 5, 1974 in Trinidad the daughter of Hannah (Barbadian) and Eric Headley. In 1989, she moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana in the United States at the age of fifteen with her mother and brother Iric when her father was offered a job as pastor of the McKee Street Church of God. She attended Northrop High School, and was a member of their show choir, Charisma, and starred as Fanny Brice in the school's production of Funny Girl. In 2003, Headley married Brian Musso, formerly of the New York Jets football team. Both attended Northwestern University. Their first child John David was born on December 1, 2009, and second son Jordan Chase August 18, 2014. Heather's brother, Iric is the director of the Fort Wayne United initiative. See Heather Heather Headley returns to Fort Wayne for Youtheatre fundraiser by Cindy Larson published October 22, 2014 in The News-Sentinel newspaper. Spotlight: Heather Headley, 'The Color Purple' on Broadway: The Northrop grad begins performances Tuesday night by Keiara Carr published May 9, 2016 in The Journal Gazette newspaper.

Hearn, Reggie

Snider High School basketball star with Northwestern University

Heath, Judge Dan

See Heath ready for new role March 24, 2013 The Journal Gazette newspaper.

Heck, Eryk Todd

Allen County Sheriff Officer Eryk Heck was shot and killed August 15, 1997 and another officer was shot and wounded while investigating a burglary in progress. He left his wife Deb, Taylor an 11 month old daughter, parents and seven sisters. State Road 3 between Interstate 69 north to the county line was dedicated the Eryk T. Heck Memorial Highway in his honor. See photo and memorial at Supporting Heroes web site.

Heffron, Charles Buckner "Chuck"

Was born April 15, 1918 in Marathon, Cortland County, New York and died March 23, 2014 in Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee. Burial in Arlington National Cemetery Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia, USA. He is found as Chas B Heffron in the World War II Prisoners of War, 1941-1945, database at FamilySearch and has a detailed obituary on his Find A Grave Memorial ID 128535032about his 3 1/2 years in a World War II Japanese prison camp and weighing only 82 pounds when he returned to the United States. He recovered and eventually worked at Magnavox in Fort Wayne, earned 14 patents in electronics. He was a life member of the American Ex-Prisoners of War, the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor, and the DAV. His children and grandchildren graduated from Snider High School. His wife Eva and daughter Beth are buried in Lindenwood Cemetery.

Heilbroner, Louis Wilbur

"Louis Wilbur Heilbroner, Born in Ft Wayne, Indiana (July 4, 1861 – December 21, 1933), was a professional baseball secretary and business manager who managed the St. Louis Cardinals during the 1900 season." "Heilbroner was also a pioneer in baseball statistics. In 1909, he founded Heilbroner's Baseball Bureau Service, the first commercial statistical bureau dedicated to baseball, and began publishing the Baseball Blue Book." "In the middle of the season, Patsy Tebeau resigned as the Cardinals' manager. Team president Frank Robison publicly offered the job to the third baseman John McGraw, who declined despite his boss' insistence. Robinson then gave the manager title to Heilbroner, who was serving as his secretary and had no particular baseball qualifications. By many accounts, the diminutive Heilbroner (4'9 or 1,44m) never imposed his authority. McGraw was the de facto manager of the team and was candidly acknowledged by the team owners.After managing the last 50 games in 1900, Heilbroner was replaced by Patsy Donovan at the start of 1901. During his short stint as manager, Heilbroner led the Cardinals to 23 wins, 25 losses, and 2 ties. He remained with the team as a business manager until 1908 and later served a two-year term (1912–1914) as president of the Central League." He died in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on December 21, 1933." Louie Heilbroner on Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. From an August 7, 2022 post by Indiana Jewish Historical Society on Facebook.

  1. Hall of Fame Hall of Fame Annual Banquet Programs (2014) has his photo and biography in the Northeast Indiana Baseball Association Collectionin the Allen County Public Library Digital Collections at the Allen County Public Library.
  2. See page 83 in the book Baseball in Fort Wayne by Chad Gramling.
  3. He is buried in Lindenwood Cemetery, see Louis Heilbroneron Find A Grave.
  4. There is a Baseball Bluebook on Facebook: which has the website:

Heine, Gaylord

Second wife Mayla, first wife Gertrude died in 2010, five children: Colleen Peters and Dave of New Haven, Chuck of Toledo, Ohio, Stan of Angola, and Gwyn Mannion of Syracuse, N.Y. Their Thanksgiving 2013 family garthering of 60 members was featured in Brood of 60 gathers for dinner in thanks by Vivian Sade published November 28, 2013 in The Journal Gazette newspaper.

Heins, Courtney Leigh

A singer-songwriter and Fort Wayne native won best country song of the year at the International Music and Entertainment Association Awards November 2, 2013 in Ashland, Ky. From City native Heins wins song award published November 5, 2013 on The Journal Gazette newspaper.

Heiny, Robert

Local basketball star born in 1922 to Lawrence and Stella Loos Heiny. A World War II veteran, and a father of three, who started working in the Heiny Grocery Store bagging potatoes at age 5 years old. See his story including family photos in the video above from After 95 years, there is only one thing he would change by Brett Thomas posted November 09, 2017 on CBS WANE-TV NewsChannel 15earned the the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for Feature Reporting in the Small Market Television division of the Radio Television Digital News Association. See Feature on vet's 'hall of fame' life wins national award by WANE Staff Reports June 18, 2018.

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Helmke, Ann

21 years, 1991-2012, as executive director of Vincent Village serving homeless families is covered in Rest after building Village by Rosa Salter Rodriguez of The Journal Gazette newspaper January 3, 2013.

Helmke, Mark

1951 to November 1, 2014, a North Side High School graduate, brother of three time mayor Paul Helmke of Fort Wayne, son of Walter P. Helmke, worked for Senator Lugar on and off between 1981 and 2012, Ex-Lugar aide Mark Helmke dies by Brian Francisco published November 2, 2014 in The News-Sentinel newspaper.

Helmkes, Paul, Walter P., Mark, Walter E.,

See Legendary Locals of Fort Wayne, by Randolph L. Harter, Craig S. Leonard discussion August 28, 2015 on You know you've lived in Fort Wayne too long when... Private Facebook group.

Helmke, Walter

Allen County prosecutor, state senator and father of former Mayor Paul Helmke. Born in Fort Wayne on Dec. 28, 1927, he was a graduate of North Side High School, and died January 20, 2016. He was survived by children Paul (Deborah) Helmke of Fort Wayne and Bloomington, and Marsha Shirk of Oriental, N.C.; seven grandchildren, six great-grandchildren and and one sister, Carolyn Helmke Stoltz. He was preceded in death by his wife of 67 years, Rowene, who died Dec. 24, 2015, and son Mark, a former News-Sentinel reporter and aide to Sen. Richard Lugar, who died in November. 2014. For more read Walter P. Helmke, former prosecutor and state senator, dies at 88 by News-Sentinel staff published January 21, 2016 in The News-Sentinel newspaper. See his Walter Helmke page on Helmke Bems Attorneys at Law. See also Leadership icons Schmidt, Helmke set public service example Editorial published January 23, 2016 in The Journal Gazette newspaper.

Henney, Jane Ellen

Born 1947 in Woodburn. Shown here in the Oval Office of the White House in 1998 with President Bill Clinton, Henney was the fist woman to serves as commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as appointed by Clinton. A native of Woodburn, Henney attended Manchester University, Indiana University and University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. She served with the FDA from 1992-1994 and then from 1998-2001. In 2003, she was named the University of Cincinnati's senior vice president and provost for health affairs. Copied from FORT WAYNE FIVE: Important medical figures published with photo April 9, 2018 in The News-Sentinel newspaper. Jane E. Henney, M.D. 1/17/1999 - 1/19/2001 at U.S. Food & Drug Administration. Jane E. Henney on Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

Henry, Jerome, Sr.

Jerry Henry Sr. died November 23, 2008, age 82, ending 59 years of marriage to Marganelle. They had 17 children. He retired as director of Catholic Charities in 1991 after 22 years and served as a superintendent of the Indiana Reformatory from 1966 to 1968. Marge Henry, mother to Fort Wayne’s mayor and 16 others, dies at age 89 by Kevin Leininger published August 7, 2018 in The News-Sentinel newspaper. See obituary for his wife Marganelle R Henry (Applegate) May 31, 1929 - August 6, 2018 at Divine Mercy Funeral Home Catholic Cemetery. A Life's Work Marganelle Henry builds a legacy of making a difference. by Tammy Davis published February 1, 2015 on Business People. Valedictory: Jerome Henry, Sr. posted November 24, 2008 on Fort Wayne Observed. Jerome Francis Henry November 23, 2008 Fort Wayne Newspapers obituary.

Henry, Tom

Mayor since January 2008, Henry won a third term in 2015 making him the first three term Democratic mayor in the city’s history. He was previously a five term 3rd District council member from 1984 to 2004. One of 17 children: Jerry, Tom, Paula, Tony, Tim, Andrea, Denise, Erik, Matt, Martin, Kurt, Karl, Sonya, Louie, Christopher, Lisa, Jessica. From September 30, 2014 Twitter Tweet between Fort Wayne Facts and Mayor Tom Henryand Legendary Locals of Fort Wayne, by Randolph L. Harter, Craig S. Leonard discussion August 24, 2015 on You know you've lived in Fort Wayne too long when... Private Facebook group. His family was profiled in a 1978-1980 Journal Gazette and/or News-Sentinel article posted on February 26, 2016 Facebook post on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Archived group on Facebook.

Herman, Mark

Fort Wayne native and nationally known theatre organist played the inaugural program on the recently restored Wurlitzer-composite theatre organ in Wagenhals Hall at Trinity English Lutheran Church in 2014. Copied from Restoration project ends in debut of theatre organ by Garth Snow published June 25, 2014 on

Hey, Byard By Dwight

Age 91, passed away Sunday, December 15, 2019. Born in 1928, he was a son of the late Minnie and Truman Hey. A native of Fort Wayne and graduate of Concordia Lutheran High School, where he played on the basketball team, as he did at Indiana University where he was also a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity. In 1952 he married his Concordia classmate, Elfriede (Fritzie) Friedrich, and together they had four children: Heidi, Tina, Byard Jr., and Karla. He was basketball coach for 31 years at North Side High School, going to the state finals in 1965, and winning over 550 games. He was selected into the Indiana High School Athletic Association Basketball Hall of Fame in 1997. North Side honored him by naming its new gymnasium the By Hey Arena. Information coped from his December 17, 2019 Fort Wayne Newspapers obituaryand By Hey's death recalls passing era by Ben Smith published December 17, 2019 in The Journal Gazette newspaper.

Hicks, Angie

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Angie’s List. See Angie’s List founder named Brilliant Woman of the Year by WANE Staff Reports published November 3, 2016 on CBS WANE-TV NewsChannel 15.

Higgins, Joe

Was Santa Claus at Wolf & Dessauer, the blacksmith on "The Rifleman" television show and Sheriff Joe Higgins in Dodge car commercials. Discussed December 7, 2016 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Archived group on Facebook and April 15, 2016 on You know you've lived in Fort Wayne too long when... Private Facebook group. Seen in this 1970 Dodge Challenger RT Commerical discussed December 23, 2016 on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Archived group on Facebook.

Hilger, John

NACS board member dies in Amsterdam Hilger stricken on spring break cruise by Ashley Sloboda published April 11, 2017 in The Journal Gazette newspaper. Heart attack takes life of Queen of Angels deacon published April 11, 2017 on Today's Catholic News. NACS board member John Hilger has passed away Former co-owner of Hilger's Friendly Market suffered a heart attack by Justin Kenny published April 12, 2017 in The News-Sentinel newspaper.

Hilltoppers, Nancy Lee and the

1940's country music group - 1947 Great Memories and History of Fort Wayne photo. "Sam DeVincent was born January 8, 1918, and lived primarily in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He collected sheet music and related materials during most of his lifetime. His interest included both the music and the cover art. Because he had little money to support his collecting, DeVincent gathered most of his material through careful searches and travel. DeVincent and his wife used the music he collected in their musical group, Nancy Lee and the Hilltoppers." From Great Memories and History of Fort Wayne. Several photos and information were posted January 31, 2018 by the The History Centeron Facebook.

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Hinderer, Everett "Shorty Cook"

87, of Fort Wayne, owner/operator of Music Manor since 1959, died Friday, Feb. 1, 2002, at Hospice Home of Northeast Indiana. The Bremen native was founder/musician of Shorty Cook and The Downhomers. Surviving are his wife, Millie; a daughter, Karen Persen of Palm Springs, Calif.; stepdaughters Marilyn Daffron and Karen Sciriha, both of Taylor, Mich., and Barbara Jeffery of Fort Wayne; a son, Larry of Texarkana, Ark.; stepsons Robert Kirtley. See UC Santa Barbara LibraryDigital Collections for a sample album. A member of the Down Homers in 1946 along with Bill Haley. Cook later co-wrote "Four Leaf Clover Blues", which was one of Haley's first recordings with the Four Aces of Western Swing. Cook worked at a music store in Fort Wayne, Indiana until his death in 2001. From Great Memories and History of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Hines, Sheldon

In 1942 & 1943, a Lincoln photographer serving in the US Navy, developed a method for producing 3-D photos that allowed fighter pilots to look at the terrain they would fly over prior to an air raid, from April 2011 90 Fun Facts at The History Center.

Hisner, Harley Parnell

88, born November 6, 1926, a son of Nelson and Edna Hisner, near the small town of Maples, died March 20, 2015, wife of 65 years Anna B. Cain died in 2013. 1976 inductee into the Northeast Indiana Baseball Association's Hall of Fame, a board member for 12 years and in 2010 received the Colin Lister Award, the Monroeville native gave up Joe DiMaggio's last regular-season hit from Local baseball legend Parnell Hisner diesby Blake Sebring published March 21, 2015 in The Journal Gazette newspaper. Surviving were his daughters, Deborah A. (Gary) Spry of Monroeville and Beverly J. Hoffman of Hoagland; son, Randy P. (Cheryl) Hisner of Decatur; eight grandchildren, Angela Spry, Joshua (Jennifer) Gibson, Trisha Spry, Erik (Jessica) Hisner, Ashley (Brian) Brames, Ryan Hisner, Shane Hisner and Gavin Hisner; and seven great-grandchildren, Lily Brames, Taylor Davis-Gibson, Emmett Gibson, Kaydence Thompson, Blakeley Hisner, Evelyn Gibson, and Brayden Hisner. He was preceded in death by his wife, Anna; three grandchildren, Adam Gibson in 1995, John Gibson in infancy, and Jennifer Spry in infancy; sister, Marvine; and three brothers, Rowland, Gerald, and Gordon. from his DecaturDaily Democrat obituary or Fort Wayne Newspapers March 22, 2015 obituary.

Hively, Lindsey

July 25, 1987-April 23, 2015, rising entrepeneur, owner of the Poptique Gourmet Popcorn shops at Jefferson Pointe and in Columbia City. In 2013 was one of the 40 Under 40 - Lindsey Hively posted March 15, 2013 on Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly. Your Story Made Here: Poptique video and story by Melissa Long published July 1, 2014 on ABC TV station. She was one of the most happy people I’ve ever met. quote from Local businesswoman loses battle to cancer by Jeff Wiehe published April 23, 2015 in The Journal Gazette newspaper. Smith & Sons Funeral Home April 24, 2015 obituary.

Hoagland, Joseph Christoffel

Bottom of page 476 of The pictorial history of Fort Wayne, Indiana : a review of two centuries of occupation of the region about the head of the Maumee River by Griswold, B. J. (Bert Joseph), 1873-1927; Taylor, Samuel R., Mrs, Publication date 1917 on

In 1865 discovered baking soda, moved to New York to establish Royal Baking Powder Company. Newspaper clipping and discussion October 17, 2022 on True Fort Wayne Indiana History on Facebook. The Royal Baking Powder Company was one of the largest producers of baking powder in the US. History It was started by brothers Joseph Christoffel Hoagland and Cornelius Nevius Hoagland in 1866, It later came under the ownership of William Ziegler, and then his adopted son, William Ziegler Jr. In 1929, the Royal Baking Powder Co., along with four other companies including the Fleischmann's Yeast Company, merged to form Standard Brands, the number-two brand of packaged foods in America after General Foods. Through a further merger, Standard Brands itself became part of Nabisco in 1981. As of 2017, Nabisco is a subsidiary of Mondelez International; Royal Baking Powder is still marketed today, currently by Hulman & Company. Copied from Royal Baking Powder Company at Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. More history at 7 quotes about Royal Baking Powder June 24, 2015 on


Hocker, Susie Mae

      1880 May 13 Born in Monroe, Adams County to Joseph & Jesteen (Sunier) Hocker Family Bible
      1880 Census, Adams County, Monroe Township, IN, age 2 months
      1890 Studied Catechism at Monroe Methodist Church, Rev. Foster
      1897 Oct 5  Married Robert Benjamin McKeeman, M.D. in Decatur, Adams Co, IN,
      Marriage Records of Adams County, IN., age 17
      1898 Nov 28 Leland Stanford born, Monroe, IN, age 18
      1900 Census, Adams County, Monroe, IN, age 20
      1901 Nov 21 Baptized as adult, 3rd Presbyterian Church, Fort Wayne, IN, Church Records, age 21
      1901 Jul 11 Lillian Theodosia born, Fort Wayne, Allen County, IN, age 21
      1901 533 Broadway, Fort Wayne, IN, age 21
      1901 Nov 24 Stan & Doad baptized 3rd Presbyterian Church, Fort Wayne, IN, age
      1902 2103 Broadway, Fort Wayne, IN
      1904 Jan 12 Donald Harry Cook born, Fort Wayne, IN, age 24
      1904 2020 Broadway, Fort Wayne, IN, age 24
      1906 May 6 Don baptized 3rd Presbyterian Church, Fort Wayne, IN, age 26
      1907 Apr 18 Ruth Beatrice born, Fort Wayne, IN, age 27
      1907 Oct 13 Ruth baptized 3rd Presbyterian Church, age 27
      1908 Mar 14 Father, Joseph Hocker died, Monroe, IN in his drugstore, age 28
      1910 Census, Allen County, Fort Wayne, IN age 29
      1918 Office in home at 2020 Broadway, age 38
      1920 Soundex 2020 Broadway, Fort Wayne, IN, age 39 with Robert, age 45;
      Stanford, 21; Theodosia, 18; Donald, 16; Ruth, 12
      1924 June Son Stan graduated Indiana University School of Medicine, age 44
      1925 Built new home at 724 Packard, Fort Wayne, IN, age 45
      1925 Nov 1 Doad married James Boyd Hunter, Fort Wayne, IN, age 45
      1926 Sister Aldeena died in Monroe (only sister), age 46
      1926 Dec 27 Stan married Grace Keenan at Cathedral, Fort Wayne, IN, age 46
      1926 Sister Mary Aldeena died, age 46
      1926 Dec 19 Donald James born to Doad and Jim, first grandchild, Fort Wayne, IN
      1927 Trip to Florida, age 47
      1927 Feb 24 Ruth married Paul Cottrell, Fort Wayne, IN, age 47
      1927 Nov 20 Stan and Grace have first child, Leland Stanford, Jr., grandchild
      1929 Jun 11 Don married Eula Ruddell, Sullivan, IN, age 49
      1929 Apr 14 Robert Franklin born to Ruth and Paul, Fort Wayne, IN, grandchild
      1930 Aug 21 Grace Joanne born to Stan and Grace, Fort Wayne, IN, grandchild
      1930 Oct 25 Maurice Edward born to Doad and Jim, Fort Wayne, IN, grandchild
      1931 Oct Son, Don, graduated Indiana University Medical School, age 51
      1931 Nov 26 Joseph Richard born to Doad and Jim, Fort Wayne, IN, grandchild
      1932 Jan 30 Marilyn, first child of Don and Eula born, Fort Wayne, IN, age 52 grandchild
      1935 Sep 18 Maryellen born to Stan and Grace, Fort Wayne, IN, grandchild
      1935 Nov 20 Ann born to Don and Eula, Fort Wayne, IN, grandchild, age 55
      1935 Nov 22 Infant, Ann, daughter of Don died, Fort Wayne, IN, grandchild
      1936 Feb 21 Grandson, Richard, son of Doad died, Fort Wayne, IN, age 56
      1937 Mar 4 Husband, Robert B. McKeeman, M.D., died, Fort Wayne, IN, age 57
      1938 Oct 22 Charlotte Sue born to Don and Eula, Fort Wayne, IN. grandchild, 58
      1938 Fort Wayne City Directory Susie M (wid Robt B) h 724 W Packard av
      1939 June 24 Mother, Jesteen Hocker died, Monroe, IN, age 59
      1942 May 3 Living in Fort Wayne when brother John F. died, age 62
      1943 Fort Wayne City Directory Susie M Mrs h 724 W Packard av, age 63
      1943 June 8 Jane Anne Hunter born to Doad and Jim, Fort Wayne, IN, grandchild
      1951 Dec 6 Brother, Otis or "Ton" died, Monroe, IN, age 71
      1957 May 24 Living in Fort Wayne when brother Harvey H. died, age 77
      1961 June Granddaughter, Jane, graduated high school and started Parkview School of Nursing
      1962 May 7 Died at home, 724 Packard, heart attack, Family Bible & Church Rec
      Buried at Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne, IN, age 81 
        1. LELAND STANFORD MCKEEMAN b. 28 Nov 1898 d. 7 Oct 1963 m. Grace Keenan
        2. LILLIAN THEODOSIA MCKEEMAN b. 11 Jul 1901 d. 6 Jun 1988 m. James B. Hunter
        m. DeWitt C. Jones
        3. DONALD HARRY COOK MCKEEMAN b. 12 Jan 1904 d. 4 Jul 1985 m. Eula Ruddell
        4. RUTH BEATRICE MCKEEMAN b. 18 Apr 1907 d. 19 Feb 1994 m. Paul Cottrell 
      Descendants of Susie May * HOCKER
        Generation No. 1
        1.  SUSIE MAY *4 HOCKER  (JOSEPH *3, STEPHEN *2, STEPHEN *1) was born 13
        May 1880 in Monroe, Adams County, Indiana, and died 07 May 1962 in Fort
        Wayne, Allen County,  Indiana.  She married ROBERT BENJAMIN * MCKEEMAN 05
        October 1897 in Decatur, Adams County, Indiana, son of DAVID MCKEEMAN and
        Children of SUSIE HOCKER and ROBERT MCKEEMAN:
        i.  LELAND STANFORD5 MCKEEMAN, b. 28 November 1898, Monroe, Adams
        County, Indiana; d. 07 October 1963, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Wayne
        Township, Indiana; m. MARY GRACE KEENAN, 27 December 1926, Cathedral, 
        Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.
        ii. LILLIAN THEODOSIA "DOAD" * MCKEEMAN, b. 11 July 1901, Fort Wayne,
        Allen County,  Indiana; d. 06 June 1988, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona; m.
        (1) JAMES BOYD * HUNTER, 01 November 1925, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana; 
        m. (2) DEWITT CLINTON JONES, 06 July 1967, Atlanta, Georgia.
        iii. DONALD HARRY COOK MCKEEMAN, b. 12 January 1904, Fort Wayne, Allen
        County, Wayne Township, Indiana; d. 04 July 1985, Fort Wayne, Allen County, 
        Wayne Township, Indiana; m. EULA RUDDELL, 11 June 1929, Sullivan, Indiana.
        iv. RUTH BEATRICE MCKEEMAN, b. 18 April 1907, Fort Wayne, Allen County,
        Wayne Township, Indiana; d. 17 February 1994, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana; 
        m. PAUL O'NEIL COTTRELL, 24 February 1927, 3rd Presbyterian, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana. 


THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF FORT WAYNE INDIANA, page 376. Robert B. McKeeman, M.D. has found in his native county ample field for successful achievement in his exacting profession and has won secure place as a representative physician and surgeon in the city of Fort Wayne. He was born near Hoagland, Allen county, on February 27, 1874, a son of David C. and Margaret (McConahey) McKeeman, natives of County Antrim, Ireland.  David C. Mckeeman was reared and educated in Ireland and came to America when a young man.  He remained for a time in the vicinity of Albany, New York, and then came to Indiana and purchased a farm near Hoagland, Allen county.  He became one of the prosperous exponents of agricultural and live-stock industry in this county and here he and his wife passed the residue of their lives--possessed of those sterling attributes of character that invariably beget popular confidence and respect. Mr. McKeeman was a Republican in politics and both he and his wife were lifelong members of the Presbyterian church. Of their children the first three--John, Catherine and Margaret--are deceased; Jennie is the wife of Henry Dauer, of Decatur, this state; Nancy is the wife of Robert Mercer, of Poe, Allen county; Belle and James are deceased; William, Alexander, Ella and David C. Jr., reside in Fort Wayne; and Dr. Robert B., of this review, is the youngest of the number. Passing his childhood and early youth on the home farm, Doctor McKeeman made good use of the advantages of the public schools in the village of Hoagland and thereafter attended Taylor University, at Upland,this state, and the normal school at Marion. After two years of successful service as a teacher in the schools of Allen county he was able to follow the course of his ambition and to enter the Fort Wayne Medical College, which is now an integral part of the medical department of the University of Indiana. In this institution he was graduated in 1897, and, after thus receiving his degree of Doctor of Medicine, engaged in practice at Monroe, Adams county, where he remained until 1900, since which time he has been engaged in practice in Fort Wayne, where he has developed a substantial and representative professional business. The Doctor is identified with the Allen County Medical Society. His political allegiance is given to the Republican party, he and his wife are members of the Third Presbyterian church of Fort Wayne, and in the time-honored Masonic fraternity he has received the thirty-second degree of the Scottish Rite. October 5, 1897, was made an eventful day in the life of Doctor McKeeman, since then was solemnized his marriage to Miss Susan M. Hocker, a daughter of Joseph and Jesteen Hocker, of Monroe, Adams county, and the four children of this union are L. Stanford, Lillian Theodosia, Donald H.C. and Ruth Beatrice.

THE 1979 HISTORY OF ADAMS COUNTY, INDIANA by Heller. Robert B. McKeeman, M.D., was born at Hoagland, Ind. the son of David C. and Margaret (McConahey) McKeeman. He attended the local schools in and around Hoagland until 1891. At that time he attended Taylor University located at Upland, Ind. In 1892, he attended Marion College at Marion. From 1893 until 1895, he taught school in Hoagland and in 1895, he entered the Fort Wayne Medical College, graduating in 1897. After completing medical school, he moved to Monroe, to begin the practice of medicine. At Monroe he met Miss Susie May Hocker, and in 1897 they were married.  The parents of Susie Hocker were Joseph and Justine Hocker.  Joseph Hocker was the druggist in Monroe. In 1900, Dr. McKeeman left Monroe and moved to Fort Wayne. Dr. and Mrs. McKeeman were the parents of four children: L. Stanford, Theodosia, Donald and Ruth. His two sons followed in the medical profession, both graduating from the Indiana University Medical School, one in 1924 and one in 1929. Dr. Robert McKeeman was a member of the Allen Co. Medical Society, the Tri-State Society of Medicine, the Indiana State Medical Society, and The American Medical Society. He was a lifetime member of the Presbyterian church. In politics, he was a Republican. He was a Blue Lodge Mason, 32nd degree Scottish Rite, and a member of the Shrine organization. Dr. McKeeman died in 1937, and was buried in Lindenwood cemetery at Fort Wayne. His wife, Susan, died in 1962, and is also buried at Lindenwood cemetery.

HISTORY OF THE MAUMEE RIVER BASIN. Among the native sons of Allen county who have here attained gratifying recognition and success in the medical profession is the subject of this review, who is one of the representative physicians and surgeons of the younger generation in the city of Fort Wayne, where he has his office at 1608 Calhoun street, and his residence at 2020 Broadway. Dr. McKeeman was born in the village of Hoagland, Madison township, this county, on the 27th of February, 1874, and is a son of David C. and Margaret A. (McConnaha) McKeeman, both of whom were born in Ireland, whence they came to America with their respective parents when children.  The father followed the vocation of farmer until the time of his death, in 1876. His widow survived him by many years, her death occurring in 1894. They became the parents of twelve children, of whom eight are living. Dr. McKeeman secured his preliminary educational discipline in the public schools of Madison township, after which he availed himself of the advantagesafforded in Taylor University, in Fort Wayne, and the Indiana State Normal School at Marion, after leaving which latter institution he devoted his attention to teaching in the schools of his native county for a period of two years, meeting with marked success in his pedagogic labors but utilizing this profession simply as a means to an end, as he had decided to adopt the calling to which he is now devoted. In 1894 he was matriculated in the Fort Wayne College of Medicine, in which well equipped institution he completed the prescribed courses in medicine and surgery, being graduated as a member of the class of 1897 and receiving his degree of Doctor of Medicine. In view of his standing in his profession it is pleasing to revert to the fact that he is not only a native of Allen county but also, that he received his technical training in a local institution. Immediately after his graduation the Doctor opened an office in Monroe, Adams county, and while he was necessarily called upon to serve the customary novitiate in his profession it was not unduly prolonged, and his success and prestige have been cumulative in character, so that he stands well to the front among the able, popular and successful young physicians of his native county, giving his attention to general practice. He remained in practice in Monroe until 1900, when he located in Fort Wayne, where he has since followed the work of his profession. he is a close and appreciative student, being duly conservative in his attitude but ever standing ready to avail himself of those agencies and advanced methods which meet the approval of his judgment. He is an affiliate of the American Medical Association, the Indiana State Medical Society, the Fort Wayne Medical Society and the Fort Wayne Academy of Medicine, and he finds time and opportunity to avail himself of the advantages of each.  Though never active in the realm of practical politics, the Doctor is a stalwart supporter of the cause of the Republican party and he is essentially progressive and public-spirited as a citizen. On the 5th of October, 1897, Dr. McKeeman was united in marriage to Miss Susie May Hocker, of Monroeville, and they have three children, Leland Stanford, Lillian Theodosia and Donald Harry Cook.

MARYELLEN HOWER'S BOOK: Robert Benjamin born 27 Feb 1874 Hoagland, Ind. Married 5 Oct 1897 Susie May Hocker born 13 May 1880 Died 4 Mar 1937 buried Lindenwood Cemetery, Ft. Wayne Ind Children: Leland Stanford born 28 Nov 1898 Lillian Theodosia born 11 July 1901 Donald H.C. born 12 Jan 1904 Ruth Beatrice born 18 April 1907 The next page is a copy of an Allen County History, on Dr. Robert McKeeman, his education and background.

      1880 Federal Census Indiana, Adams County, French Township
      Hocker, Joseph W M 32          Cooper        OH GER GER
      Justine        W F 31 Wife     Keeping house IN FR FR
      Mary           W F 10 Daughter At home       IN OH IN
      John           W M  8 Son                    IN OH IN
      Charles        W M  6 Son                    IN OH IN
      Harvey         W M  2 Son                    IN OH IN
      Susan          W F 1/12 Daughter             IN OH IN     (age 1/12)
      Mary           W F 18 Sister   Servant       OH GER GER 
      McKeeman, Robert B
      Feb 1874  26 Indiana
      Adams Monroe Twp
      McKeeman, Susie May 1880  20 IN (age 20)
      Leland S.  Nov 1898   1 IN 
      McKeeman, Robert 36 M Physician IN IRE IRE
      Susie M.   29 F           IN OH  IN              (age 29)
      Stanford   11 M           IN IN  IN
      Theodosia   8 F           IN IN  IN
      Donald      6 M           IN IN  IN
      Ruth        2 F           IN IN  IN 
      1920 SOUNDEX IN
      1920 Soundex IN M255
      McKeeman, Robert B. Vol. 5, E.D. 56, Sheet 17, Line 58
      Color W, Age 45, Birthplace IN
      Allen Fort Wayne Broadway 2020
      McKeeman, Susie W 39 IN    (age 40)
      Stanford          21 IN
      Theodosia         18 IN
      Donald            16 IN
      Ruth              12 IN 
      1920 Federal Census Fort Wayne, Allen County, IN
      2020 Broadway
      MCKEEMAN, Robert Head 45 IN IRE IRE Doctor General Medicine
      Susie  Wife 39 IN OH IN                                  (age 39)
      Stanford Son 21 IN IN IN
      Theodosia Dtr 18 IN IN IN
      Donald    Son 16 IN IN IN
      Ruth      Dtr 12 IN IN IN
      Allen County, Indiana Will Book 3, Page 236 

CITIZENS HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION ALLEN CO IN (SON) L.S. MCKEEMAN, PHYSICIAN 302 Wayne Pharmacal Building, Ft. Wayne, Indiana L(eland) S(tanford) McKeeman, b. at Monroe, Adams Co., Ind., Nov. 28, 1898; s. of Dr. Robert Benjamin and Susan Mae (Hocker) McKeeman Dr. Robert Benjamin McKeeman, b. in Madison Twp., Allen Co., Ind., in 1874. His parnets, David C. and Margaret (McConahey) McKeeman, came, with two children, from County Antrim, Ireland, to America, and settled on a farm near Hoagland, Madison Twp., Allen Co., Ind.  David C. McKeeman was a Republican, and both he and his wife were lifelong members of the Presbyn. Ch.  They were the parents of 12 children, of whom 10 were born in America.  Dr. Robert Benjamin McKeeman was the youngest child.  He graduated from the Ft. Wayne Medical Coll, with an M.D. deg., in 1897, and began the practice of medicine at Monroe, Ind., where he remained 2 years. He then came to Ft. Wayne, where he conducted a general practice of his profession until his death, which occurred in 1937. He was a staff mem. of the Lutheran Hosp., and the Methodist Episcopal Hosp.  He was a Republican, and a mem. of the following: Blue Lodge, F. and A.M., Consistory (32nd deg.), and Shrine; American Med. Assn.; Ind. State Med. Assn.; Ft. Wayne (Allen County) Med. Soc.; and Third Presbyn. Ch., of Ft. Wayne. On Oct. 5, 1897, he married Susan Mae Hocker, who was b. at Monroe, Ind., in 1881.  Her parents, Joseph and Justine Hocker, are decd. Joseph Hocker was a druggist at Monroe.  He served with the Union Army in the Civil War.

OBITUARY (Age 82) Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, 7 May 1962 Rites Wednesday for Mrs. McKeeman Funeral services will be at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at Klaehn Funeral Home for Mrs. R.B. McKeeman, 81, who died at 10 a.m. at her residence, 724 Packard Ave. She was the widow of Dr. R.B. McKeeman. Rev. Robert R. Bieber will officiate and burial will be in Lindenwood Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home after noon today. Born in Monroe, Mrs. McKeeman was a resident of Fort Wayne for 62 years. She was a member of the Third Presbyterian Church, the Dywyki Club, the White Cross Guild at Methodist Memorial Hospital, the Emmanuel Class of the church and the Stitch and Chatter Club. Surviving are two sons, Dr. Donald H. and Dr. L. Stanford McKeeman, both of Fort Wayne; two daughters, Mrs. Paul Cottrell and Mrs. James Hunter, both of Fort Wayne; nine grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren, and one brother, Charles Hocker, Decatur.

Submitted before 2009 by Jane Hunter Hodgson, Tucson, Arizona:, see also the Hunter Hodgson Webpage 2004 archive

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Hofer, Adolf Karl

Adolf Karl Hofer

An eminent civil engineer of early 20th century Fort Wayne. He was born October 23, 1888 in Fort Wayne. His father Theodore Hofer was born in Bavaria, Germany and came to this country in 1880 where he married Catherine Schug. Adolf attended the Bloomingdale School in what was known as the German Room. He later went to Central High School. Adolf with his photo was one of about 230 people featured in Bert J. Griswold's 1926 book "Builders of Greater Fort Wayne". A.K. was 38 years old at the time, and would leave his mark on Fort Wayne for another 42 years! His photo and copy of the pages from the 1926 book were posted March 8, 2018 on Hofer and Davis, Inc. Land Surveyors on Facebook. His grandson Hans Hofer shares many Hofer posts such as December 1, 2016 shows a 1963 photo taken at the old office at 414 Utility Building of A.K. Hofer and Carl A. Hofer, then shared December 12, 2022 with a list of some of the major plats he signed for local developments on True Fort Wayne Indiana History on Facebook.

Hogestyn, Drake

Portrayed John Black since 1986 on the NBC daytime show “Days of Our Lives” star discusses his workout routines in Actor, city native keeps moving by Kimberly Dupps Truesdell published January 6, 2014 in The Journal Gazette newspaper. See November 10, 2017 discussion onthe original Great Memories and History of Fort Wayne, Indiana page on Facebookand Drake Hogestyn on Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

Holden Hunter Shuler Long, Eva Nellie


1873 July 17 Born in Findlay, Ohio to Pearson B. & Flora A. (Barnhill) Holden
      Certified birth record IGI
      1875 Aug 9 Sister, Sarah Jane born, Findlay, Ohio, age 2
      1877 Sep 30 Brother, William Reed born, Findlay, Ohio, age
      1878-1883 Father sued for bad debts to numerous persons in Findlay, OH
      1880 Census, Hancock County, Liberty Twp, Findlay, age 6
      Father not supporting family, mother forced to depend on the charity of friends
      1887 May Parents divorced, father cannot be located, thought to be out state, Eva 14 years old
      1891 Dec 31 Married James Boyd Hunter, age 18
      1893 Jan 3 Flora Jane born, Chicago, IL, age 20
      1896 Feb Frederick born, Chicago, IL, age 23
      1897 Nov Hamilton Wellington born, Chicago, IL, age 24
      1900 206 Gladys Ave., Chicago, IL, age 26
      1900 Feb 17 Husband died in Chicago, IL, age 27 549 San Francisco, LaPorte, IN Scipio Township
      1900 June 19 James Boyd born, Chicago, IL, age 27
      1903 April 14 Mother died Riverside Village, Chicago, IL, age 30
      1904 Mar 18 Frederick died, Valparaiso, IN, 8 years, peritonitis, age 31
Sold encyclopedias in Valparaiso, IN 1905 Moved to Fort Wayne, IN, age 32 1908 Chicago City Directory Hunter, Eva N Mrs. solcr 804 106 Lasalle h Valparaiso Ind 1910 Census, Shuler Allen County, IN 1910 Oct 11 Married Charles W. Shuler, 2627 Holton Ave., Fort Wayne, IN, age 37 1911 Aug 2 Lillian Florence born, Holton Ave., Fort Wayne, IN, age 38 1911-1914 Jennie living home teaching school 1914 Moved to 2545 Maple Place, Fort Wayne, IN, age 41 1915 Dec 2 William Reed born, 2545 Maple Place, age 42 1916 Hamilton, clerk at Bowser's, James clerk at Wayne Stamp, age 43 1917 Apr 3 Father died, Albuquerque, NM, age 44 1920 Census, 2545 Maple Place with Charles Shuler, Lillian, William, Hamilton (not James) & roomer, Clarissa Gillingham, age 47 1920-1921 Divorced Charles W. Shuler, age 47 1924 Saleslady at Hilgeman & Schaaf, age 50 1928 Personal & Poll Tax, Allen County, IN F 57  46 30 Perry 1931 Married Willard Long, Fort Wayne, IN, age 58 1933 Lived 926 Colerick, sold real estate, age 60 1933 June 20 Died of heart disease in Fort Wayne, IN, Certificate of Death Buried from Klaehn Funeral Home Fort Wayne, IN in Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, IL
 Descendants of Eva Nellie * HOLDEN       
        Generation No. 1 1.  EVA NELLIE *4 HOLDEN  (PEARSON BUNYAN *3, PEARSON * BUNYAN REV2,
        BENJAMIN *1) was born 17 July 1873 in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio, and
        died 20 June 1933 in Fort Wayne, Allen County,  Indiana.  She married (1)
        JAMES BOYD * HUNTER 31 December 1891 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, son
                     SHULER 11 October 1910 in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Wayne Township,
        Indiana.  She married (3) WILLARD C. LONG 1931 in Fort Wayne, Allen County,
        Wayne Township, Indiana.        
        Children of EVA HOLDEN and JAMES HUNTER:
        i. FLORA JANE "JANE"5 HUNTER, b. 03 January 1893, Chicago, Cook
        County, Illinois; d. 01 July 1980, Kansas City, Clay County, Missouri; m.
        ARTHUR LAUDEL, 20 May 1914.
        ii. FREDERICK HUNTER, b. February 1896, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois; d.
        18 March 1904, Valparaiso, Porter County, Indiana.
        iii. HAMILTON WELLINGTON HUNTER, b. 21 November 1897, Chicago, Cook
        County, Illinois; d. August 1987, Naples, Collier County, Florida; m. (1)
        DENNA BERNICE BOCKMAN, 05 August 1920; m. (2) VIRGINIA ELIZABETH GARR, 1941.
        iv. JAMES BOYD * HUNTER, b. 19 June 1900, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois;
        d. 31 October 1954, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana; m. LILLIAN THEODOSIA  "DOAD" * MCKEEMAN, 
           01 November 1925, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana. 
      Children of EVA HOLDEN and CHARLES SHULER are:
        v. LILLIAN FLORENCE5 SHULER, b. 02 August 1911, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Wayne Township, Indiana; 
           m. (1) JOHN PUTMAN; m. (2) VIRGIL LESTER KELLOGG; m. (3) JOHN SILLAWAY. 
        vi. WILLIAM REED SHULER, b. 02 December 1915, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Wayne Township, Indiana; 
            d. 13 November 1995, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana. 

NARRATIVE BY JANE HUNTER HODGSON This account of the life of Eva Nellie Holden was written in 1991 by her granddaughter, Jane Anne Hunter Hodgson, daughter of James Boyd Hunter. Sources were birth and death certificates as well as first hand accounts from Eva's daughter, Lillian Shuler Sillaway, Eva's daughter-in-law, Theodosia McKeeman Hunter, and Paul Cottrell who knew the family in Woodburn, Indiana. The actual occurrences described are facts. Eva's crying as she put on her bridal gown was related to Lillian by Eva herself, as well as the love she eventually kindled for James. Theodosia and Paul both told of her working at the Barnhill Sanatarium. Some of the connecting ideas were fabricated according to the explanations given to the author by the witnesses. Jane Anne Hunter Hodgson I was born on the 23rd of August in the year 1873 in Findlay, Ohio. I was the first of three children born to my parents, Pearson Benjamin Holden and Flora Anne Barnhill. My father operated a grist mill in Findlay, and he had come from the neighboring county, Putnam county, to marry my mother whose family had lived in Findlay for a number of years. My mother and daddy had just lived through the traumatic years of the Civil War as they were growing up. Father's father had died in 1867. Grandad was a rather well-known personage in this part of Ohio. His name was also Pearson Benjamin Holden. He was a preacher in the United Brethren Church. Having been born in Virginia he took a pro-slavery stance against his church body. My mother and father were married, and about a year later I was born. I soon had a brother, William Reed, and a sister, Jennie. We grew up and went to school in Findlay. We went to the Presbyterian Church where the Barnhills attended for years. In 1887 my parents were divorced. My mother was having a very hard time holding the family together since my father was down in Georgia and not sending any money for the family's expenses. When I was about 18 years old, a man came through our town. His name was James Boyd Hunter. He was a furniture manufacturer in Chicago. He talked about so many far away places like Chicago, the big city with all of its modern conveniences. He talked about Canada where he was born in a city called London. I was fascinated with all that he had to say, and I think he thought that I was very pretty. He started courting me. Because he was almost 20 years older than me, my mother tried to put a stop to his bringing me flowers. That made me want to see him even more. My mama said that if his intentions were honorable, he should marry me, and so it happened just all very fast. On New Years Eve, 1891, we were married. I cried as I was putting on my bridal gown. I think I was suddenly afraid to leave the comfort and love of my family to go with this "stranger" to the huge city of Chicago. I was not even sure as I started down the aisle that I really loved him, and I feared that I was making a terrible mistake.  but it was too late for second thoughts.  I took the plunge and soon we were headed off on my first ride away from all that I had ever known. Chicago was such a big city. I loved the excitement! We lived just a few blocks from Jim's business. He owned the furniture business with another man named McCue. I soon had a new friend, Mrs. McCue. I was very thankful for her friendship, especially a few months later when I began feeling ill every morning. I suspected that maybe I would have a child. Mrs. McCue helped me through the days when I felt so poorly, and to my joy and Jim's joy, Flora Jane Hunter was born on the 3rd of January 1893. My days were filled with the fun of watching Janie grow. Jim went off to the facctory every day and also traveled around on the trains to neighboring states looking for outlets for the furniture. I was busy shopping and cooking and minding the house every day. When I went to bed at night, I was exhausted. I would fall asleep listening to the clop of horses hoofs on the streets outside. It seemed that in Chicago, someone was always coming or going, even in the middle of the night. In 1895 my mother moved to Chicago to be with me and I was thankful to have her with me. My sister moved over too and Sarah Jane married a Mr. Bates. They lived in Riverside village. Mama would spend part of her time with me and part with Jennie. On the 25th of February, 1896, we again had to call out the doctor in the middle of the night to come to the house. Our second child, a boy named Frederick was born. Now when I walked down to the butcher shop or the fruit store, I had Janie in tow and little Fred in the baby buggy. A picnic in the park was sometimes a treat in those days. It was not long before those familiar symptoms returned, and on the 21st of November, 1897, Hamilton Wellington was born. We named him for my husband's father who had been the superintendent of schools in Toronto and London, Ontario. (He was born in Ireland and came to Canada with his parents as a young boy.) In October of 1899, I told my loving husband that I suspected that child number 4 was on the way. He was delighted as always. He was a great support to me and a wonderful father to his children. I had grown to love him very much. We had such a beautiful Christmas that year, with just the perfect toy for Jane and Fred and Ham. Mama met a nice man here in Chicago named Wellington Bennett, and I was very happy for her when they decided to marry. I will never forget that day in February, 1900. It had snowed, and I was stuck in the house with the children. I was already getting my very rounded figure back with five months of baby proceeding as expected. When the officer came onto the doorstep, I couldn't imagine why he would come to my house. He tried to soften the blow with his words, but the shock could have killed me when he said that Jim had been found dead on a Michigan Central train here in Chicago at about noon. He was taken off to a hospital, and the policeman said that the doctors would have a report later on about what had happened. Things had never appeared so bleak as they did on that day in 1900. What wasI to do? I did send word to some good friends who had moved just over the Indiana line into LaPorte. They came over and helped me through those days. We took his body to the Congregational Church, and buried him in Rosehill Cemetery. I wondered where I could go and what I could do next. My doctor said I must take good care of myself or risk losing the baby that I carried inside me. I know Jim would not have wanted anything to happen to his child, so I waited out the next four months there in our rented house in Chicago. On the 19th of June, 1900, James Boyd Hunter was born, named for the father who would never see him grow and mature.  I now had my hands full, and felt overwhelmed with the prospects of living without a man in the city. My friend who had moved to Indiana was now in a small town called Valporaiso. She wrote and encouraged me to come there.  So, as soon as I got back on my feet after the birth, I began to pack up all that I owned for the move by horse and buggy to Valporaiso, Indiana. It was not easy. The money that the McCues sent helped but I knew that I could not raise four children on that money. I began to look for some kind of work. One day I met a man who was selling encyclopedias, door to door. He told me how he got his job and put me in touch with the people who offered me a job selling. It was a struggle to balance caring for the family and working. But Jane was now ten years old, so she could help with the younger ones while I went off to bring in some money. I tried my hand at a variety of jobs in those days. It was always the most difficult to hold a job when the children were sick. They, of course, had their share of childhood sicknesses. It was always a concern when the little ones were ill. I loved my children more than anything else in the world. On the 14th of April I received word that my Mama had died in Riverside Village. She had only three years of happiness with her new husband. In 1904, little Fred came down with a horrible stomachache one day. By the middle of the night, I knew it was serious. The town doctor came over early in the morning to see him.  He told us what to do. Jane and I nursed him round the clock.  All of the children gathered around and tried to comfort him, but when he began to burn with fever and his speech became the ramblings of delirium, we were so frightened. Our beloved little Fred passed away that day. It was like losing a part of my own heart. We were irreconcilable. In 1907 we moved to Woodburn, Indiana. My mother's brother was a physician in Laotto and Woodburn. He had a sanitarium there, the Barnhill Sanatarium. I felt that if we moved there, I could work at the Sanatarium, and things would ease up financially for the raising of my children. It was becoming more and more difficult, and the doctor said that he would pay for my two boys to go to Howe Military School if I came to work for him. I felt this would be such a wonderful opportunity for Ham and Jim that I eagerly accepted the offer. The move was made, and the two boys were sent off to school. I was put to work selling insurance so that people who bacame ill could be cared for in my uncle's sanatarium. The years passed so quickly, and the children grew up so fast. In 1908, I met a man named Charles Wesley Shuler. We began to fall in love, and I realized that he wanted to marry me.  It had seemed out of the question in the past that I could marry again since I had always put my children's needs first, but it now seemed to be the proper thing, and I was ready to get on with my own life. We were married in 1910. On the 2nd of August, 1911, Lillian Florence was born into our family. By now Jane was a grown up young lady. I had saved the money to send her to finishing school. We were now living on Holton Avenue in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Ham was attending high school. Jim was just eleven years old. My marriage to Charles was rocky, but on the 2nd of December 1915, our son William was born. Charles was not around much to help me with the children. But I was used to managing on my own, so that was not a new challenge for me. I could see that our marriage would not work out.  Eventually, we were divorced. I now had Jim still at home and the two little ones. I loved my children very much so continued to work and to care for them. Jim was in Fort Wayne High School when the war broke out in 1914. He went off to the Navy in 1917, and Ham did too. Those were long years until he returned from the war. Lillian and Bill and I were so overjoyed to see them return. In the early 1920's we moved to a house on Maple Place. When Jim married Theodosia McKeeman, they bought a little house on the same little court across the street from us. I saw my first grandchildren born. Jane married Arthur Laudel, and they moved to Kansas City. There in Fort Wayne in those years of my life, I was introduced by a friend to the Christian Science religion. I knew when I learned the principles of this new found religion that God had really helped me through all of the rough spots in my life and that he was really in charge of my life and health and mind. It was with jubilation that I embraced these teachings and passed them on to Lillian. I told Lillian that when Jane was younger, I was able to send her to finishing school. I could not do that for Lillian, but I believe I gave her a better gift, and that was in the promises of God to his people. It filled me with happiness to see Lillian grow and mature in her faith. In 1931 I was married to Willard Long. Now that all of my children were grown, this seemed an ideal time for finding some new happiness in my life. Note: On June 20, 1933, Eva Nellie died in Fort Wayne of a myocardial failure. She was buried per her own wish at the side of her first husband, James Boyd Hunter in Chicago, Illinois.


P.723 EVA N. HOLDEN, b. at Findlay, O., July 17, 1873; m. first, Dec. 31, 1891, JAMES B. HUNTER, b. Mar. 8, 1853; d. Feb. 23, 1900. He was a manufacturer at Chicago, Ill. where the children were born. Second, m. Oct. 11, 1910, CHARLES W. SHULER, b. at Troy, O., May 17, 1871, a salesman, Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Her daughter, Lillian says she would probably like to be remembered for her love for all of her children. She also says that her mother laughed most every day. Eva Nellie found Christian Science and passed her religion on to Lillian, a "gift from God." Lillian says that this has been her life, and that though her mother could not afford to send her to a finishing school as she did Jane, she gave her a greater gift.

FORT WAYNE CITY DIRECTORY 1913, Shuler, Charles W (Eva N), landscape architect, h 2629 Holton av.
      1914, Shuler, Charles W (Eva N), landscape architect, h 2545 Maple pl.
      1917, Shuler, Charles W (Eva), h 2545 Maple Pl.
      1918, Shuler, Charles W (Eva), stock seller, h 2545 Maple pl.
      1919, Shuler, Charles W (Eva), slsmn, h 2545 Maple Place
      1922, Shuler, Mrs. Eva N. h 2545 Maple pl.
      1924, Shuler, Mrs. Eva N. slslady Hilgeman & Schaaf, h 2545 Maple pl. 
      Holden, Pearson W M 38 Runs grist mill  OH VA VA
      Flora A.        W F 24 Keeps house      OH OH OH
      Eva N.          W F  6 At home          OH OH OH                  (age 6)
      Sarah J.        W F  4 At home          OH OH OH
      William R.      W M  2 At home          OH OH OH 
      206 Gladys Ave.
      Hunter, Eva U 26 July 1873 OH                   (age 27)
      Flora J. 7 Jan 1893  IL
      Frederick A. 4 Feb 1896  IL
      Hamilton 2 Nov 1897  IL
      Siddall, Mary I. 44 Mar 1856  OH  (Eva's aunt, daughter of Jos.


      2545 Maple Place
      SHULER, Charles Head 48 OH PA OH Traveling Salesman Business College
      Eva Wife    45 OH OH OH (age 47)
      Lillian Dtr 8 IN OH OH
      William Son 4 IN OH OH
      HUNTER, Hamilton Step-son IL CAN OH Traveling Agent Business College
      GILLINGHAM, Clarissa Roomer 70 IL MD PA 

OBITUARY (Age 60) JOURNAL GAZETTE, FORT WAYNE, IN June 20, 1933 2:4 Long Mrs. Eva Nellie Long, 59, died at 12:35 o'clock Tuesday morning at the residence at 926 Colerick street, after a six months illness of heart disease. The deceased had been a resident of this city for the past 28 years, and was a member of First Church of Christ Scientist. Survivors include the husband, W.O. Long, five children, James B. Hunter, Hamilton Hunter and William Shuler, all of this city; Mrs. Lester Kellogg of Columbia City and Mrs. Arthur Laudell of Kansas City, Mo., one sister, Mrs. Jennie Waltenberger of Hicksville, O.; one brother W.R. Holden of Detroit, Mich., and seven grandchildren. The body was removed to Klaehn & Sons funeral home where funeral services will be held at a time to be announced later.

Submitted before 2009 by Jane Hunter Hodgson, Tucson, Arizona:, see also the Hunter Hodgson Webpage 2004 archive

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Holden, Flora Jane

 1893 Jan 3 Born in Chicago IL to James Boyd Hunter and Eva Nellie Holden
      born at home 1170 Washington Blvd
      Attended Pillsbury Academy for four years
      1911 Living with mother at 2627 Holton Ave. Fort Wayne, IN teacher
      1912 Living with mother at 2627 Holton Ave. Fort Wayne, IN teacher
      1913 Living with mother at 2627 Holton Ave. Fort Wayne, IN teacher
      1914 Living with mother at 2545 Maple Place Fort Wayne, IN teacher
      1914 Married Arthur Laudel of Excelsior Springs, MO
      Son Arthur born (only child)
      Lived for rest of life in Kansas City, Clay County, MO
      1980 July Died in Kansas City, Clay County, MO 

Descendants of Flora Jane "Jane" HUNTER Generation No. 1 1. FLORA JANE "JANE"4 HUNTER (JAMES BOYD *3, HAMILTON *2, ALEXANDER *1) was born 03 January 1893 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, and died 01 July 1980 in Kansas City, Clay County, Missouri. She married ARTHUR LAUDEL 20 May 1914, son of ARTHUR LAUDEL. Child of FLORA HUNTER and ARTHUR LAUDEL is: i. ARTHUR5 LAUDEL.

HISTORY OF THE DESCENDANTS OF JOHN HOTTEL by W.D. Huddle Sarah Jane Hunter, b. Jan. 3, 1893; attended Pillsbury Academy four years; m. May 20, 1914, Arthur Laudell, b. at Excelsior Springs, Mo., 1885. A member of the American League and is a realtor in Kansas City, Mo.

BIRTH Birth Certificate Cook County, Illinois Hunter F, 1st child of this mother, Jan. 3rd 1893, 2 p.m. Place of birth 1170 Washington Bd Residence of mother same Father Nationality: Canada London, age 32 Mother Nationality: USA Findlay, OH, age 19 Mother Eva N. Hunter Maiden Name: Eva N. Holden Father Jas B. Hunter Occupation: Furniture manufacturer Attendants: Mrs. Hunter, 1170 Washington January 7th, 1893 J.J. Alderson, M.D., 259 W 12th St.

1900 FEDERAL CENSUS, COOK COUNTY, CHICAGO (age 27) 206 Gladys Ave. Hunter, Eva U 26 July 1873 OH (age 27) Flora J. 7 Jan 1893 IL Frederick A. 4 Feb 1896 IL Hamilton 2 Nov 1897 IL Siddall, Mary I. 44 Mar 1856 OH (Eva's aunt, daughter of Jos. Barnhill)

FORT WAYNE CITY DIRECTORY 1911 Hunter, Jennie, teacher, 2627 Holton Ave. 1912, Hunter, Jane, teacher, h 2627 Holton av. 1913, Hunter, Jane, h 2629 Holton av. 1914, Hunter, Jane, h 2545 Maple pl. 1916, no listing 1933 Living at Kansas City, Mo. when mother died 1938 Living at Kansas City, Mo.

SOCIAL SECURITY DEATH INDEX LAUDEL, FLORA 488-68-3489 (MO) b. 03 Jan 1893 d. Jul 1980 lr. 64114 (Kansas City, Clay, MO)

Submitted before 2009 by Jane Hunter Hodgson, Tucson, Arizona:, see also the Hunter Hodgson Webpage 2004 archive

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Holman, Emerine Jane

Born in Indiana Terrritory, daughter of one of the first members of Indiana’s Supreme Court. She married Allen Hamilton when she was 17 and they moved to Fort Wayne where Allen became Allen County’s first sheriff. Emerine had 11 children and two of her granddaughters, Edith and Alice Hamilton, would become famous for their work. Personal friends with Susan B. Anthony, she used to stay at the ‘Old House’ (the Hamilton home that stood where Central High School was later built) when her travels brought them to Fort Wayne. Learn more in The Extraordinary Hamilton Family. Read more In Celebration of Women's History Month: Fort Wayne Women by Nancy McCammon-Hansen published March 11, 2014 in the History Center Notes & Queries blog.


"Hoosher" in earliest known newspaper

On February 19, 1831, the Vincennes Gazette ran a letter to the editorl with Hoosher the earliest-known printed variation of the word, "Hoosier." This discovery was made by Jonathan Clark Smith of Hanover College, who concluded that "Indiana's nickname originated not as a derisive term for the state's southern migrants but as an indication of local pride in those who sought to improve the state's economy." Copied from a February 18, 2018 and expanded February 19, 2019 post which included a photocopy of the original newspaper item by Indiana Historical Bureau on Facebook.

  1. Hoosier: A Brief Overview including transcript at Talking Hoosier History at
  2. The Word Hoosier a 119 page paper by Jeffrey Graf Reference Services Department Herman B Wells Library Indiana University Libraries.
  3. According to a 19th century source, one of the earliest purported references to a "Hoosier" appeared in a Fountain County schoolmaster's diary entry on July 14, 1827. It comes from The Word Hoosier by Jeffrey Graf of Indiana University above referenced in a July 14, 2017 post by Indiana Historical Bureau on Facebook.
  4. The May 7, 1919 Indianapolis News newspaper front page headline was Indianians by Thousands Pay Tribute to Men and Women Who Helped Put the Huns to Rout on Hoosier State Chronicles Indiana's Digital Historic Newspaper Program.
  5. New Findings on the Earliest Written Uses of "Hoosier" by Jonathan Clark Smith published in Volume 104, Issue 3, September 2008, pages 293-295 of the Indiana Magazine of History.
  6. Hoosier is a name for a person from Indiana apparently became common after 1833, when John Finley, Richmond, Indiana published his poem The Hoosier’s Nest from Introducing Indiana Past and Present - State of Indiana page 10
  7. Hoosier is one of the oldest of state nicknames according to What is a Hoosier? also on includes some theories on the Hoosier origin on
  8. What the Heck is a Hoosier? by Erin Heck on references the 1986 movie Hoosiers about the Milan basketball state champions. Also the nickname for Indiana University.
  9. Hoosier on Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopediahas more.
  10. Donnelly, Young Announce Government Publishing Office to Call Indiana Residents “Hoosiers” Instead of “Indianans” Donnelly and then-Representative Young sent letters requesting change published January 12, 2017 on Press Releases. What’s in a name? Government Publishing Office officially recognizes Hoosiers as Hoosiers published January 26, 2017 on Indiana State Library blog.
  11. The Word “Hoosier:” An Origin Story by Lindsey Beckley posted June 12, 2018 on the Indiana Historical Bureaublog.
  12. THH Season 01 Bonus: Hoosier: A Brief Overview by Lindsey Beckley posted on July 2, 2018 on the Indiana Historical Bureaublog.
  13. The Word Hoosier; John Finley Indiana Historical Society Publications, Volume IV, Number 2 published on Internet Archive.

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Hoover, Jesse

In the spring of 1838, Jesse Hoover died unexpectedly at age 28. His energy and devotion helped shape the foundation of the Fort Wayne Lutheran community. Jesse Hoover and St. Paul’s Lutheran May 28, 2013 by Carmen Doyle on the History Center Notes & Queries blog.

Hope, Bob

In 1928, made his first appearance as an emcee at the Emboyd Theatre known now as the Embassy, from 90 Fun Facts at The History Center. Bob Hope's first crowd of 11,123 still stands as a crowd record at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum according to the

Hopple Family

B-1 George Hopple, b 1-24-1791 PA, d 12-6-1871 Allen Co.

IN, m Margaret, b 7-8-1790 KY, d 7-24-1869. The Hopples moved from Allen Co to Adams Co,  before 1839, when they sold some land to their dau and her husband, Hugh & Sarah O'Hara.

They also sold land to dau, Anna and husband Michael Roe.

George purchased land from the Fort Wayne Land Office:

78.92 acres with receipt #2577,
40 acres with #2648, 
84.92 with #2234, 
69.66 with #2235,
67.19 acres #7334,
40 acres #6818,
173.2 acres #17927

for a total of  553.89 acres, all in the southern part of the county, near the border of Adams Co. None of  this land was purchased with a military land warrant.

When George and Margaret sold land 10 Nov 1835, the deed was witnessed by Anna Hopple. Anna could be George’s mother, as their daughter Anna would not have been of a legal age. A gazetteer of 1862 shows a George Hopple in Washington Twp, Allen Co, probably the one born 1810 PA, as shown in the 1860 census.

This George bought land in Washington Twp, in the NW part of Allen County, IN in 1836.

It is not known if this man is related or not. George and Margaret are in Preble Twp, Adams Co, IN in the 1860 census.

Some Roechi are with them, and daughter Anna, now married to Morton, is living next door.

Both George and Margaret are buried in Bethel Cem in the Southern part of Allen Co, IN. Have a picture of their headstones.

C-1  Anna Hopple, b 10-22-1818 OH, d 2-26-1890, m 12-26-1836 Adams Co to Michael Roe, b 1811, d 4-18-1854.

Both bur Bethel Cem, Allen Co. They show 1850 census living in Preble. Anna married 2nd Michael Morton, b 1809 VA.

He had several children by an earlier marriage.

They were living next to George and Margaret in Preble Twp, Adams Co in the 1860 census.

      D-1 Elizabeth Roe, b 1838     
      D-2 Margaret Roe, b April 1840, d 7-3-1841, bur Bethel Cem.
      D-3 Joel Roe, b 1843 Adams Co, d 1881
      D-4 Lydia Roe, b 1845 Adams Co.
      D-5 Adam Roe, b 1847
      D-6 George Roe, b 1849
      D-7 Sarah Ann Roe, b 1853
      D-8 Emeline Morton, b 1859
      C-2 Sarah Hopple, b 1820 OH, m 1-1-1839 Adams Co, IN to Hugh O'Hara, b 1812 Wayne Co, OH, 
          son of Hugh O'Hara.

It is not known when they died, but they were found in Marion Twp in Allen Co as late as 1870. Hugh voted in Pleasant Twp 1841.

Had to be either naturalized or born in the U. S.
      D-1 Susannah O'Hara, b 1837 IN
      D-2 Olive Ann O'Hara, b 12-27-1839 IN, d 5-21-1864, m 6-14-1857 Allen Co. Daniel L/J Fuller.
        He d 3-18-1924 Lake Co, FL.
      D-3 Charlotte O'Hara, b 1839 IN
      D-4 Louise O'Hara, b 1840, d 7-181-1859, bur Bethel Cem.
      D-5 John D. O'Hara, b 7-6-1843 Allen Co, IN, d 11-8-1926 Fort Wayne, m 5-6-1877 Martha Joy Emerick, b 1845 OH, dau of Jacob Emerick. They lived Pleasant Twp 1880 and have Perry Fuller with them. Perry was the son of his sister, Mary Jane O'Hara, who later m Charles Chalon Edwards. John came to Washington state to visit his sister Mary Jane O'Hara Edwards.

Jacob Emerick, b 8-3-1828, d 4-14-1903 Poe, Allen Co, wife was Elizabeth, b 5-14-1830, d 12-20-1906, both bur Bethel Cem.

They were of Wayne Co, OH, as were the O'Haras.

      E-1 Marion T. O'Hara, b Feb 1878 Allen Co, m Ann Miller.
      E-2 Sarah E. O'Hara, b Jul 1883 Allen Co, m Ezra F. Fackler, b Oct 1879 OH, son of Michael & Parelina Fackler of GY.
      E-3 Etta Cora Elizabeth O'Hara, b 2-10-1895, m 10-12-1911 Walter W Adams.
      E-4 John T. O'Hara, b 7-21-1902, d 8-15-1902. 
      D-6 Margaret O'Hara, b 1845, m 9-17-1863 Allen Co, IN to William Edward Whitcomb, d before 1888, son of Philo Whitcomb.
      D-7 Catherine O'Hara, b 1-30-1846 IN, d 9-14-1868, m 3-17-1867 William Lopshire. He died Wells Co, IN after marrying 2nd ____________. They are mentioned in History of Adams Co, pub 1979.
      He was a Civil War Vet. He is probably son of George Lopshire, age 66 PA of 1860 Marion Twp. , Allen Co. Frank Lopshire of Fort Wayne is a desc. of the brother of William. William is buried Ossian Cem. in Wells Co. He was in the Civil War. No mention is made of any children. 
      D-8 George W. O'Hara, b 1849 Allen Co, m ? 10-3-1891 Rae M. Edwards.
      D-9 Mary Jane O'Hara, b 9-6-1853 Allen Co, d 6-7-1934 Everett, Snohomish Co, WA.
      D-10 Sarah A. O'Hara, b 1859 Allen Co, m James B. Emerick, lived St Joseph Co, MI.
      C-3 ? son, b 1830-1835, m Thirza Walker. Lewis Hopple sold land for her ca 1901 in Adams Co. 
      C-4 ? Elizabeth Hopple, b 1830-1835, m 8-10-1854 Robert Walker.
      C-5 ? Louis (Lewis) C. Hopple, b 1837 in, m Alice Whitcomb, b 12-16-1854, d 4-16-1904 at her home in Dupont, IN, lived Jefferson Co, IN. This from the Whitcomb Family, page 380. He shows pages 231 & 258 of History of Adams Co published 1979, as a minister.
      C-6 ? John A. Hopple, d 9-1-1848 Allen Co, no age given, buried Bethel Cem. Allen Co, IN. He may be the John Hopple who paid tax 1826 in Butler Co, OH. If so he is B-2 as a bro, not C-6 as a son. 

Submitted before 2009 by: June Smith, 5307 St Hwy 303 NE #22, Bremerton, WA 98311-3654

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Hormann, Kent

A Heritage High School and Ball State graduate, started his professional career at WFFT in 1978, WKJG from 1981 to 1995 and 1998 to 2005, and at Federated Media in between. He worked at IPFW from 2005 to 2008, starting in 2005, Hormann began working for WPTA and currently splits time between WKJG and WPTA. In 2016 selected for induction into the Indiana Sportswriters and Sportscasters Hall of Fame. A Snider High School and Ball State graduate, has worked at The News-Sentinel since 2000, predominately covering Indiana University and Purdue University athletics. DiPrimio, Hormann picked for Indiana sportswriting, sportscasting Hall of Fame by News-Sentinel staff published January 14, 2016 in The News-Sentinel newspaper. Kent Hormann elected to Indiana Sportswriters & Sportscasters Hall of Fame by Indiana Sportswriters & Sportscasters Hall of Fame and Eric Dutkiewicz published January 14, 2016 on ABC TV station. Kent Hormann inducted into Indiana Sportswriters & Sportscasters Hall of Fame story and video by Eric Dutkiewicz published April 10, 2016 on ABC TV station.

Horstman, Catherine "Katie"

Fort Wayne. Played for the Fort Wayne Daisies part of 1951 through 1954. See Great Memories and History of Fort Wayne, Indiana photo and Jimmie Foxx coach photo.

Horton, J. Webb

Few transplants to Fort Wayne have had careers has varied as Horton, 65, who moved to the city in 1970 from Erie, Pa., to be deputy director of the Metropolitan Human Relations Commission. He later worked for Fort Wayne Community Schools as director of human development in the wake of desegregation. An active tennis player and coach, he served stints as tennis coach at Saint Francis College and IPFW’s men’s and women’s teams. Read the rest of the story Where are they now? Success follows former area newsmakers to their new locales Editorial page staff of The Journal Gazette January 6, 2013.

Hosey, William J.

20th mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana c. 1909 (May 5, 1854 - September 10, 1937) was an American politician and the 20th mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Between 1905 and 1934 he served four non-consecutive terms of office. Hosey Dam on the St. Joseph River is one lasting reminder. His January 6, 1914 family photo in The Journal Gazette newspaperposted February 27, 2017 onthe original Great Memories and History of Fort Wayne, Indiana page on Facebook.

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Houlihan, Sandra

March 13, 2017, Former County Council member, 'conservative icon' Sandra Houlihan dies by Kevin Leininger published Marsh 15, 2017 in The News-Sentinel newspaper.

Howenstine, Eld. Solon A.

From the cradle to the grave : life of Eld. Solon A. Howenstine (1894) - Howenstine, Lydia Kimmel, printed in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Hubler, Thomas

Civil War Union Soldier. He was the youngest Civil War soldier to serve the longest amount of time in the Union army. He enlisted, at the age of 9, on May 7, 1861 as a drummer in the 12th Indiana Volunteer Infantry. He later re-enlisted for three more years. At the end of his service young Tommy was not yet 14 years old. Although his Find-A-Grave Memorial says he was born in Warsaw, Kosciusko County, The Recollections of a Drummer-Boy by Harry M Kieffer, 1881 shown below say he was born in Fort Wayne and moved to Warsaw when he was two years old.

Hughes, Guy

Rick Hughes went on the air as a WLYV-AM "Lyv Guy" on July 24, 1966. 50 years on: A lot has changed for 'LYV Guy' Hughes, but the passion and music endure by Kevin Leininger published April 23, 2016 on The News-Sentinel newspaper.

Hunt, Diann - local author, 58, died November 29, 2013 after several years of trying to beat cancer. She wrote approximately 25 books, mostly romantic comedies. Hunt's book For Better or For Worse was published in January 2008. She was contacted by a film producer in spring 2013 and the movie premiered July 19, 2014. Read more in Local premiere party celebrates late local author's book being made into Hallmark Channel TV movie by Kevin Kilbane published July 16, 2014 in The News-Sentinel newspaper.

Hunter, Denise

Author and made for television movies video on Local Writer with Hollywood Connections by Eric Olsen 21Country ABC TV station.

Hunter, Hamilton Wellington

 1897 Nov 21 Born Chicago, IL to James Boyd Hunter and Eva Nellie Holden Attended Howe Military School three years.
      1918 Jul 5 Enlisted Navy
      1919 First World War U.S. Navy
      1919 Mar 17 Discharged Newport RI 1st Class Seaman
      1920 Census Fort Wayne, 2545 Maple Place with Charles Shuler, mother,
      Lillian, William, roomer age 70
      1920 Aug 5 Married Denna Bockman
      Mother divorced Charles Shuler
      1924 Dec 1 Hamilton born, Real Estate Rockford, IL
      1926 Oct 17 Frederick born, Rockford, IL
      1931 Moved to Ft Wayne Ind for 7 years
      1933 Living at 2005 Jesse Street when mother died
      1935 Fort Wayne City Directory Hamilton (Bernice) clk h 2005 Jessie
      1936 Wife died
      1938 Fort Wayne City Directory Hamilton W appraiser h 2005 Jessie
      1940 Opened office at 209 E. Wayne
      1941 Married Virginia Barr
      1942 Joined Downtown Kiwanis Club
      1943 Fort Wayne City Directory Hamilton W (M A I) Realtor, Home Builder 209
      E. Wayne Eastbrook  2882, h 2005 Jessie av Tel Anthony 2569
      1946 Realtor, Home Builder, 209 E. Wayne (2), Tel. Eastbrook 2882, h4705
      Tacoma av (5), Tel Harrison 4557
      1947 Member of the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers
      1954 Hunter, Hamilton W (MAI) (Virginia G.), realtor, home builder 209
      E Wayne (2) Tel Anthony 9244 h 4802 North Washington Rd (9) Tel
      Kenmore 2802
      1955 Elected Realtor of the Year in Fort Wayne
      1955 Hunter Hamilton W (MAI) (Virginia G.) Realtor Home Builder
      209 E Wayne (2) Tel Anthony 9244 h 4802 N Washington Rd (9) Tel
      Kenmore 2802
      1955 Lieut. Govnr of Indiana District Kiwanis International
      1987 Aug Died in Naples, Collier County, Florida 
Descendants of Hamilton Wellington HUNTER Generation No. 1
      was born 21 November 1897 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, and died
      August 1987 in Naples, Collier County, Florida.  He married (1) DENNA
      BERNICE BOCKMAN 05 August 1920.  He married (2) VIRGINIA ELIZABETH GARR 1941.
      Children of HAMILTON HUNTER and DENNA BOCKMAN are:
      i.  HAMILTON WELLINGTON JR.5 HUNTER, b. 01 December 1924, Rockford,
      Illinois; m. JOY MARCILLE SMITH, 07 September 1947, Benzonia, Michigan.
      ii. FREDERICK HUNTER, b. 07 October 1926, Rockford, Illinois; d. 23 June
      1994, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana; m. MARY ANN. 

1900 FEDERAL CENSUS, COOK COUNTY, CHICAGO (age 27) 206 Gladys Ave. Hunter, Eva U 26 July 1873 OH (age 27) Flora J. 7 Jan 1893 IL Frederick A. 4 Feb 1896 IL Hamilton 2 Nov 1897 IL Siddall, Mary I. 44 Mar 1856 OH (Eva's aunt, daughter of Jos. Barnhill)

CITIZENS HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION, ALLEN COUNTY, INDIANA Hamilton Wellington Hunter b Chicago Ill 11/21/97 Father James Boyd Mother Eva Nellie Holden Father birthplace Canada Mother birthplace Ohio Paternal grandfather Educator in Canada Father's date of death 1900 Where Chicago Ill Father's occupation Was Furn Mfgr Hunter & McCune Chicago Ill Mother's death 1933 aged 59 Where Ft Wayne Ind. How many children did the subject's parents have? 3 Which, in order of birth, was the Subject? 3 High School Hampton Iowa Graduated 1918 Date of Enlistment July 5, 1918 Navy Discharged Newport RI 1st class seaman 3/17/1919 1924 Rl Est bus- Rockford Ill until 1931 When he came to Ft Wayne Ind for 7 years. Home owners Corpn. Asst State Appraiser He then 1940 est. his Present office as Broker appraiser & Home Bldgn Date of marriage 1st 1920 Wife Denna Bernice Bockman Wife b No Webster Ind Wife's death 1936 Subject's Children and Grandchildren 2 Chil Hamilton W b 12/1/24 Fredrick Ray b Oct 7 1926 both grad H. Sch. Stud Coll. they were inducted W.W. #2 Older Gunner B. 29 Air Corps Staff Sgt discharged Nov. 1945 2nd Chil ASTRP took training Elict Engr Was sta Wright field Dayton O Sub m 2nd 12/26/43 Virginia Elizabeth Garr b Kokomo Ind No Chil. Plymouth Congl Ch Trustee Mem Maumee Lodge #725 F&AM consistory 32nd Mispah Temple. Kiwanis Club Dir 1946 Pres Ft Wayne bd Realtors Mem Am Inst Rl Est Appraisers " Soc Residental appraisers C of C Isaaz Walton League Am. Legion Post #47 Political Preference Ind. Swimming Golf Sub mother m 3 times 1911 she came to Ft Wayne Ind Hamilton W. Hunter Realtor 209 E. Wayne Ft Wayne Allen Ind Y O AGA Dec 21 1946

OBITUARY Renowned Developer Hunter, 89, Dies Hamilton W. Hunter, 89, of Naples, Fla., who died Saturday, was a well-known real estate developer, appraiser and Indiana's first Realtor of the Year in 1955. Hunter was born in Chicago and was owner of the Hamilton Hunter, Realtor, firm in Fort Wayne for many years. His real estate developments included Southwood, Westmoor and Hazelwood parks, and Lafayette, Park and Paramount places. In 1947 he was elected to the membership of the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers. He was the first Fort Wayne Realtor to achieve the position. He took appraiser courses at International Business College in Fort Wayne, Wharton School of Finance and Commerce at the University of Pennsylvania and Tulane University in New Orleans. Hunter also was an assistant stae appraiser for the Home Owners' Loan Corp. and for several major insurance companies. In 1955 he was elected to his fourth term on the Realtors' Washington committee of the National Association of Real Estate Boards. Also in 1955, he was chosen lieutenant governor of the third division of the Indiana District of Kiwanis International. The third division included clubs in Angola, Fremont, Ashley, Columbia City, Huntington, Wabash, Warren, Bluffton and the three clubs in Fort Wayne at that time. Before his appointment, Hunter was a member of the Downtown Kiwanis Club in Fort Wayne since 1942, having served as sergeant-at-arms, vice president and president of organization. He was a veteran of World War II and a member of Plymouth Congregational Church. Surviving are his wife, Virginia; two sons, Hamilton and Fredrick, both of Fort Wayne; a half-sister, Lillian Putman of Valdosta, Ga.; a half-brother, William Shuler of Fort Wayne; seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Services were today in Klaehn's Wayne Street Chapel, with burial in Lindenwood Cemetery.

HISTORY OF THE DESCENDANTS OF JOHN HOTTEL. P.723 2393x-c HAMILTON W. HUNTER, b. Nov. 21, 1897; attended Howe Ind. Military School three years; m. Aug. 5, 1920, BERNICE BOCKMAN, b. at N. Webster, Ind.

1920 Federal Census Fort Wayne, Wayne Twp., Allen Co., IN 2545 Maple Place SHULER, Charles Head 48 OH PA OH Traveling Salesman Business College Eva Wife 45 OH OH OH Lillian Dtr 8 IN OH OH William Son 4 IN OH OH HUNTER, Hamilton Step-son 22 IL CAN OH Traveling Agent Business College GILLINGHAM, Clarissa Roomer 70 IL MD PA

SS# 313-22-2508 BirthDate 21 Nov 1897 State of Issuance of Social Securtiy Number Indiana Death Date Aug 1987 Death Residence Localities 33940 Naples, Collier, Florida Death Benefit Localities 33940 Naples, Collier, Florida

Submitted before 2009 by Jane Hunter Hodgson, Tucson, Arizona:, see also the Hunter Hodgson Webpage 2004 archive

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Hunter, James Boyd

      1900 June 19 Born in Chicago, IL to Eva Nellie (Holden) Hunter, father had died in Feb, 1900 
      1900 Census Chicago, IL Not born, family there 1901-1902 Move to Valparaiso, Porter County, IN, age 1 
      1903 Apr 14 Grandmother died, Flora Anne Holden, age 3
      1904 Mar 19  Brother, Frederick died, Valparaiso, IN, age 4
      1905 Moved to Fort Wayne or Woodburn, IN, age 5
      1910 Oct 11 Census? Mother married Charles W. Shuler, age 10
      1911-1914 Sister Jennie teaching school Fort Wayne, IN, age 11
      1914 Moved to 2545 Maple Place, Fort Wayne, IN, age 14
      1916 Clerk at Wayne Stamp Company, age 16
      1917 Messenger US Weather Bureau, age 17
      1919 World War I, US Navy & brother Ham also, age 19
      1920 Ham home, mother divorced, age 20
      1920 Not with family in Fort Wayne (though brother Ham is)
      1922 Wholesale optician, living Maple Place, age 22
      1925 Nov 01 Married Lillian Theodosia McKeeman, 3rd Presbyterian Church Fort Wayne, IN, 
           living Mishawaka, IN, age 25
      1926 Switchman, Home Telephone Company, age 26
      1926 Dec 19 Donald James born, Fort Wayne, IN
      1927 Moved to 2522 Maple Place, Fort Wayne, IN, age 27
      1927 Mar 20 Joined 3rd Presbyterian Church with Paul Cottrell
      1927 Troubleman, Home Telephone & Telegraph
      1928 Allen County, IN Personal & Poll Tax M 28  60 80  Theodosia Wayne
      1930 Oct 25 Maurice Edward born, Fort Wayne, IN, age 30
      1931 Nov 26 Joseph Richard born, Fort Wayne, IN, age 31
      1933 Living at 2522 Maple Place when mother died, age 33
      1935 Fort Wayne City Directory Jas. B (L Theodosia) swtchmn Home Tel & Tel Co h2522 Maple pl, age 35
      1936 Feb 21 Joseph Richard died, Fort Wayne, IN, age 36
      1937 Mar 04 Doad's father, R.B. McKeeman died, age 37
      1936 Feb 24 Ed and Don baptized, 3rd Presbyterian Church, Fort Wayne, IN
      1938 Apr 14 Don communicant, 3rd Presbyterian Church, age 38
      Moved in with Doad's mother due to her being a new widow and the economic impact of the Depression
      1938 Fort Wayne City Directory Jas. B. (Theodosia) swtchmn Home Tel & Tel Co 724 W Packard av
      1941 Mar 23 Ed communicant, 3rd Presbyterian Church, age 41
      1943 Fort Wayne City Directory Jas.B. (Theodosia) swtchmn HT&T Co h 2522 Maple pl, age 43
      1943 June 8 Jane Anne born, Fort Wayne, IN, age 43 Elder, 3rd Presbyterian Church
      1946 Switchman, Home Telephone & Telegraph, age 46 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
      1954 At home sick in bed with back pain for half year, age 54
      1954 Oct 31 Died in Saint Joseph Hospital, Fort Wayne, IN, Family Bible, age 54
      Buried in Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne, IN 
        1. DONALD JAMES HUNTER (b. 19 Dec 1926) m. Geraldine Ann Widney
        2. MAURICE EDWARD HUNTER (b. 25 Oct 1930) m. Melva Joyce Doxtater
        3. JOSEPH RICHARD HUNTER (26 Nov 1931-21 Feb 1936)
        4. JANE ANNE HUNTER (b. 8 Jun 1943) m. Daniel Archie Hodgson 
Descendants of James Boyd * HUNTER
        Generation No. 1
        1. JAMES BOYD *4 HUNTER  (JAMES BOYD *3, HAMILTON *2, ALEXANDER *1) was born 19 June 1900 in 
           Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, and died 31 October 1954 in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.  
           He married LILLIAN THEODOSIA "DOAD" * MCKEEMAN 01 November 1925 in Fort Wayne, Allen County, 
           Indiana, daughter of ROBERT MCKEEMAN and SUSIE HOCKER.
        Children of JAMES HUNTER and LILLIAN MCKEEMAN are:
        i. DONALD JAMES5 HUNTER, b. 19 December 1926, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana; 
            m. GERALDINE ANN WIDNEY, 03 September 1950, 3rd Presbyterian, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.       ii. MAURICE EDWARD HUNTER, b. 25 October 1930, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Wayne Township, Indiana; 
            m. MELVA JOYCE DOXTATER, 19 June 1955, Van Wert, Van Wert Co, Ohio.
        iii. JOSEPH RICHARD HUNTER, b. 26 November 1931, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Wayne Township, Indiana; 
             d. 21 February 1936, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Wayne Township, Indiana.
        iv. JANE ANNE * HUNTER, b. 08 June 1943, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana; 
            m. DANIEL ARCHIE # HODGSON, 08 August 1964, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana. 


        1916, Hunter, James, clk Wayne Stamp Co, h 2545 Maple pl.
        1917, Hunter, James, mssgr US Weather Bureau, h 2545 Maple pl.
        1918, Hunter, James, clk, h 2545 Maple pl.
        1919, Hunter, James, USN h 2545 Maple pl.
        1924, Hunter, James B., whol optcn, h 2545 Maple pl.
        1926, Hunter, James B. switchman Home Tel Co, h 2545 Maple pl.
        1927, Hunter, James B. (Theodosia) swtchmn Home Tel & Tel Co h 2545 Maple
        1930, Hunter, Jas B (Theodosia) troublemn Home Tel & Tel Co h 2522 Maple pl 

HISTORY OF THE DESCENDANTS OF JOHN HOTTEL. P.723 2393X-d JAMES B. HUNTER, B. June 18, 1900; attended Howe, Ind. Military School three years; m. Nov. 1, 1925 THEODOSIA MCKEENAN. He is an optician, Chicago, Ill.

OBITUARY (Age 54) FORT WAYNE NEWS SENTINEL, 31 OCT 1954 James B. Hunter, Jr. James B. Hunter, Jr., 54, 314 North Cornell Circle, died at 10:05 a.m. Sunday in St. Joseph Hospital after an illness of two weeks. Mr. Hunter, a chief testman for the Home Telephone Co., had been with the firm 30 years and was a member of Third Presbyterian Church and a veteran of World War I. Surviving are the widow, Theodosia; two sons, Don, New Haven and Edward, at home; a daughter, Jane, at home; two brothers, Hamilton W. Hunter, Fort Wayne, and William Shuler, Fort Wayne, and two sisters, Mrs. Arthur Laudel, Kansas City, Mo., and Mrs. John Putman, Hicksville, O., and one grandchild. Friends may call at the Klaehn Funeral Home. Services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in the funeral home, the Rev. Robert J. McDanel officiating. Burial will be in Lindenwood Cemetery. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers No. 723 will conduct services at 8 p.m. tuesday in the funeral home.

THIRD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Fort Wayne 6, Indiana A RESOLUTION We, the Session of Third Church, joined by the other officers and members alike, wish to pay our tribute of love and respect to the memory of Elder James B. Hunter who God, in His all-wise Providence, called from the field of Time to his eternal reward October 31, 1954. WHEREAS, Jim for twenty-seven years a member of our fellowship throough keen interest and desiring to serve as serve he did during crucial periods in the life of Third church and faithfully representing our church and session in Presbytery, Synod and Presbyterian men's Council with genuine devotion so endearing himself as to earn the honor and respect of all, and WHEREAS, his death has brought to us a deeper appreciation of his untiring service and the sense of loss of a genial conscientious church man and a loyal friend, and WHEREAS, words prove so feeble an expression of the sympathy we extend to Mrs. Hunter and her family in their loss of a devoted husband and loving father, we commend them to our Father that in His Wisdom and Mercy He may bring them comfort and peace, Therefore, be it resolved THAT, in the death of James Hunter, Third Church has lost one of god's noblemen and an humble Christian servant. And be it further resolved THAT, these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of Session of the church and a copy of said resolutions be forwarded to Mrs. Hunter. Session of Third Presbyterian Church Moderator Robert J MacDanel Clerk Joseph W Barnett Elders: Glenn W. Bowen, Richard A. Morton, Carl J. Quick, Furman P. Smith, Alfred G. Stiles, Arnett K. Bickel, Richard B. Jones, J. William Judkins, Dorris G. Will, Dean V. Wills, Joseph W. Barnett, George H. Arnold, J. Leroy Gresley, Jay F. Lachot, Jay R. Thomas

KLAEHN FUNERAL HOME Hunter, James B., Jr. m Theodosia; p James B. Hunter, Jr., Eva Holden; b 6-18-1900; d 10-31-1954; b Chicago, IL

CERTIFICATE OF DEATH DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH FORT WAYNE, ALLEN COUNTY, INDIANA 46802 James B Hunter died in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana on October 31, 1954, age 53 Cause of death: Pneumonia Attending physician: L S McKeeman Place of burial: Lindenwood Funeral director: Klaehn Funeral Home Health Commissioner: Jane M. Irmscher, MD Addendum: Born: June 19, 1900 Chicago, Illinois Father: James B. Hunter birthplace not stated Mother: Eva Holden Residence at time of death: 314 N. Cornell Died at St. Joseph Hospital Buried: November 2, 1954 Married at time of death


Submitted before 2009 by Jane Hunter Hodgson, Tucson, Arizona:, see also the Hunter Hodgson Webpage 2004 archive

Hunter, Joseph Richard

Born 26 Nov 1931 at Lutheran Hospital, Ft. Wayne, Family Bible Died 21 Feb 1936, aged 4, scarlet fever, bur Lindenwood Cemetery, Family Bible

OBITUARY JOURNAL GAZETTE, FORT WAYNE, IN Feb 22, 1936 14:2 Hunter Joseph Richard Hunter, 4-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. James B. Hunter, died at 8:30 o'clock Friday night at the family residence, 2522 Maple Place. Death was due to a week's illness of pneumonia and scarlet fever. He is survived by the parents, two brothers, Donald James and Maurice Edward and the grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. R.B. McKeeman. The body was taken to the Klaehn & Sons funeral chapel, where strictly private funeral services will be held Monday morning at 10 o'clock, Rev. William N. Vincent officiating. Burial will be in Lindenwood cemetery. The body may be viewed at the funeral home.

FUNERAL HOME Klaehn Funeral Home Hunter, Joseph Richard; p James B. Hunter, Chicago, IL, Lillian T. McKeeman, Fort Wayne; int: Lindenwood; b 11-26-1931; d 2-21-1936; b Ft. Wayne

Submitted before 2009 by Jane Hunter Hodgson, Tucson, Arizona:, see also the Hunter Hodgson Webpage 2004 archive

Hutchins, Christine

122nd’s 1st female chief hits goal, makes history by Jeff Wiehe published September 29, 2013 on The Journal Gazette newspaper.

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