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Date:  2/28/2014
From:  Lori Miller
Subject:  Thomas and Margaret Piggott Family
Surnames:  Piggott
Query:  Thank you for your help! I am trying to help my grandmother find where her great grandparents, Thomas (b. 1818) and Margaret Piggott (b. 1824) are buried, but am not having any luck finding dates of death or where they are buried. I have quite a bit of information otherwise. We know from 1870 and 1880 census that they were tenant farmers in Noble County, IN. They immigrated from Ireland in the 1850s during the Great Famine. In the 1880s I found two of their daughters had marriage certificates in Allen County. Eventually I found in the City Directories (1891) available online that Thomas and Margaret were residing in Eel River Township of Allen County. Curiously the property is listed under Margaret's name. They had 76 acres in sections 30 and 19 of said township. I believe they had some connection to the Ege Catholic Church, which is in Noble County, but their property is near to another cemetery in Allen County, although not a Catholic one. I can't find any cemetery listings for them either in Ege or in Eel River Township online. I would really like to have a date of death for Thomas and Margaret and of course to be able to find where they are buried. Their daughter Alice Piggott died in 1896, but her very short obituary on the Noble County database doesn't mention her parents or where she herself is buried. Margaret does have an estate listing for December of 1896, which I found on your website, but when one clicks on the link the notation says that the pages of the original were stuck together. Is there any other source that could tell us what those pages said? Would it show a date of death for one of both them? There are a couple of things that also come up on a surname search on your site, but they are for members only. By the way, they had a daughter who was also named Magaret. Also I have noted many variations on spelling of the family name including Picket, Pickett, Piggott, Piggot, Pigot, and Pigett. Thanks again for your help!

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