Abraham M. Sherbondy

Only Known Photograph

Abraham was born about 1840 in Granville Township, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. His parents were Abraham J. Sherbondy (1800-1880) and Lovina Swain (1796-1869). They brought Abraham M. to Fort Wayne from Pennsylvania in the 1840’s. Abraham M. Sherbondy died in Fort Wayne on May 15, 1884. He was buried in Lindenwood Cemetery. This photograph must have been taken sometime during the ten years before his death. He was a carpenter for the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad. He married Lusanna Richardson Miner on April 23, 1868 in Allen County. They had six children: William H., Alice Mary (died as infant), Edward Marion, George Lawrence, Frank Pearl, and Clara Edith.

Photo Courtesy of  Jeanette Sherbondy jsherbondy2@washcoll.edu