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Mission & History Fort Wayne Police Department

The Mission and History page with several historic photos at [1-15-2023] states:
The City of Fort Wayne is located in northeast Indiana and is the second largest city in the state. The City encompasses an area of about 110.67 square miles with a population of approximately 267,633 (2018) people. Fort Wayne’s cultural climate is increasingly diverse. Fort Wayne’s roots began in 1697 when the French and British built a series of three forts at the confluence of the St. Joseph River, St. Mary’s River, and Maumee River near the Miami tribe village of Kekionga. The United States Army built Fort Wayne in 1794 and was named in honor of General “Mad” Anthony Wayne. Fort Wayne was platted in 1823 and experienced a rapid expansion after completion of the Wabash and Erie Canal. The proud tradition of the Fort Wayne Police Department (FWPD) began in 1829 with a single “Village Marshal”. That tradition continues today with 480 sworn officers and approximately 62 civilians. The FWPD is led by Police Chief Stephen Reed. The Fort Wayne Police Department is a full-service, highly sophisticated professional agency. Through innovative leadership and dedication to providing quality services, our Department maximizes its resources to provide a high quality work environment. We give our officers the same respect and concern that we expect them to show all citizens with whom they come into contact in the line of duty.

See our Law Enforcement/Firefighters Memorial of Allen County section.

Fort Wayne Police Department officers killed in the line of duty posted on the Officer Down Memorial Page.

Patrolman Kenneth P. Stiverson, age 36, was killed by gunfire July 17, 1969. His photo and information is posted on the Supporting Heroes website.

Fort Wayne Police Department on Facebook

October 14, 2022 post about Allen County Sheriffs and Fort Wayne Police by The History Center on Facebook:

Protecting the citizens of Allen County has long been the charge of the Allen County Sheriff’s Department and the Fort Wayne Police Department. Both of these law enforcement agencies deal with the pursuit of the perpetrators of crime and administrators of the appropriate punishments. The History Center, the former Old City Hall Building, still contains the Old City Jail, which housed the accused from 1893 until 1971. Our temporary Fright Night display “Crime & Punishment” highlights some of our county’s law enforcement artifacts. #sociallyhistory

January 13, 2022 post by The History Center on Facebook:

The Old City Building housed the Fort Wayne Police Department from 1893 until 1971, before the Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society refurbished the building into the History Center in 1980—but the story of law enforcement in Fort Wayne starts much earlier. City Council, realizing that there was inadequate protection for its citizens in a growing town, established a professional police force in 1863. It consisted of three men, a lieutenant and two patrolmen who patrolled from dusk to dawn. Notable improvements in organization and discipline took place in 1883 and 1894 and by 1900 the force was developing into a professional police department. The first police station was established in a small brick building that stood opposite the courthouse on Court Street. This building was used until completion of the brand new City Building in 1893. The first female associated with the Fort Wayne Police Department was Fannie Winch, who was appointed Fort Wayne’s first Police Matron in 1913. In 1921, Fort Wayne City Council authorized the hiring of three policewomen with the same pay and authority as other police officers. This policewoman’s uniform dates to the early 1950s. Officer Velma Moser is shown wearing the complete uniform with a purse containing pouches for a gun and handcuffs. #sociallyhistory

One of the photos is Fannie Winch the first Fort Wayne police matron.

December 2, 2022 post by the Fort Wayne Police Department on Facebook:

A huge shout out to Crazy Pins for their recent addition of a police themed go-kart! It looks great and we hope many kids enjoy racing it on Crazy Pin's new go-kart track.

November 13, 2023 post by The Journal Gazette on Facebook:

A downtown portion of Jefferson Boulevard has been designated as the Officer David Tinsley Memorial Parkway.

Officials designate downtown stretch of Jefferson in memory of Officer David Tinsley

December 15, 2023 post by the Fort Wayne Police Department on Facebook:

Today was Deputy Chief Marty Bender's retirement party. We would like to thank DC Bender for 49 years of service to the Fort Wayne Police Department and Community. We wish him well on his next endeavors, one being a City Council member. We're fortunate that he will still be in a position to share his wisdom and experience.

December 15, 2023 post by the City of Fort Wayne Government on Facebook:

Today, Deputy Mayor Karl Bandemer proclaimed it "Martin Bender Day" in Fort Wayne. Bender will retire from the Fort Wayne Police Department after 49 years of service to our city.

December 30, 2023 post by the Fort Wayne Police Department on Facebook:

Please join the FWPD in congratulating the promotion of Captain Scott Berning to Deputy Chief! Well done Sir!!

December 30, 2023 post by the Fort Wayne Police Department on Facebook:

It was made official today, Deputy Chief Martin Bender signed off on his retirement, with just under 49 years of service to the Fort Wayne Police Department and City. He begins another chapter after retirement with City Council. Good luck and thank you for your service!


Safety Village

October 16, 2023 post by the Fort Wayne Police Department on Facebook:

The Fort Wayne Police Department would like to extend a warm thank you to Franklin Electric for their generous donation to Safety Village! The funds from Franklin Electric's donation are going into buying new 4 wheelers, some of our little Peg Perego vehicles are over 20 years old and many have broken pieces. These toys are the highlight of the kindergartener’s trip out to Safety Village. The main focus of the Police Department program is pedestrian safety, but after the kiddos learn their rules and show the grownups what they’ve learned then they get to have some fun and get to pretend to be grownups and practice following traffic laws as well. Peg Perego is selling the toys at a greatly discounted price so the money goes farther!

This is the Outlaw in citrus and it will replace many of the rides that have steering wheels out at the Safety Village which can be hard for the kids to drive.

January 5, 2024 post by City of Fort Wayne Government on Facebook:

Mayor Tom Henry has announced the retirement of Fort Wayne Police Chief Steve Reed.

Scott Caudill, deputy chief of the northeast quadrant, will become police chief effective January 16.


January 5, 2024 post by the Fort Wayne Police Department on Facebook:

What can be better than when the community recognizes one of your Officers? Jan 19 Lt Randy Hosford will be celebrated as a distinguished alumni for Northside HS. If you know this officer you know how kind, dedicated, and exemplary he is. Always a great attitude, kind word and warm smile. He has worked at North a long time. I mean I can’t be for sure but I’m pretty certain he is the OG of SROs, before they were even known as SROs. Thousands of kids, teachers and parents have been affected by this kind soul. We are so proud he is getting this recognition for his years of service at North and frankly, this whole city. I mean everyone knows Officer (LT) Randy don’t they? Congratulations sir, you make us all proud to know and work with you. Well done. 🚔🚌😊❤️

January 5, 2024 post by the Fort Wayne Police Department on Facebook:

January 11, 2024 post by the Fort Wayne Police Department on Facebook:

Please join us in honoring Chief Reed and his dedicated service to the Fort Wayne Police Department and Community as he attends his last command meeting! In-coming Chief Caudill proudly presented out-going Chief Reed with a plaque honoring his years of exceptional service! Let's also welcome Chief Caudill as the new Chief of the Fort Wayne Police Department!

January 16, 2024 post by Mayor Tom Henry on Facebook:

As mayor, I was honored to attend today's swearing in ceremony of Scott Caudill as the City of Fort Wayne's new police chief. Scott is prepared and ready to lead.

April 25, 1991 Nancy Venderley newspaper article Remembering Days on the Beat posted March 26, 2024 post on True Fort Wayne Indiana History on Facebook

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