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Date:  10/14/2009
From:  Angie McClain
Address:  3227 E 850 S, Waldron, IN 46182
Subject:  Georgia, Beth, & Tracie Bailey, research help
Surnames:  Bailey
Query:  Hello, I am seeking to find information on family members that we have lost touch with. I am doing a genealogy search and am trying to collect stories and pictures from each part of the family. The people I am searching for are Mrs. Georgia Bailey and her two daughters Beth and Tracie. Beth was born in 1964 and Tracie in 1965. The last known area she lived in was 1969 directory in Auburn, Indiana, where it listed her working at Sheller Global in Grabill, Indiana. She comes into the directory in 1964 and drops out 1969. So we wondered if the Fort Wayne area may have been the area she grew up in or possibly moved to be closer to her job. We can't find her maiden name or even her husbands first name. Any information you could find would be appreciated! I'm not sure if you help with searches or not? If not could you please point me in the right direction for help? Thank you so much for any assistance. ~Angie~

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