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Date:  10/21/2010
From:  Rev. Claude Kinder
Address:  948 East 3rd Street, Mishawaka, Indiana
Subject:  Paul Kinder, Johannes Paul Kinder
Surnames:  Kinder
Query:  I have tried in vain to prove that Paul Kinder settled in Allen County in 1849-1850 without success. I know that he purchased land from John Jr. and Anna Haugh on April 15 1851 in Pleasant Township of Allen County, Indiana. He arrived Jan. 1, 1849 and came directly to Allen County for 2 reasons; 1) His uncle, Michael Fabing was a resident here and 2) His elder brother, Georges Henri Kinder owned land here. He married Barbara Andre on 5 August 1852. I have exhausted myself trying to find exactly when he arrived in Allen County. Is there anyway that I have not researched to find out when he arrived?

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