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Date:  7/30/2014
From:  Amy Leineweber
Address:  525 Crockett Court
Subject:  Albert Lantz and the Mennonite Church
Surnames:  Lantz
Query:  Want to know some more information on Albert Lantz and his connection to the Mennonite Church. He has it listed as his reason that he doesn't want to fight in WWI on his draft registration card. Where can I find out what church it was and any documentation? [ACGSI Comment: Albert Lantz, b. 26 Dec. 1886 in Ohio, resident of Cedar Creek Twp., Allen Co., listed membership in the Defenseless Mennonite Church as a reason for exemption from military service. Mennonites were (and still are) pacifists, conscientious objectors who refused to bear arms. They often served the government in other capacities in times of need, sometimes on the front lines as medics. Try contacting the Grabill Evangelical Mennonite Church, 13313 Indiana St., Grabill, IN 46741]

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