Books About Fort Wayne and Allen County, Indiana

There are thousands of ebooks online depending on how you search such as Fort Wayne Indiana, Fort Wayne Americana and Allen County Indiana which finds lots of non-Allen County "stuff" online at Internet Archive. Many were digitized at our local The Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana, some are Google ebooks and from other repositories. Links to some of those books are also organized by publication date or subject on our Timeline, People, and Places pages. You can find over 36,000 titles on various topics and locations many from the National Archives in the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center-microfilm collection. Read My 5 Favorite Collections on Internet Archive by Gena Philibert-Ortega published November 26, 2018 on the Legacy News Family Tree blog.

These days ebooks use optical character recognition for keyword searching, but they won't find every instance of every keyword. Be sure to look for an index in the back of the books, and when all else fails, read or scan important sections of the ebooks that might contain the information you are looking for even if a keyword search does or doesnot find what you are looking for. Some books in the The Genealogy Center at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana have added manually indexed versions of these book that will have surnames the OCR does not find.

It can be helpful to consult the The Genealogy Center online card catlog to see if a separarte index has been created since the original publication. One example is the two volume Valley of the upper Maumee River, with historical account of Allen County and the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana which has a couple of different surname indexes.

Fort Wayne ebooks are listed more less alphabetically below:

Books About Fort Wayne

  1. Fort Wayne ebooks on
  2. Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen County has over 50 book titles for local people and history
  3. Digital Public Library has online access to thousands of historic materials.
  4. Hyperlocal history Publisher builds national imprint through tight focus on communities by Ron Charles of the Washington Post, published March 31, 2019 in The Journal Gazette newspaper.
  5. African Americans in Fort Wayne: The First 200 Years by Dodie Marie Miller, 2000, Arcadia Publishing ISBN: 9780738507156
  6. Along the Heritage Trail - short articles by Tom Castaldi, local historian, on
  7. Ancestors & descendants of Levin James Chatham and Naomi Elizabeth Eshom family (2000) - Chatham, George (George Marion), 1948-
    Includes bibliographical references and index, of Fort Wayne, Indiana
  8. Annual report of the Board of Park Commissioners by Fort Wayne (Ind.). Board of Park Commissioners Publication date 1912
  9. A sketch of early Fort Wayne by Robertson, Robert Stoddart, 1839-1936; Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen County Publication date 1959
  10. Baseball in Fort Wayne by Chad Gramling, 2007, Arcadia Publishing ISBN: 9780738541297
  11. The beautiful city of Fort Wayne / by J. Murray Jordan by Jordan, J. Murray Publication date 1906 - photos
  12. Cover of the Builders of Greater Fort Wayne book
    Genealogy Center image
  13. Builders of Greater Fort Wayne, A Collection of Portraits of the Men of Today Who Are Carrying on the Work of the Fathers in the Making of "The Wonder City of Midwestern America" published in 1926 by Bert J Griswold. The book has been indexed, photocopied and posted on the The Genealogy Center web site.
  14. The burgeoning interest in local history in Fort Wayne 1887-1894 by Potterf, Rex M; Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen County; Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society Publication date 1968
  15. Canal celebrations in old Fort Wayne by Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen County. cn Publication date 1953
  16. Charcoal sketches of old times in Fort Wayne - Dawson, John W., 1820-1877
  17. Charter and revised ordinances of the city of Fort Wayne : to which is prefixed a chronological roster of officers from 1840 to 1887 by Fort Wayne (Ind.); Fort Wayne (Ind.). Common Council Publication date 1887
  18. City charter, city of Fort Wayne by Indiana. General Assembly
  19. Classic Restaurants of Fort Wayne by Keith Elchert and Laura Weston, 2019, Arcadia Publishing ISBN: 9781625859549 See Book highlights city's 'Classic' eateries by Kimberly Dupps Truesdell published March 6, 2019 in The Journal Gazette newspaper and KEVIN LEININGER: If you like food and history, new look at Fort Wayne’s past gives you something to devour by Kevin Leininger published April 11, 2019 in The News-Sentinel newspaper.
  20. Colorful journalism in Fort Wayne, Indiana by Bredemeier, Herbert G Publication date 1966
  21. Commissioner's [sic] record, vol. C, 1848-1856, Allen county, Indiana by Monroe, Barbara J; Allen County (Ind.). Board of Commissioners. Commissioners' record, 1848-1858, Allen County, Indiana
  22. Early travelers to Fort Wayne by Riley, James; Teas, Thomas Scattergood; Fort Wayne and Allen County Public Library Publication date 1953
  23. The fort at the three rivers by Snow, Dorothea J., 1909- Publication date 1968
  24. Fort Wayne Aviation: Baer Field and Beyond by Roger Myers, Geoffrey Myers, Larry Myers, and Martin Kraegel III, 2012, Arcadia Publishing ISBN: 9780738588605
  25. Fort Wayne, Indiana by Ralph Violette, 1999, Arcadia Publishing ISBN: 9780738563398
  26. Fort Wayne by Randolph L. Harter, 2013, Arcadia Publishing ISBN: 9781467110662
  27. Fort Wayne a Pictorial Love Story published around 2010 has old photos from 1889 to 1950 in a then and now recreated photo format on facing pages. This book is only available at the Fort Wayne History Center. There is a Facebook page by the same name. It was also mentioned in a May 24, 2018 discussion on You are positively from Fort Wayne, if you remember... Closed group on Facebook.
  28. Fort Wayne College of Medicine ... annual announcement (1905) lots of different years
  29. Fort Wayne in 1790 by Hay, Henry; Quaife, Milo Milton, 1880-1959 ed Publication date 1955
  30. Fort Wayne, the frontier post by Roberts, Bessie K Publication date 1965
  31. Fort Wayne gamblers, 1865-1900 - Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen County
  32. Fort Wayne with might and main : Indiana's busiest, happiest city / [compiled and published by Ralph E. Avery] by Avery, Ralph E. (Ralph Emmett), comp Publication date 1911 - wide range of photos
  33. Fort Wayne, Indiana : a presentation of her resources, achievements and possibilities ... (1913)Gardner, H. W., Fort Wayne News, 136 pages, an ebook.
  34. 25th anniversary season, 1968-1969 : The Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra, James Sample, music director by Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra, Inc; Sample, James, contributor Publication date 1968
  35. Fort Wayne Postcards by Randolph L. Harter, Arcadia Publishing, 2013.
  36. Fort Wayne Through Time by Randolph L. Harter and Daniel A. Bakerk, 2018, Arcadia Publishing ISBN: 9781635000719
  37. Gilded age in Fort Wayne, 1870-1900 - Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen County, half-title: Society in Fort Wayne, 1870-1900
  38. Griswold's birdseye view of the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana indexed for ready reference by Griswold, B. J. (Bert Joseph), 1873-1927; Hixon, W. W; Published 1907
  39. The Griswold-Phelps handbook and guide to Fort Wayne, Indiana, for 1913-1914 by Griswold, B. J. (Bert Joseph), 1873-1927; Published 1913.
  40. Some Fort Wayne phizes by Griswold, B. J. (Bert Joseph), 1873-1927; Published 1904
  41. Hard News, Heartfelt Opinions: A History of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, by The Journal Gazette newspaperand Scott M. Bushnell, Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN, 2007 - 197 pages
  42. Historic Photos of Fort Wayne, by Scott M. Bushnell, Turner Publishing Company, Sep 14, 2007 - Biography & Autobiography - 204 pages
  43. History of Allen County, Indiana : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers to which is appended maps of its several townships and villages - 1880 - T. B. Helms
  44. History of the Fort Wayne Fire Department : extracts from Fort Wayne, Indiana, newspapers (Volume 3 1878-1886) - Weber, Donald Allen Includes index
  45. History of Fort Wayne, from the Earliest Known Accounts of this Point, to the Present Period ...(1868) - Wallace A. Brice, D.W. Jones & Son, Fort Wayne, IN - another link is below
  46. History of Fort Wayne, from the earliest known accounts of this point, to the present period : embracing an extended view of the aboriginal tribes of the Northwest, including, more especially, the Miamies ... with a sketch of the life of General Anthony Wayne ; including also a lengthy biography of the late Hon. Samuel Hanna together with short sketches of several of the early pioneer settlers of Fort Wayne ; also an account of the manufacturing, mercantile, and railroad interests of Fort Wayne and vicinity - Brice, Wallace A; Published 1868
  47. Index to History of Fort Wayne & Allen County, Indiana, 1700-2005 at The Genealogy Center.
  48. Headwaters Park: Fort Wayne's Lasting Legacy by Geoff Paddock, 2002, Arcadia Publishing ISBN: 9780738519715
  49. History of the Maumee River Basin : from the earliest account to its organization into counties by Slocum, Charles Elihu, 1841-1915 Publication date 1905
  50. Hoosier Aviator Paul Baer by Tony Garel-Frantzen, 2017, Arcadia Publishing ISBN: 9781467138499
  51. Industrial survey of Fort Wayne, Indiana by Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce (Ind.)
  52. Legendary Locals of Fort Wayne, Indiana by Randolph L. Harter and Craig S. Leonard, 2015, Arcadia Publishing : 9781467102100.
  53. Lincoln Collection - Welcome to the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection on Internet Archive. Browse by Title or Author.
  54. Abe Lincoln in Indiana - Beveridge, Albert Jeremiah, 1862-1927, Includes bibliographies
  55. Abraham Lincoln : a collection of anecdotes and stories (1900)
  56. Abraham Lincoln : a collection of anecdotes and stories told by and of President Lincoln, many of them heretofore unpublished (1900)
    Also issued under titles: Abraham Lincoln: a collection of anecdotes and stories, and Humorous and pathetic stories of Abraham Lincoln, and Of Abraham Lincoln: a collection of anecdotes and stories
  57. The life and speeches of Abraham Lincoln, and Hannibal Hamlin (1938) - Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
  58. Humorous and pathetic stories of Abraham Lincoln (1894)
  59. The Lincoln Financial Collection, Books contributed from the Lincoln Financial Collection held in the Lincoln Library, Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Over 2,000 titles digitized from the collection.
  60. Memorial record of northeastern Indiana published in 1896 by Lewis Publishing Company of Chicago has over 900 pages of Biographical Sketches.
  61. Men of progress, Indiana : a selected list of biographical sketches and portraits of the leaders in business, professional and official life, together with brief notes of the history and character of Indiana, covers all of Indiana, not just Fort Wayne. by Cumback, Will; Maynard, J. B; McGrath, Hugh J; Stoddard, William, 1899.
  62. Old forts of the Northwest by Hart, Herbert M, publication date 1963, online for 14 day borrowing at Internet Archive
  63. Outpost in the Wilderness: Fort Wayne, 1706-1828by Charles Poinsatte published October 17, 2017 EBook #55762 on the Gutenberg Project.
  64. The pictorial history of Fort Wayne, Indiana : a review of two centuries of occupation of the region about the head of the Maumee River Volume 1 by Griswold, B. J. (Bert Joseph), 1873-1927; Taylor, Samuel R., Mrs; Published 1917
  65. The pictorial history of Fort Wayne, Indiana : a review of two centuries of occupation of the region about the head of the Maumee River Volume 2 by Griswold, B. J. (Bert Joseph), 1873-1927; Taylor, Samuel R., Mrs; Published 1917
  66. Plan suggesting a civic center marking noted historic site "Glorious Gate" : embellishing entrance to the proposed Anthony Wayne Maumee River Parkway, Fort Wayne to Toledo by Hanna, Robert B; Bradley, LeRoy; Fort Wayne (Ind.). City Plan Commission Publication date 1934
  67. Principal industries of Fort Wayne by Fort Wayne, Indiana, Chamber of Commerce Publication date 1965
  68. Remembering Fort Wayne by Scott M. Bushnell, Ingram Pub Services, May 31, 2010 - 134 pages
  69. Reminiscences of old Fort Wayne by Woodworth, Lura Case; Daughters of the American Revolution. Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter (Fort Wayne, Ind.); Fairbank, Carolyn Randall; Hanna, Martha Brandriff Publication date 1906?] has photos
  70. Reminiscences of old Fort Wayne by Fairbank, Carolyn Randall; Woodworth, Lura Case; Hanna, Martha Brandriff; Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen County Publication date 1953 - reprint lacks photos
  71. Robert M. & Martha A. (Archer) Stewart family bible : containing surnames Archer, Gibford, Holverstott, McCulloch, Rodgers, Stewart, Wilson, in possession of the First Christian Church, 4800 S. Calhoun St., Fort Wayne, IN (1783)
  72. Bessie Pearl (Miller) Shaner : b 12 Oct 1890, d 26 Sep 1954 (19--]) - Fleetwood, Clarence Leroy, 1919-, Miller- Fleetwood Families.
  73. Souvenir of Fort Wayne, Indiana (1888) photo-like drawings of old Fort Wayne
  74. Spitzer descendants of Hans Bartholomeaus Spitzer (Summer 2008) - Chatham, George (George Marion), 1948-, Includes index, printed Fort Wayne, Indiana
  75. Standard atlas of Allen County, Indiana : including a plat book of the villages, cities and townships of the county; map of the state, United States and world; patrons directory, reference business directory and departments devoted to general information by the Geo. A. Ogle & Co. of Chicago in 1898 has lots of interesting maps of the county, townships and the United States. Perhaps most surprising is Portrait Department of locally promient citizens starting on page 94.
  76. Stevens family bible : now belonging to Linda Handlin, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  77. Streets of Fort Wayne McCoy, Angus Cameron, from "a speech before the Quest Club, November 30, 1945," prepared by the staff of the Public Library of Fort Wayne and Allen County.
  78. Stories about the history of Poe : Allen County, Indiana, on the letterhead of Fort Wayne chapter, Order of DeMolay ([19--])y - 22 pages.
  79. The Hoosier Schoolmaster - A Story of Backwoods Life in Indiana, Edward Eggleston, 1871
  80. Treasures : the Tri-State Loan & Trust co - Tri-State Loan & Trust co. (Fort Wayne, Ind.) bound Jan 3, 1940 - listing of artworks at the bank, paintings, etchings, bronzes
  81. “Three Rivers Festival” by Lori Graf, 2018, Arcadia Publishing ISBN: 9781467128438
  82. Twentieth century history of Fort Wayne by John Ankenbruck, Twentieth Century Historical Fort Wayne, Inc., 1975 - 626 pages
  83. The Twining family (1905) - Twining, Thomas J. (Thomas Jefferson), b. 1851, comp, printed at Fort Wayne, Indiana
  84. Valley of the upper Maumee River, with historical account of Allen County and the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana Volume 1; Published 1889
  85. Valley of the upper Maumee River, with historical account of Allen County and the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana Volume 2; Published 1889.
    1. Search The Genealogy Center online catalog for indexes in the library for this book.
    2. History of the upper Maumee Valley, vol. 1 and vol. 2 : [index]
    3. Early French settlers of Allen County, Indiana, an annotated name index manuscript
  86. War work of the Fort Wayne chapter of the American Red Cross by Taylor, Isabella Houghton, Mrs Publication date 1919
  87. William Henry Harrison, protector of Fort Wayne by Potterf, Rex M
  88. Wolf and Dessauer: Where Fort Wayne Shopped by Jim Barron, Kathie Barron, 2011, Arcadia Publishing ISBN: 9781609493349
  89. Wolf & Dessauer:  An Album of Memories. Volume II., Volume 2, 2004 - 138 pages
  90. Your Summer Reading by Carmen Doyle published May 21, 2014 in History Center Notes & Queries blog discusses several new history books: The Iron Men of Indiana’s 44th Regiment is two volumes. Part 1: Biographies and Regimental Statistics with mini  bios and Part 2: Formation and Photos details about the company during the Civil War; Salt: A Story of Friendship in a Time of War about a Miami Indian and pioneer boy in 1812; Shopping in Fort Wayne 1848; and  two cookbooks, Blue and Grey Cookery: Authentic recipes form the Civil War Years and Johnny Apppleseed Cookbook: Favorite apple recipes of our land.
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